Monday, November 11, 2013

...דיני "חג שבדה מלבם" אנשי סטמר ובו ז' סעיפים

I wonder what the late Ponovizher Rosh Yeshiva would say about his good friend the Satmar Rov and the new "hag" that his Chassidim made. Is this too a חג שבדה מלבם? Is it as bad as י"ט כסלו? Are these הלכות as good as Reb Meshulom Roth's פסקים regarding saying הלל ביום העמצאות?


Mitzva Tantz?? said...

Hershel !
You adapted Lubavitch, why wonder through the eyes of Ponovitch,Meshilem Roth ?

Why don't You analyze this satmer date on the calander and compare it with yat kislev,

What is Emphasized in satmer on kuf alef as a cause of happiness ? what is Emphasized in lubavitch as cause of happiness?

What happened 200 years ago compared to what happened 70 years ago, which incident is more relevant to religious Jews today?

The word Reshoim that is used in their song by both groups, who is the rusha in which group?

By which group does this date perpetuates outdated divisiveness within the frum community?

For a change lets hear some of
Your analytical skills

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

Zoog di.
I don't wanna chas veshoolem wish will on the Satmar Roov, but let's say he wasn't saved then. Let's say he went to EY in 1939, how would Yiddishkeit look in our day?

Mitzva Tantz?? said...

I don't want to wish ill on the bal hatanya , but lets say chas vesulem he would never have been arrested
how less untwisted Lubavitch would have been today , no rosh hashana ? no vodka?
If the satmer rav would not have come to America, Lubavitch would have looked like this

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

for a split second I thought I was talking to a normal person...

who killed him? said...

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

who killed?

I believe it was the British. He arrived on an illegal ship to the holy Land.

Old Williamsburgh said...

Mitzva Tantz
"Why don't You analyze this satmer date on the calander and compare it with yat kislev,"
Yat Kislev brought us perek 32 about love for every Jew, and Chof Alef Kislev, the massive hateful agenda between 2 covers, against every jew from the Belzer Ruv till Ben Gurion.

Old Williamsburgh said...

Mitzva Tantz
Why don't You analyze this satmer date on the calander and compare it with yat kislev,"
Yat Kislev brought us Oir Hachasidus, a light and tought system for all Chasidim, Chof Alef Kislev brought us a emphasis on Nishtakcho,,,a distinguished light.

Old Williamsburgh said...

Mitzva Tantz
"which incident is more relevant to religious Jews today?"
Yat Kislev brought us a Oir, that burned in to Jewish hearts who saved the matzav hayidishkiet in 1000 of familes in Russia, and a guiding lights,for 1000 of Balie teshuva in the Triefe America
Chof Alef Kislev, took every hiemishe Jew that survived, from Tzelemer/ Klausenburger Cheder on the UTA buses, thru terror and brutal force, and revived the Shtrimel/Fur industry

Anonymous said...

Its a sad day when some erliche Hungarian Jews who weren't sonei uposhei yisroel lost their seat on the Kastner train to Joel Teitelbaum.

Menashe fulop said...

I don't like the words "לאור הלכה "its a modern term used original in Hatzofa... by Rev Zevin..its a oxymoron to celebrate that date with a pure zionistic term

In Schwartz's periodical Bies Vaad Lechachomim of Satu Marie, this term was never used..
Fech Fech 2 times

dovy in j said...

there is room for disagreement, even vehement or passionate disagreement, but anon 1:31 is a filthy cockroach, shtick chara. (the only limud zechus is that he's probably about 15)

Poshuter Yid said...

Dovy in Nj
I don't stick up for the anonymous writer, but in light of what Hirshel posted last week the way almost whole klal yisroel, agudas harabonim and agudas Yisroel are accused of collaborating with the Germans, by this group of people. I feel the pain of others who stoop to their level .
And I still understand you feeling disgusted, since this is a terrible phenomenon of pointing fingers...

קלמן said...

Are you ever going to grow up?
You are still stuck at the immature state of a young bucher enamored by Lubavitch, and not very happy where you were and you still think that part of your becoming Lubavitch is showing your credentials by attacking the two personalities that make immature Chabadniks very combative and childish.Rav Shach and the Divrei Yoel
Grow up already, your blog is busy 50% of the time with them or your perceived Snaggy enemies.
You also cause borderline personalities like Yehupitz and the late Izik S guy to flock to your blog.

Are you unable to blog about anything not involving Lubavitch 24/7?

The more I read your blog, the more I see that there is no such thing as a "normal" Lubavitcher.
I hoped I"m proven wrong

Einstien of Blogster said...

Did you ever run a blog?
What was the contents?

Einstien of Blogster said...

Why is posting Reb Ovadias comments on a immature letter,of a person who's views are accepted by thousands as ironclad toras moshe immature?
You don't think it should be brought to the public? His letters can only go 1 way, and the chabadnik by answering is not normal.
A Lubob can only be normal, if he is beaten up by a bully, with no response.
Which amateurish Charadie paper do you read today,Hapeles or Hadegel?
Der Yid or the Blatt? or the tzietung, with the weekly hate page of Fulop?

מתמיה said...

מי הוא הרב זארגער הכותב?

אן אריינגיין "באור ההלכה" איז דאך דארט אלעס געבויעט אויף די פאקט אז כ"א כסלו איז גערעכנט אלס א "יום שנעשה בו נס" והוא גופא מנלן?

נישט אז איך קלער אז דער סאטמאר רב'ס הצלה איז נישט קיין וויכטיגער פונקט, אבער איז עס א גרעסערע נס ווי אן אנדערן איד'ס הצלה? איז עס דען נישט געווען באופן טבעי? מ'האט באצאלט פאר א זיץ ביי קאסנטערן און מ'איז אנגעקומען קיין שווייץ, אזוי איז אויך דער בודאפעסטער ראב"ד ר' יונתן שטייף ניצול געווארן און ר' עקיבא גלאזנער דער קלויזנבורגער רב ועוד

בכלל, אויף וויפיל איך פארשטיי מאכט מען אין סאטמאר א סעודת הודאה טאקע קאמבאנירט מיט א דינער פאר די מוסדות, אבער פון דארט ביז א "יום חג ומועד" איז פאלג מיך א גאנג, דער זארגער נעמט עס צו א נייע עקסטרעם

הירשל, ביסט הונדטערט פראצענט גערעכט, סאיז די זעלבע פשוט'ער טאג אויפן אידישען קאלענדער ווי י"ט כסלו, גארנישט מער

Zorg Nisht said...

"איז די זעלבע פשוט'ער טאג אויפן אידישען קאלענדער ווי י"ט כסלו, גארנישט מער"
u heard of the Shalas Uteshuvas min Hashomaim?

Zorg Nit said...

Dayan Zorger writes in the teshuva, that this is a yomtov, since without his survival, we would lose the mesorah...
Can someone explain what that means exactly?
Were Tzelemer Ruv and Klauzenburger Ruv,Reb Moshe Fienstien, Jews with no Mesorah?
They did not know how to slaughter? how to build a Mikveh? how to bake Kokoshcake?
or the Mesorah of the 3 Oaths? this is no mesorah, this is invented yiddishkiet.....
What a shame a person with the title dayan should write such nonsense. its good for some pep talk of some mouthpiece... I hope his other teshuvas are more sensible

chacham echod said...

קלמן,the following is a quote of tzigs description of his blog "The purpose of this blog was to provide a counter opinion to the Chabad bashing" you wanna make your own blog and discuss different topics go ahead what the heck is your issue with tzig he created this blog just for this as he writes don't visit this blog if you don't like it!!! shoite!!!

yankel said...

The halocho is that on a day that a ness happened, one should make a Yom Tov. A nes is something against the teva, no? If a person pays money in a store and buys a loaf of bread and eats it, that was not a nes. Now, how is yat Kislev or chof alef kislev a nes. The Ba'al HaTanya was freed from trumped up charges through the efforts of askonim, the Satmar Rov paid money for his rescue. How are those nissim? You may be thankful for the favor H-Shem did for you, but that is not a nes.

Kliene Kup said...

" The Ba'al HaTanya was freed from trumped up charges through the efforts of askonim,"
Lets leave the Satmar ruv for a other day, but I believe that the Baal Hatanya was 1 of the Amudie Horoah. and he knew as much when a miracle is considered a miracle and when it is not,
We in the USA see how we the official mother of democracy,are treating a spy like Pollard,now imagine in a country as Russia which was ruled by a czar, who was not obliged to report to no one,decided to release him from prison.
In the documents that are available to the public, you see that he was fighting for his life, by trying by himself to defend himself from multiple accusation, which each for itself, would earn capitol punishment.After all his explanations, the Prosecutor Lupichin wrote on a day or 2 before the release,to the Czar, repeating all the accusations adding after his defense, a paragraph, that his power on his people is massive, that if he would tell his followers to steal or killing a parent, they would do it, and goes on and on..
Still the king released him, which is out of the norm.
There are many legends of old fashioned Shtadlunas, but in the documents you have no inkling of it, and u see that the czar released on a reason that is not known to no one.
I dont know your yardstick for miracles, but you grocery store analogy is sheer idiocy.
To read up on this saga, get yourself the Mondshine book of close to 700 pages,

Anonymous said...

Chof Alef Kislev, gave the massive hateful agenda between 2Covers"
. What ignorance! Vayoel Moshe is a geonisher sefer that is written as a sobering analysis of the matzav. From a heart bleeding that a potential zman pkidah was spoiled by tmeyim and misyavnim. The best way to defend VM is to suggest learning it. Ur average opinion giver wont be able to follow the lomdus. So they give up before they reach the hashofo part. He had an illuyisher and glatter mehalach. He approaches an inyan like a godol strictly alpi klolei hahoro'oh and lomdus.(not yeshivisher lomdus-he didn't like it. Called it boch svures and bittul . Torah. ) .Yudel grudner - gershuni r lezer silvers SIL a tzyoni muvhak told me afilu der Rav"- kook- hot unz nit ibergelozt Ken givehr keygn dem Sefer. So an unlearned yoyo calling it a "krim sayfer" is just telling us about himself. He eschews pilpul also. Sticks to the mahrsho type derech and his geonus .

Ezriel Glick said...

" What ignorance! Vayoel Moshe is a geonisher sefer that is written as a sobering analysis of the matzav"
Its typical Titelbaum nonsense, written with hate and ignorance..
what a nonsense to make the whole Klal yisroel in to apikorsim, based on sheer stupidity,
Some Midrash in shir hashirim make you in to a apikoras..
Not the Rambam quotes it,
Not the Shulchan Orech
Not the Derec hachaim
Not the Mishna berura.
How arrogant to celebrate a day that was caused by a ardent zionist.. with a dream or without a dream his savior was a Zionist..
Why does he ignore his own problem... maybe he is the King Achav... not the Moetzes of the agudah,, that he despised..