Thursday, October 30, 2014

נפטר געווארען טשאבא רב פון ירושלים

The zeide, The Tchabe Rov, Reb Shraga Shmuel Schnitzler, zt"l. Some of the old Tchaber Rov's eyniklach include The Nikolsberger Rebbe of Monsey, the badchen Yankel Miller, and the singer Michoel Schnitzler. The niftar was a mechutan with some of the Rebbishe world's biggest stars.

נפטר געווארען טשאבא רב פון ירושלים

טשאבא רב און זיין יחוס

התמונות האחרונות של גאב"ד טשאבא


Vayisyaldi said...

I think u r mistaking,
its not the nikolshburgers ziede

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

the Old Tchaber was the Nikolsberger's zeide. 1000%

see the link I posted. The daughter married the old Skulener after her husband Lebovitch passed away.

Chabad Chossid of Wesley Hills said...

As a teenager I heard that the Tchabe Rov of Yerushalayim was a Baal Mekubal. His son, the Tchabe Rov of London was born as a result of a Brocha of the Ahavas Yisroel of
Viznitz. The Brocha included that he should be a Baal Koima, a Oived Hashem, Chassidishe Yid and a Lamdan, all of which were Mekuyam. Reb Shulem Schnitzler Zatza"l was none political. He welcomed to his Kollel Yidden of all types,
Chassidim of all variations, Litvishe, Sefardim
Termini, Stam Yidden- anyone who was sincere to learn. I remember that the Kollel was Jam- packed and no Schmusing at all. I saw him often in the Viznitzer Mikve which I, together with all Lubavitchers used, He had a Kemeya hanging around his neck with a red string. It was rumored that the his father, Tchabe Rov of Yerushalayim made it for him. Zey Zollen Hobben a Lichtigen Gan Eiden

chabad former londoner. said...

I too remember the tchabe ruvs beis hamedrash on craven walk in the stamford hill area of london. Im going back over 40 years when as a young kid i used to stop by and visit his shul. I will never forget those big cokosh cakes with his real haimishe kugel at those kidushim. I don't believe there is anyone in Williamsburg who comes remotely close to making such a keshmake cokosh cake and kugel. Those were some memories. He was very popular in town, except for one person who i wont mention his name, who used to refer to him as der lange loksh. I am curious to know who the chabad of wellsley hills is, who is so familiar with the tchabe ruv of london z"l.

Chabad Chossid of Wesleu Hills said...

Chabad former Londoner, I also remember the delicious Kugel, Kokosh cake and his warm heart.
I remember why that person called him the
"Langer Lokshen ", this person was a staunch
Lubavitcher Kanoi, and He was upset that he
The Tchaber Rov was Maspid an old Lubavitcher Chossid who had just passed away (it was either Reb Yitzchok Dubov of Manchester or Reb Meir Gurkov of London). The point was, how dare him Madrid a Lubavitcher, when in Lubavitch we don't hold Hespeidim!!!
The irony of it was that the Tchaber River was well meant, and the other person took offense and berated him (Sheloi Befonov ofcourse) in a Shabbos Kiddush Farbrengen Berabim. I was at that Farbrengen an heard it myself.
On a better note, I remember dancing by Kiddush Levona as a teenager and him holding his hand.