Sunday, September 26, 2010

מענדל, נחמתני

Sukkos 1941, Ghetto Lodz...

It's difficult enough doing what's right, at least in practice, but when you think you've done right, and then later you begin to question your motives, then it gets to be a bit too much. Which is what happened after YeimKipper. But that needs to happen; we need to question our motives, despite that it may lead to not bothering anymore, because we need not trust ourselves until the day we die. Yes, the day had passed, and everything went by the letter of the law. All 5 prohibitions had been strictly enforced, and every word of the machzor dutifully said. But that's not all there is to YeimKipper. YK needs to have an effect on you, just like any other day and occasion. And a lot more. The Rebbe always spoke about being Mamshich Simchas Yom Simchas Teyreh Lekol HaShonoh Kulloh. That means that days like ST need to have a lasting effect, and no, a hangover doesn't count. Which is why I was "taking inventory" and trying to see what I accomplished on YK day other than just fasting and abstaining. So I voiced my concern and unhappiness here, and not until Yedideynu Reb Mendel wrote what he wrote was I consoled.

ווער זאגט אז דו האסט געדארפט עפעס פילן? אדרבה ווייל ס'ארט דיר אז דו פילסט ניט איז א סימן אז עס איז דארטן געווען עפעס א שטיקל אמת. ווען דו פילסט טאקע עפעס איז ווער ווייס וויפל איז אמת און וויפל א דמיון.
והעיקר ווערן קאלמוטנע איבער אזעלכע זאכן איז גלאט מתנגדישע שטיק און פאסט ניט פאר זמן שמחתינו.
טאמער דו ווילסט דוקא קלאגן וועגן זיין א חזן וכו' קען איך מאכן בעסער פאר דיר. ס'איז שוין יארן וואס איך האב יום כיפור ניט געדאוונט מיט א מנין, ווייל בשעת'ן דאוונען דארף איך אנפירן מיטן קהל מסביר זיין וכו'. פרעג איך דיר, קאן איך עפעס פילן? ווען שחרית דאוון איך פאר'ן מנין, און די עבודה זאג איך בשעת די הפסקה ווען איך בין אויסגעמוטשעט און קאם וואס איך זאג די ווערטער. נאר איך ווייס איין זאך, דא דארף איך זיין און דאס איז וואס דער אויבערשטער וויל פון מיר. איז לאמיר זאגן לחיים און זאגן א פרייליכן ניגון.

Mendel's words come from the heart, they're not just lip service, and they're not just repeating what he read somewhere. He experiences this not just on YK. And in his case it's because he's serving others. He knows that the reason he doesn't get to "feel" YK is because he's doing G-d's work and teaching the less affiliated. If he were to worry only about himself who would worry about those who know not what to do? Which is why we need not harp on the past. Yes, next year's pre-YK needs to be better. I need to learn more and do more, and maybe then I'll experience what I assume others do, despite not knowing for sure. But right now I cannot allow a day that didn't work out exactly as I would've liked it to work out to disrupt the next step in serving Hashem.


Dov said...

Can you stop with your childish "nochmachen"??
It's YOIM KIPPUR not "yeimkippur".
You don't have to shopw how "in" you are with the Lubob that you even copy their mistakes.
No self respect.

Dov said...

"He knows that the reason he doesn't get to "feel" YK is because he's doing G-d's work and teaching the less affiliated."

I wonder what this Lubob is "teaching" the unaffiliated.If it's the crud I"ve heard other Lubob "teach"than he needs to go back to chaider

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

it looks like somebody's Cholomode plans got rained on and he's taking it out on all of us here...

Dov said...

Since you are such an "ish emmes", someone posted on your blog piece about the Cherson Genizah that Yeshurun just had a whole piece on this so called "genizah".
I specially went to Bigeleisen to buy Yeshurun and after reading through the articles it's clear that the so called Genizah is a total fabrication.
I won't hold my breath about you ACTUALLY reading up and checking into it.I think that if "emmes" hit you and your buddy "Mendel"over the head you would not recognize it

Dov said...

"it looks like somebody's Cholomode plans got rained on and he's taking it out on all of us here..."

Actually הירשעלע
You are the ones who needs to eat in a soggy sukka because of your wish to be "hedyotos".

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

send me the book, Mr. Hotshot. I have neither the time nor the money. Or maybe a PDF.

and while you're at it, why not buy this book, since you're such a truth-seeker...

Anonymous said...

One of the fascinating things with the geniza letters was that the forgerer was so sloppy, he even wrote letters using names of towns that did not even exist (the names)at the so called time of writing

Dov said...

Sorry, no can do.Don't have a way to send.Maybe some other reader can.
Post it if you do for others to see.
Btw, it's really coming down now in Brooklyn, what's doing in Monsey?

Dov said...

Sorry for being a bit negative.Lately it seems that you have actually started being somewhat introspective.Especially the posting about the elections in CH, where you basically said you don't go to and have no interest in.
(besides shopping.Actually that's pretty strange because there is nothing you can't buy in BP and elsewhere that's not a lot cheaper than in CH)
Now for a Lubavitcher to say that they have zero interest in CH sounds like someone has come back to earth.Especially in light of the craziness going on there.
What set me off was your copying the Lubob mispronunciation so you could kiss up to partisan-non-thinker like Mendel

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

1)I never said that I go shop there

2) it's not a Lubavitcher mispronounciation, it's no different than saying Yuntiv instead of Yom Tov. And besides; I wrote that BEFORE Mendel wrote his comment....

Dov said...

"They visit and shop, but they're turned off, for several different reasons, שאין כאן המקום להאריך בהם."

I now see that you were making a general comment not about yourself

leo said...

I sure hope you weren't serious with that book suggestion, HT.

But it wasn't good for a joke either IMAO, cuz it's not funny when these be-culted guys wrap everything into one package, all or none.

Yes, I believe in the B, but not in the Russian forgeries, without wasting time on the academic articles which I really don't know why the fools waste their time writing. Like, why does it bother them if people wish to accept it?

Yakov said...

Can you re-post in English?

Anonymous said...

To reb Dov:
What's wrong with "yeim kipper?" That is simply the white Russian pronunciation of a "cheilem". If you dont believe me get a tape of the Nesivos Sholom of Slonim or of the Poneviezher Rov ZT"L. I believe they werent Lubavitcher Hassidim. If you find this unacceptable then please correct our Hungarian brethern with their Bureech HaShaim and Hee Yoishiaynee. A Gutn Maiyed.

leo said...

Not everything can be spelled out מפני הרואים. Sorry.

If the intended parties - HT - failed to comprehend I may repost.

baalbatish said...

berl, crown heights said...

dov, you should probably be the last person in the world opining on proper pronunciation or translitiration of the holy tongue, seeing as you don't even know how to write the word 'emes'. So newsflash, moron – 'emes' does NOT have dagesh in the 'mem' because the 'alef' has a hataf-segol, not a segol. Hence only a complete ignoramus (or is it 'ignoreMMEs'?) would write it like you did over and over again – 'emmes'.

Menashe said...

An anti-semite told me that he disagrees with my Rebbe. That they really are forgeries. Obviously I'm going to believe him. Way to go.

Dov said...

"An anti-semite told me that he disagrees with my Rebbe."

Who are you calling anti-semite? All of the rebbes who saw through the fraud and called it, like the Tchortkover from Vienna and the Imrei EMMes from Ger?
R'Chaim Liberman, noted bibliophile,scholar and right hand man of the previous Lubavitcher Rebbe?
R'Dovid Tzvi Hillman who convincingly made his case?
You misspelled transliteration, but I grant you that you know dikduk better than me.Does that make the Chersoner Geniza authentic or are you "just pointing stuff out" to avoid the issue?
To all the folks who want to get a better grip of the issue.Go to Bigeleisen seforim store in BP and buy the latest edition of Yeshurun.

friendly Anonymous said...

Hirshel, would you be just as calm if you enjoyed your wife's cooking as little as you enjoyed your davening, or would you perhaps give her some (positive) feedback for improvement?

Jack said...

Your post is totally lost on me.
I don't get what you mean.
I think Hirshel thought he can run away from himself.You know the Lubavitchers are so sure of themselves, their Rebbe is the Moshiach, they are always right,eve nwhen they are not,they have zero need for introspection.It's called "fools paradise".Now he has started to *think*, that is something Lubavitchers don't like.
I guess mendel or Zalman Leib will give him a stern "pep talk"

Shea said...

To actually go in and see Lubavitch with all it's behavior is quite shocking.
The fact is that thousands of young men and women,Meshichists have taken over for Tishrei.
Fact is that a Meshichist "rabbi" was elected for a lifetime.
Fact is that Lubavitch today proves why so man y REAL rabbonim had a problem with them

Andrew said...

Lubavitch is an interesting study.
One the one hand
there are thousands of emissaries who are doing all they can to stop assimilation on the other hand they literally worship their rabbi, long deceased by the way.
I am always mixed up at how to view them, dangerous cult or naive altruistic seekers.

shmuel said...

Chabad used to be somewhat normal..
100 hundred years ago.
Now they are in competition with missionaries,Mormons,Brtezlovers.

Menashe said...


I didn't misspell anything. I merely called you an anti-semite. Not any of those in whose name you write. Rachmonus that such names should be associated with the filth that spews from your keyboard. Machloikes lshaim shomayim is praiseworthy. Your actions are worth condemning by all ohavei Hashem.

Dov said...

I did not address you about misspelling.
If I think that the Cherson Geniza is a forgery am I an anti-semite?
Way to go

Anonymous said...

Did they answer the question How the forger had Ruach Hakodesh that Auschwitz will be a killing ground for Klal Yisroel. the letter was posted by our Tzig a few posts back.
After all Katzmans arguments, I still don"t believe that Chaim Liberman said what he said in Moshe Lipshitz book.
Btw, do they mention that it was first printed by Bigeleisen with a Approbation of the holy Chortkover, just to clear the air for anti chabad bashers as you and Havlin that it was not created in the 770 basement by Krinsky and Shem Tov .
one more question, why did Yeshurin spent so much ink on a subject that was discussed at length in many kovtzim, they did not break new grounds.The basic article is a reprint maybe they realized that some Heter Aguna was based on the Geniza? they had to stop it in its tracks.Seems like Yeshurin turned from a Torah Journal to yellow journalism with a hard cover. Is it more economical for Gottesman then paying for good torah mamorim?

Menashe said...


If you had read my entire comment you would see I have no conflict with others that disagree regarding the validity of the geniza. I was referring to your anti-semtisim. Specifically your hate for Lubavitch.

Matty said...

Anybody know what the real story with the Kherson Genizah is?

Anonymous said...

don"t be lazy read all the literature thats out their for the last 45 years on that subject