Sunday, October 26, 2014

I think it's nice that they publish this, but after sterilizing it not much is left....

Kind of apropos for the holy Ruzhiner's Yohrtzeit is this article about his descendant in the Sukkos edition of Mishpacha. The problem is that by the time the censors are done with איז עס אן אויסגעקלאפטער הושענא. Not just the lashon horah, but even the geshmak, the charm, the beauty - it's gone.



Chaim Burech said...

Reb Mottele of Monsey viznitz, claims that when Tzipore went her own way, his father erased her from his mind.
Based on that, he is advising all his chasidim that if Chas veshulem,they have a kid in that situation, just to erase it from your mund. dont blame yourself or your house hold.
The advice seems ruthless, but maybe he is correct.
You do see that she had a comeback even without her father being there for her the whole time

Rechov Ashtori said...

he is definitely closer to the spirit of Ruzhin, then his cousin the rebbe of Bohush, who got entwined in the satmar hate ideology