Saturday, January 5, 2013

ויהיו רחמיך.... טאטע זיסער.... מתגוללים על עם קדשך


Pinsker Yid said...

he sings not bad,but the background is very gross, the yoiliy background look like the 84000 balie teshuva of Reb Aron Hagodol the composer of the Lyrics, but in the first stages.

Yanover said...

i think the guy in the straw hat and the blue plaid tzitzis is the guy from the yiddish farm that u posted about way back.

moshe said...

my yellow submarine

Anonymous said...

Eli has come a long way since kumzitzing in Yeshiveh in Geuleh, where he discovered guitar playing & singing, & I saw him turn on his own soul & others. The real thing, in talent & in tochen. A shtikl pnimi too.

Efsher hot emetzer a pasiker shidech far dem voyler bocher?

-- ZIY

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

כנראה אז די משוררים קענען נישט טרעפן שידוכים

אלי, יהודה גרין

ווער נאך?