Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Info Needed

Seeking information on Rabbi Samuel Adelman

Rabbi Adelman is pictured on the left, standing, in the visit to Moscow in 1956 with Rabbi Hollander z"l, and others, I was wondering if any of you could help me out. Thanks, and may Hashem bless you!


Anonymous said...

He was a MO rabbi in DEnver, CO. He died at a young age (50) He was either the rabbi of the BMH Cong or the Hebrew Educational Institute. The current issue of the Intermountain jewish news has a mention of him in aletter by rabbi Chanowitz of Chicago.

Anonymous said...

There is a new book by one of our best talmidim Mr. Eleff called FROM Convention to Convention the history of NCSY that MAY have some data about Rabbi Adelman.

Anonymous said...

Rabbi Adelman became attached to the Rebbe after meeting clandestine Lubavitchers during his trip to Russia. He apparently has several Yichiddusin and kept up a correspondence with the Rebbe on various issues on A'skanaus Ha'Klal. He received the Rebbe's direction on major issues in his life, his family is well aware of his Lubavtich connections. He had smicha from Rav Zuber. He may have been the Lubavitch contact in Denver. He helped ULY a lot. He wrote two books of poetry in addition to many articles and sermons.