Monday, March 24, 2008

Shame on Bobov 48

While all of London mourned, and the Rebbes of Bobov 45 and Skver flew off to London to attend the Levaya, they went on as if nothing happened. The all-important "play" had to go on, as did the Shushan Purim Tish, complete with loud singing and music. BZ Dunner was the Bobov 48 Rebbe's cousin too, just like he was the Ungers', and despite him supporting the "other side" the least they could do is show the world that they won't play politics with the tragic death of a family member.

I guess we expected too much, eh?


Anonymous said...

jsut to be fair, the 'play' is an avodas hakodesh in bobov. its well known that the real bobover rebbe- reb shloimeleh zt'l- sat at the play while his mother was dying, and he missed her petirah- there are deep secrets to a purim play which you and me dont comprehend.

Anonymous said...

You are going overboard with your emotions.

Anonymous said...

you are quick to blame. you write without thinking seeking to be opinionated, yet you come across as a "Mcharcher Riv"

Anonymous said...

"its well known that the real bobover rebbe- reb shloimeleh zt'l-"

Like this year that year the shpeil was motzei Shabbos, and the Rov ZT'L LEFT the tisch because of his mother.

Let's see what the the Rebbe of 48th street will do during the Shiva. R Ben Zion O'H gave 100,000 pounds to his mosad in England on Purim this year.

Anonymous said...

The charges against Mendel arrived in an official-looking envelope from the Rumanian government. A former friend who had a grudge against him had falsely accused him of absconding from Rumania with government funds, and although he now lived in Russia, they were pursuing their claim against him in a local court. Mendel was in serious trouble and not at all sure of how to exonerate himself.

He decided to present his whole story to the famous tzadik (righteous person), Aryeh Leib, the Shpoler Zeide, and see what advice the Rebbe could give him. After having listened to Mendel describe the problem at length, the tzadik said: "Don't worry about the trial. Just be sure to have the proceedings postponed until the day of Purim. And as for a lawyer, don't worry about that either, because I'll send a very good one to plead your defense."

Mendel felt the burden being lifted from his shoulders. "Rebbe, how much will I have to pay for this lawyer," he asked with some trepidation. "And, how will I recognize him?"

"There is an orphaned girl whom I'm trying to marry off, and I need three hundred rubles for the dowry. If you give me money for this great mitzva (commandment), I'll send the lawyer at my own expense. You will recognize him because he will be wearing a white hat and red gloves."

Of course, Mendel was more than happy to comply. He handed the money to the tzadik and returned home to arrange for his case to be heard on Purim. He was successful in his endeavors.

As for his part, the Shpoler Zeide had a very unique method of influencing the official government sphere. On Purim, he had been known to gather a group of his intimates for a special kind of Purim-spiel or play. This "jest," however, was not meant in humor, but was a serious cabalistic means of affecting the outcome of dangerous legal dilemmas. In the course of the Purim-spiel the case at hand would be enacted by the tzadik and his company, and a positive verdict would be handed down.

On the day of Mendel's court appearance the Shpoler Zeide had his associates dress up as judges and various court officials. One man was instructed to blacken his face in order to act the part of the Rumanian prosecutor, two others were appointed judges, and the local rabbi was the chief justice. The Shpoler Zeide himself acted the part of the defense attorney, covering up his shtreimel with a white cloth and donning red gloves. The cast was completed with one man taking the part of the informer and another the part of Mendel, the accused.

The Purim-trial began with the reading of the accusation by the Rumanian prosecutor, but whenever he tried to speak the other members of the court laughed at his attempts. Next, the accuser gave testimony. Finally, the Shpoler Zeide rose to deliver his case for the defendant. His case was stated in a manner which left no doubt as to the innocence of the accused. In his argument he proved that the entire charge was false, and that even if it had been valid, the Rumanian government would have had no legal claim to the money in question. When he finished speaking the judges handed down their verdict: Mendel was acquitted.

Then the Shpoler Zeide and all the other Purim-spielers adjoined to the dining room where they enjoyed the festive Purim meal. Later that night the tzadik received a telegram from Mendel relating the good news and saying that he was on his way to Shpola.

Upon his arrival he went immediately to the Rebbe and related all the details of the trial. What a spectacular delivery the defense attorney made! What erudite arguments, why, the courtroom was spellbound! The chasidim listened with increasing wonder lighting their eyes. The details of the case were amazingly familiar to them. The events of the courtroom mirrored the "script" of the tzadik's Purim play!

"Well, Mendel," inquired the tzadik, "so you liked the lawyer I sent?"

"Rebbe, that's what I'm saying. He was wonderful, everyone agreed!"

"Know, then, that he was no human being, but an angel sent down from heaven, created as a result of the tzedaka money (charity) you gave for the poor orphan. If you have the merit, you may see him again when you are tried at the Great Tribunal on High, for he will be your attorney when you are called to give an account of your life on this earth."

Anonymous said...

What can you expect from a few Chassidim?

Nothing new.

Anonymous said...

Just for your info, exactly 3 years ago was also a Purim Meshilosh like this year. The Bobover Rebbe the Mahrnatz Z"l was niftar on wednesday and The Bobover Rebbe Shlita (48) sat shiva for his brother. On Shishon Purim (Motzei Shabos & Sunday) there was no tisch and shpiel in Bobov, due to the fact that the Ruv (48) had to sit shiva, but in 45st (where they claim to be the right Yorshim of the Maharnatz Z"l) it was business as usual with all the dancing & tischen even though it was in the Shiva of their own Shver!

On another note, Rabbi Dunner was a huge Bal Tzedakah, but I heard that he led the huge fight (paying for lawyers etc.) against his cousin the Bobover Rebbe (48), so I guess you cant expect anyone to proclaim major public mourning, just human nature.

Anonymous said...

If American frum Jewry kept on going with its fund raising , vacations in the Catskills , (Just look at the Orthodox mags from that time which include ads for gartenbergs Pioneer hotel, restaurants, melave malkas , very nice while the ovens in Poland were on full blast) Weddings etc while 6 million Jews were being killed between 1939-1945 why are you amzed over the death of 1 Jew ??

Anonymous said...

for your info skver also had a tisch and play motzei shabbos as usual and skverer rebbee only left at 3am after the play finished.

i dont give a damn fr either bobov its just a factual mistake of yours.

and what is an ekel is the simple atmosphere in bobov 48....

Anonymous said...

איך זעה נישט פארוואס באבוב 48 דארף זיך שעמען, פאר זיי איז געוועהן א אבידה יעדעס מאל וואס ער האט געגעבן געלט פאר די וועלכע האבן אריינגעריסן מיט א בלןוטיגען מעסער אין די שיינע שלום'דיגע קהילה. איך וויל ח"ו נישט מקטרג זיין, אבער לויט זיין איז דאס בבחי' "אין זה מברך אלא מנעץ"

Anonymous said...

the only reason they didnt have a shushan purim tish in 45 is because there rebbi wasnt here , not because of mourning . they actually did have a mesiba in the mesivta of 45th

Anonymous said...

Your rush to judgment shocks me. As one of the only bloggers who I follow religiously and consider really objective, I feel betrayed by your deceptive and misguided portrayal. As soon as I read your post and some of the ensuing comments, I called my bobover cousin (45th) who I could always rely on for getting the facts right. He confirmed the factual information that "Anonymous 10:09AM" wrote and also added that about ten years ago when Rav Shloma was still rebbe, his sister died right before purim. His right hand and oldest son, Rav Naftali Z “L, then made the decision not to inform him until after Purim so that the all Purim celebrations can continue unhindered

Now these plus the prior comments points are facts that any bobover will confirm to be 100% true. The fact that you have posted you post without asking any question regarding to how such a situation has been treated before is mind-boggling. We all know that the prior Rav z"l passed away taanus esther, your not inquiring or mentioning what Purim looked like in bobov (45) at that point is like ignoring the 800 Pound GORILLA in the room. It proves that you have fallen prey to judging based on the passing emotion without regard to the facts. (Isn't that what blogosphere was meant to eliminate?!?)

On a side note: How do you think the Lubavitcher Rebbe would have acted if his family Rabbi Gurary died?

Anonymous said...

the problem wasnt the tish and play that mihgt still be ok

but the happyness was more then every year everyone who came in saw it and heard it,

rest asure people didnt like what they saw this weed in bobov

being so happy that a jew died? look in the hydepark blogs how happy they are nebech for the yiddish blood

Anonymous said...

i have to say i'm shocked by whats going on here. i'm not going to write down who's side i'm on, my opinions on who did what-except for what you are all doing. a man has died here and you're all busy with who did what and what their intentions were-these are all amazing ppl-ppl that we can never light a candle to, yet we're sitting here judging them. shame on you! that is not our job, it's Hashems-& if you all cant figure that out, this world is a much worse place than i thought it was.