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Magyar mindörökre

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Click on the link to see Rabbi Burech Oberlander's review on the new Mechon Yerushalayim book Kehilos Hungaria, courtesy of Seforim Blog. It was on my wish list, but now I'll need to paste in all the corrections as well. The book seems to be ripe with very juvenile mistakes. As far as RBO goes; It seems like you can take the Hungarian out of Hungary, in this case you didn't even do that, he's back in Hungary ----- (after a stay in New York) but you can't take the Hungarian out of the Hungarian, if you get what I mean. I know it sounds all wrong, but it's as right as right can be. trust me. Reb Burech is the Chabad head shliach in Budapest and a known expert in all matters Hungarian. Jewish/Hungarian, that is. He compiled an Hungarian-language siddur [nusach ashkenaz!] and is a common contributor to many of today's most popular charedi publications.

Chazak VeAmetz!


Anonymous said...

You did a disservice in your description. He is a big talmud chochom and posek in that town for all the yiden in town, he built the Mikva Mehuder and brought back to yiddishkiet many yiddishe neshomas from the holiest rabonishe families Maeretz Hogur

schneur said...

As usual guzmaos rule.
Rabbi Oberlander certainly is both a talmid Chacham and a yadan in Chochmas Israel. His writings in any subject are worthwhile and he probably has accomplished much in terms of outreach and jewish education.. But he is not the only show in town (Pest). The Ind. orthodox kehillo still functions and they have a rav muvhok and a shochet.
The Neolog rabbinical school(with its various branches) and the Judaic studies dept at the local university also functions.
Finally I met several nice Hungarian bachurim with black hats etc in a out of town mesifta, I asked them if they knew of Rabbi O. They said they heard of him , never met him except for Pesach time when he came around to deal with mechiras Chometz.So there are other foreing rabbis and mosdos there as well.After all Pest has close to 100,000 Jews today.
Since you "talk" Hungary here, R. Oberlander is officialy a staus quo rabbi in Budapest. Of course it means nothing bepoel , but its interesting nonetheless.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...


did you see anybody here say that he was the only show in town?!

why the attack?!

s'past nisht...

Anonymous said...

As usual you have to get your facts correct
Rabbi Oberlander is not a Status Quo rov, their is a other rov on that position.
Rabbi Oberlander is the only Rov that officiates as a functioning Rov love it or hate it he paskens the shailos for all the ungeliet in town even Misnagdim, the other Guy sits on his offical chair in his house and collects his payroll for his Hadras Punim,with 10 to 15 kids in his school many of them are half goyim, lucky him.
Rabbi Oberlander is not a Mechiras Chometz Taanis Bechorim Rov peddler, the way you would like to portray him. I don't care what the Bochurim told you I know the facts from being their for long visits.

Anonymous said...

"why the attack?!"
the hate of chabad clouds his objectivity.Rabbi Oberlander is too of a big asset for chabad and the rebbe, so he has to belittle his image.

friendly said...

Scneour is a long time commenter and he does not "hate".
You on the other hand won't even choose a name.You must be a very bitter hater

schneur said...

I respect rabbi Oberlander as I noted in my original post, he is cetainly among the best younger rabbonim Chabad has today. but there are other rabbis and Judaic institutions there too. So there is another Status -Quo rabbi in Pest , interesting and I stand corrected and just who might that be ? Perhaps rabbi Kovacs the second Chabad rabbi?
And is it correct to just attack rabbi Weisberger as you do ? As for dealing with half goyim in terms of Kiruv work, I have no comment.

Anonymous said...

lets not forget the pester rebbe shlita!

Mottel said...

-Schneur: Mechiras Chometz? At least give credit to all the sedarim made in these towns for Pesach as well ...

Sammy W. said...

I hope this one is impartial and uncensored unlike the previous monographs that conveniently left our those Rabbis who were affiliated with the Mizrachi.

Anonymous said...

Burech,vous iz gevoren mit dir?!!!
I can't believe it,Burech was with me in yeshiva ,now he looks like a Herr Doctor Rabbiner!Burech vee zeenen dayneh peyos,dayn yiddishe levish?
Haven't seen him in years,this is a shocker!

Anonymous said...

vi zenen dayne peios...

that one never gets old I guess.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever see a Doctor Rabbiner? It seems like that you can't see a difference between a Rav and a Rabbiner.
The chassidishe levish? He is wearing it!

Anonymous said...

Why did his name get only a half Galicianerisierung? They would say "Burech Oiberlender," no?

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:24
"dayn yiddishe levish?"
he mamash looks look a goy? which part of his levish isn"t exactly Jewish ? that's for sure that he is not any more the bochur you remember from the sand box, He outgrew it Elef Peomim.

Anonymous said...

"He outgrew it Elef Peomim."

How?By cutting off his peyos?

un-pious said...

let's not kid ourselves, peyos is not 'jewish' per se. it's a custom cultivated by chassidim and some other communities. this custom is unknown among sephardim and mizrachim (except for yemenites as mentioned).

unfortunately, peyos has become associated with narrow mindedness and chanyokishkeit and many rabbis feel that it could be a hindrance to their kiruv efforts.

yetz farshteist di shoin?

abc said...

What is RBO's background? Is he from the Pupe family? How and when did he become a Chabadnik?

And if my speculation is correct, does it again show that any Lubavitcher vos ken lernen - picked it up elsewhere. Ayen parshas Vechter vechul.

I know of R' Weissberger - a true fartseitisher rov who would be in the Mizrach vant of Lubavitch had he ever joine dthem

zev said...

"Let's not kid ourselves, peyos is not 'jewish' per se"

Sounds like you went to a chaider that belonged to Maskilim.
The facts are that European Jews did have peyos and long coats,BEFORE, the advent of the Chasidic movement.The Chasidim were NOT the ones that advanced this peyos and dress style,all they did was KEEP THE YIDDESHE LEVISH!while the rest of European Jewry started shaving and wearing goyishe levish.Talmidei Hagr"o that moved to Eretz Yisruel kept that levish ad etsem hayoim hazeh, so did Lubavitcher chasidim who lived for doires in Yerusholayim and Chevron.
I know it makes you feel better when you make the absurd claim that peyos is not a yiddishe levish because it farentferts current day Lubavitcher in modern dress and no peyos.
Burech, vee zenen dayne peyos?

Anonymous said...

According to you why are the Talmidei Chachomim going to Lubavich? Do they have a deep love for amaretzim?or they see what an idiot like you cant see?

Anonymous said...

If Rabbi Oberlander really comes from an oiberlander family, then his avos most probably didn't hsave peyos, surely until coming to America. So what's the question?!

un-pious said...

maybe der groise talmid chucum can explain to me why payos is unknown among ancient jewish communities who have resided in the middle east since the churban, such as the syrian and persian jews.

there is a prohibition against rounding the corners of your head, the extra hair called payos is a MINHAG. If Rabbi Oberlander chose to do away with the minhag, I'm sure he had important considerations. I suspect that your yiddishkeit is all about the payos and the shtreimel. Well, guess what, there are more important things than that.

And for the record, I went to a very chassidish yeshiva (no, not chabad).

Anonymous said...

Just for the record, in Oiberland there was no minhag of long payes.

unpious said...

בעסער א איד אהן פיאות, וואו פיאות אהן א איד