Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Daas Teyreh dies a painful death....


I now see why women hate to be lectured to on Tznius by middle aged men with questionable motives....

The saying goes that there are two things that one needn't see how it's done, war -law, rather, and sausages. We can now safely add to that a third thing: Da'as Teyreh. We can very plainly see how a man about to celebrate his 99th birthday is taken for a ride by two shifty shady characters, while the grandson Aryeh lets it all go down. These men - who I would not trust with my young sons - let alone daughters - came with their perverted ideas all arranged in their greasy heads, and all they wanted was to weasel out the answers that fit their agenda. It's not just me saying this; Read the comments here and see what regular guys think about it. Letters and proclamations that bear Rav Elyashiv's name and signature will never be the same with people who watch the 17 minute clip. For these people there is no G-d, no Torah, no Halochoh, just their perverted minds. And they'll take advantage of anybody to get their way.

If these people had it their way they'd set up a Taliban state, complete with storm troopers that patrol the streets and enter homes at will, searching for "impurities." They'd passel most of klal yisrael for not fitting into their convoluted societies. Do Tznius issues need to be discussed? of course they do. But this is not the way to do it, I think you'd all agree with me on that. It's people like these two clowns who turn people off from improving their ways, and they have every right to be turned off. The interruptions, the banging on the table, the total lack of common decency that this Mishkovski character (the one asking all the "questions") showed here, as well as the other one, shows that they needed the Zkan Poskei HaDor only to buffer their own cause. If he's from the Chelemer Mishkovskis iz mir a vunder where he gets this "frumkeit" from. It'll take decades, and maybe even generations to repair the damage that a man like that did in 17 minutes. How the grandson Aryeh allowed this to happen is beyond me. I thought Yerushalayimer Yinglach had a tropin'ke seychel....

Here's the Transcript of the shmuess

אוי לעיניים שכך רואות ואוי לאזניים שכך שומעות


Anonymous said...

I just saw it after the other poster showed it to you. I agree with you one hundred percent that that guy is a dangerous gangster and is chushod as a sexual predator.

R' Elyashiv did not give him anything he could sink his teeth into or use a sound bite. I am not sure if he made a kol koreh and they disclosed this a counter to show that it was sheker v'chuzuv

It is not a secret that R' Elyashiv is sorounded by degenerats. To quote an adom godel who is around the same age of R' Elyashiv: 'his is sarounded by hoodlem and hooligans'.

This is not related to the real issue of Daas Toreh. It is well known which Gedolim could have been upginahred and which ones were shrewd. The Brisker Rav was shrewd in the extreme. Others would argue that Maran was shrewd in regards to oisshmeken, but disagreed with how he reacted. (Obviously, you disagree with the last statement)

But, to to quote the same adom godel, regarding the Mir yeshiva that applied for visas even though many senior Roshey Yeshivos were against it: 'daas Torah was not invented yet'.

Anonymous said...

can we get some sub titles??
not translation, just subtitles.
r' elyashiv is very hard to understand in this video....

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

I like that. Not invented yet. Nice.

Anonymous said...

זה כבר כמה שנים שכולם יודעים שאורתודוקסיה זה רק בשביל המראה

Menashe said...

I wouldn't be opposed to an outright teitch. In fact, I would very much appreciate it. I'm sure all of us having trouble following would. or at least a summary of some kind.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...


See Here

fakewood inc. said...

love the clip

Anonymous said...

My heart goes out for Elyoshiv - NEBACH!!!

Anonymous said...

Mishkovski looks, sounds and behaves like half the schnorrers who brandish Haskamos from the rabbit-pack of "gedeilim". They, like him, are constantly "in my face", interrupting, pushing at me with their uncontrolled hands and otherwise assaulting with their unbrushed teeth and hallitosis. Yedei Eisav at their finest with the "langer bort" completing the irony! This sort of behavior should get one arrested for assault at the very least.

Anonymous said...

Even the chatzi kofrim on Dovbear took Rav Elyashiv's side in this. The chareidi gedeilim are surrounded by the worst elements of chareidi society, the machers.

And I love the line about daas teireh it's so true.

Anonymous said...

1. What do you mean by the Chelmer Mishikovskis ?
I suspect that all the Mishikovski rabbonim today are related to the Kriniker rav Rav Mishikovski who was the chief aide of teh Achiezer.In Isael this family was active in the yeshiva in Kfar Chasidim. By the way one of the Mishikovkskis married Zelda Schneersohn the Rebbe's 1st cousin who was a devoutly frum poet in Jerusalem. They did not have issue.
2. Before the war the Mir had only 2 Roshe yeshiva and a mashgiach. since 1 Rosh the stodt rav R. Kamai refused to leave Da Mir and his parishoners , he was not a player. It is well known that rav Finkel opposd the Japanese option. So that leaves the mashgiach and the Rosh's son in law Rabbi Chaim S. I understand that Reb leib malin threatended violence if they opposed the plan to leave via Russia.
3 People around gedolim and what do you say about the chevra who comprised the secretariat (Mazkirus) about the last Lubavitcher rebbe ?
Besides other comments I could make , they were not"kin greyse chachomim" and basically failed to learn the first concept of manhigus even though they were in the daled amos of the greatest Jewish comunal leader of the second half of the 20th century. A combination of gashmiyus and plain stupidity created these people. Clearly the rebbe did not want intellegent people about him (besides Hodakovs).
Compare these gents with their class A driving permits to the secys of the 6th rebbe men like Chone Marozov, Chatzi Feigin, Rachal, Reb Eliyahu Yeichel Simpson. As BSG told me "es iz geven mit vemen zu geyen zum tisch mit".

Anonymous said...

"greatest Jewish comunal leader of the second half of the 20th century"


Is that the REAL Schneur?

Anonymous said...

if anyone wants more proof, take a look how the old satmar rebbe's gabei did when he was old and forgetful. it's simply VERY SCRAY

Anonymous said...


R'Chatzkel, I read, did not want to render a decision, because he felt he was a nogeyah b'davar: his daughter needed treatment for her leg that required a local doctor. Incidently, she found a specialist of some sorts in Shanchay.

They considered themselves a somewhat 'shuvuh bishuvah' with R' Lazer Yudel and R' Chaim Shtutziner. They respected them immensely as people, but not as the ultimate word on policy and more importantly, derech halimud. (They were influenced by Brisk and R' Chaim still considered himself a talmid of R' Shimonin. R'Leib, who also learnt by R' Shimon, and was related to him, use to tell R' Chaim, in learning, 'genuk nuit der Grodno'.

In Bensonherst, I think they credti R ' Leib and R'Chaim Visoker. Also, there is a Yid in Ben, his name slips my mind/one of the orignal Beis HaTalmudnikers, who was a main player. Others credit, R' Mintz as the inspiration for the plan, and mir dachsach, they used to visit him on Yom Toyvim as hakaras hatov.

The visa decision was made by many,not just the Mir yeshiva. Other prominent Roshey Yeshiva were against it. They later regreted it. Anyways, legend has it that they felt that R' Yeruchem taught them how to comprehend world events.

I don't know the story behind R' Yonah hy'd and why he didn't get out; was he against it or he wasn't able to (He was brutatly murdered in the Kovno ghetto, I will omit the details, R' Oshry wrote about it)

I heard that they escaped in order to avoid the Bolsheviks, not primarily, the Nazis; who definetly dismantled the yeshiva.

One version, maybe you can confirm it, was that they knew that there was a 'vaday' that the heilegeh yeshiva would be dismantled, and a 'tzad safek' that the plan would work. They knew that applying for visas would greatly increase their chances of being sent to Siber, but they feal that they had to be moser nefesh for they yeshiva. Don't know if that is true.

BTW, the real purpose of going to Shanchay was to divert funds away from the Chabadzker bachorim over there. The worldwide network of Litvaks ferevently attempted to establish a Litvishe diversion in Japan.

Anonymous said...

R. Yonah couldn't get papers because of his Russian background or something similar.

Anonymous said...

Ramal (Rav Moshe Leib Rodshtayn for the unimformed), Mindel and Kvint were all quite intellegent. Krinsky talented at what the Rebbe had him do (this thread is not for that discussion, especially since most are unaware of his askanus, and Erev opesach I don't have the time or Koach etc.). Although some may argue that groner is slightly booksmart, he lacks the eidelkeit and finesse, and was to insecure to grow in midos and mentchlichkeit... Klein: a nice guy to help Chodakov - as you say (I'm paraphrasing) a mastermind....

Yom Tov Sheini

Anonymous said...

Did you know Chodakov?

Anonymous said...


We are a dor yossom. No doubt we have choshiveh rabbonim who try to do their best.

However, I strongly feel that due to their temmimus they are not tuned in to today's secular environment and the effect that has seeped into the heimishe velt. Just look at the whole shidduch crisis and how frum people stress the physical and material.
We do not have a Chazon Ish, a R'Chaim Ozer or for that matter a Rebbe such as the previous Belzer rebbe or a Rebbe from the Vizniter dynasty.
For the most part we may have it materially easier than the previous generations but we are much much poorer on a spiritual level.
We desperately need Moshiach to come yesterday.
Pesach is coming. We must strengthen our emunah and bitachon.
The first step is to LOVE YOUR FELLOW YID no matter what he looks like and whether he dresses in a certain way or eats certain things you wouldn't. DO NOT LOOK DOWN ON ANY YID.
Moshiach would be here in a blink of an eye.
Chag Somayach

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

well said.