Friday, November 14, 2014

Let me be the first one NOT to be excited about Mendy Pellin and him being featured in the WSJ

All the Chabad sites are very excited, as if this was another sort of כיבוש 

See the article in the WSJ

WSJ Photo

אזא איינער פלעגט די באבע ע"ה רופען א "בעטיאר". וד"ל

It's somewhat funny to watch, his videos from years ago poking fun at Crown Heights and Lubavitch culture - or at least it was. You could do with keeping your young kids from watching it, even back then. Then for a few years he lay low. Now he seems to want to go further. Moves out to LA and wants to rub elbows with the Hollywood types. Wants to "bridge the gap." Where have we seen that before? Oh, yes. And that didn't end very well. I don't have talent he has, so I can't relate to the yetzer hoRah he has, but there are other ways to use talents. I've never been to Hollywood, but people that have been tell me that once you get involved with showbiz, even on a much less formal level, even only on the production side, not actually needing to act or sing, it's tough to maintain any standards you may previously have. No matter what kind of gap-bridging you may have originally wanted to do. At least don't shlep Lubavitch and the Rebbe into the discussion! I'm not here to give you mussar, chas vesholom. I mean, Lubavitch is all about positive reinforcement, right? Mussar is for snags, I know. But I would like to tell him, that before he gets too involved in that culture that he discuss it with a competent mashpia, maybe a mashpia that has better foresight and common sense than the other guy's mashpia, who was a bit naive, shall we say, about what a full-fledged singing career might do to a freshly-minted Baal Tshuveh, or any frum kid, for that matter! Other than that all I can say is lots of luck, Mr. Pellin!


hyman said...

When the base is crooked the building will end up falling.

Yanover said...

Yeah, I used to watch his chabad tube thing. It was cute and clever.

I would never have thought he would have gone chabad light. Its rather sad.

But maybe he does have a mashpia, how do you know he doesnt? because hes ffb and maybe gezhe?

Anonymous said...

A good way never to waver from the Chassidishe hanhogo that we are beholden to, is to ask ourselves if we would be proud to show whatever it is to the Rebbe. It's a good yardstick to use for mushpoim as well.

ES Tezmach said...

So you are an ApiTropes LeArois?
Don't kvetch he will do tshuva like carlbach

letz said...

Yankel Miller tried this Hollywood shtick.
He lost his pants.
That's the reason he wears vaase zoken.

A groisen shkoyaach far zugen dem emes.

Pushiter OTD said...

Pellin, Lipa, Weber, and the rest of the "enlightened chasidim" are basically following what they were taught. According to chasidus simcha is the highest level a person can reach. What they're trying to say is: If your bringing in simchah then every aveira is mutar.
Basic math.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunetly Chabad has no Living Rebbe and they are More or less estranged from the rest of the Chareidi Kehilla which results in a Lack of proper Hadracha for the new generation

level headed chosid. said...

Hershel , you are right on the money. We need to stop being nispoel from goyishe recognition. On the contrary when they say something nice we need to look on it very critical.

yingerman said...

As an ffb who went somewhat otd, then became a bt, I keep waiting and hoping that someone with real talent will finally come around and give us some real kosher fun. For kids (al derech cailou, magic school bus, etc) and for adults. Just normal funny educational entertainment, coming from a kosher perspective, and with real talent. Not nerdy.
I thought the video young avraham was very professional, but it was a one time thing. Still waiting.

Zug Gornisht said...

"Unfortunetly Chabad has no Living Rebbe "
Did shloma Carelbach not go his own way in the era of the Rayatz and the Rebbe zy"a
so what are barking about?