Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Marvin Schick remembers Reb Yisroel Perkowski ע"ה

Members of the Youth wing of the
Agudah Party at a special training farm

Ahh, the good ol' days in Boro Park

When you could walk the streets of Boro Park without a Shtreimel or beard, when you could daven Ashkenaz and be proud, when you could go home right after Maariv on Shemini Atzeres and didn't have to dance the night through.

"Before those darned Chassidim came and ruined it all, eh?!"

The 16th Ave Agudists, - where Rav Perkowski was Rov for decades, aside from being the Rosh Yeshivah in Bais HaTalmud of Bensonhurst, - now have more trouble. The "Moshe Sherer Legacy Agudah Shul" just opened up around the corner. A Multi-Million dollar complex that was built for the sole purpose of spending the money they made from selling the old shul. Also, those star-studded Shabbos HaGodol Droshos needed a venue. If the 16th Ave shul had trouble before and felt out of place in a very different Boro Park it'll only get worse now.

Truth be told, I too feel like a stranger in my native Boro Park, and I'm not half Marvin's age. It's gotten to the point where you can't walk the streets of Boro Park on Shabbos anymore if you're not super "Chassidish!" What will become of this once great neighborhood?


Anonymous said...

I saw that new shul. Looks great. There was some story behind it, that they couldn't finish it for a long time, and actually one Rebe told them not to buy that place.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

Yes, but the "sanctuary" is very small. It's almost as if they didn't want to build it in the 1st place.

Anonymous said...

Good article by Marvin.

However, Tzig, you are off the mark with regard to several points.

1) 16th Avenue Agudah, like most Agudah minyonim, davens sfard (in other words, Chassidishe nusach, albeit not exactly the same as Lubavitcher nusach). So don't make it sound like it is a real Litvishe minyan.

2) Note that Marvin says that Rav Aharon Kotler ztvk"l, zy"a, davened with his minyan, whereas in the past you were soisem that he davened by R. Sheingarten. Evidently he davened in a few places.

3) The new R. Sherer memorial Agudah center was built there because Reb Bodenheimer z"l left the ort where he lived to them after his petira.

4) People can still daven Ashkenaz and be proud. Men darf zich nisht shemen ven men davent di heilige nusach fun Rashi, Rabbeinu Tam, Rosh, Rama, Vilna Gaon, Noda Biyehudah, Chasam Sayfer, vichulei vichulei.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...


whatever you are you better make sure you're proud, so more power to you.

1) I didn't know the actual Nusach, but it would make sense that they daven Sfard.

2) I know that the Kletzker Rosh Yeshivah davened by Shaingarten, I didn't say exclusively so.

3) I understand they HAD to build the shul, but for whom?!

4) Absolutely. Be proud. Did the Rosh still daven Ashkenaz when he arrived in Spain?

Anonymous said...

I heard from an odom godol,that the Rosh made an Ashkenazic German type Yeshiva in Spain and had a big hashpoah on the Spanish Jews. Also that certain (many?) of his minhogim were accepted by some of them and some of them later made their way to Morocco and that that can be recognized by people familiar with Moroccan minhogim.

If so, it's obvious that he continued in his Ashkenazic derech, so I think we can definitely assume that he continued to daven Ashkenaz.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

why not say who this Odom Godeyl was?

Anonymous said...

Guess what, THE BESH'T davened Askenaze!! At least in his early years.