Friday, February 22, 2008

I Thank Tzemach Atlas

Tzemach Atlas is the one who taught me all I know about blogging. Were it nor for him I'd never be doing that now. My intent may have been to counter him, but in the end all I did was learn. How to comment-mine and how to delete silly and irrelevant and hurtful comments; although I haven't deleted that much. How and when to post pictures, and how to make them pleasing to the human eye. I've realized now, after almost three years, that I never thanked him for ultimately being my blog Rebbe. I would've changed the URL for the blog were it not for the hassle it would be to inform evereybody of the new address. I wonder why he stopped doing what he did; was it because he figured he had done all that he can and that there was nothing to add? or did he get tired of it all? Tzemach has gone, but I imagine there may be others, copycats and wannabes who want a piece of the action, and will do anything at Lubavitch's expense. However, thanks are due, and that's the point here. I thank him.

Let the record show that.


Anonymous said...

what happend to him,will you also one day fade away with saying good by?

Mottel said...

Cute . . . This is a moment that will go down in Blogging History.

Anonymous said...

I also wants to than Tzemach
He brought many intersting staff in his mentalblog.
I did not like Reshimu at all
I learned from Temach a lot"
like to say "moron" , the Sorbonne soup opera and much more

Anonymous said...

And of course, we have Tzemach to thank, indirectly, for the short lived but unforgettable, Berl Yeimi blog. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hirshel, see this week's Yoseid, page 52. It says that Rav Schach זצוק"ל said that the Rebbe could be Moshiach !

א פרייליכען אדר !

Guravitzer said...

Yesh Chanifa LeAchar Zman.

Anonymous said...


I think you missed the point of that story. Rav Sach was just trying to make a nut feel better. Read the story

Anonymous said...

Twisty -

זארג זיך ניט, איך האבּ גוט פארשּטאנען.

Anonymous said...

Indeed Zemach deserves our thanks. But not only for technique, but for content.
His blog was OPEN and I liked it because to me it represented a sort of Radio Free Europe to CH and other Chabad homes. Lubavitchers should hear both sides of an issue, they should know why some people in Chabad disliked the last generation of leadership. They should be aware of the complexities and realities of life and history.
Rather than just "maalegeyre" how many people set foot in the Chabad house in City X or how "prachtful" the new Chabad house in State Y is . Zemach allowed open discussion of all issues in Chabad.
Only those who beleived in the Old Order of Pravda resented his site. Reading this blog and others seems to indicate Mission accomplished !

Guravitzer said...

Schneurke, please don't sell us baloney you yourself don't believe.

I thank Tzemach for calling me a moron. It's the only insult I hadn't yet received in my life.

A Simple Jew said...

I too learned a lot about blogging and about the components of a good posting from Tzemach. I echo your words, Hirshel. Tzemach does deserve our thanks.