Sunday, May 24, 2009

I felt Golus

It's not easy feeling Golus in America. I mean New York. The Tri-state area. Monsey Ir HaTorah. You look around and you say such a breitkeit, even in today's tough economic times. Masses of frum Jews going about their business BeKomah Zekufah, not worried about the gentiles. School boards stacked with Jews. Politicians eating out of the palms of our hands. Streets closed because of Hachnosas Sefer Torah, parade, Lag BaOmer bonfire or bagleiten a visiting Gutter Yid. Daily garbage pickup in the weeks before Pesach. You get the picture. Things have changed drastically since the 60's. Speech is watched carefully when it comes to making generalizations about ethnic and Religious groups. Only in radical underground publications will you hear anything about "Jews" controlling etc. So we sit here and we think we manage to re-educate the masses about Jews, despite thousands of years of education, being spoon-fed anti-Semitism with breakfast in many cases.

For some reason the following incident sticks in my mind, maybe because the statement was made by a fellow Yid, a Rosh Yeshivah or Kolel, and a grandson of a good Jew. They said then that Rav Lazer Ginzberg, Mirrer Rosh Kolel in Brooklyn and grandson of Reb Chatzkel Levenshteyn said during the CH riots that the happenings there were a "reminder to the Lubavitchers that we're still in Golus." "They're starting to talk about Moshiach, Hineh Hineh Moshiach Bo, G-d showed them he's in charge!" This typical Litwaukee speak is meant to show the world that G-d is an angry old man who like to show his disobedient kids that he's still in charge. It somehow connects them to the fire and brimstone-throwing preachers' speeches of generations ago by talking like that, I guess. I've heard that kind of talk quite often, especially when reprimanding Lubavitch for saying Ad Mosai etc. "Who are we to tell G-d what and when to do things?!" (That is until they need a yeshuah or refuah, then any talk is OK.)

What happened to me on Friday was somewhat of a different Golus experience. It was the kind of experience that reminded me that it's time to ask for Moshiach again, but not because graffiti was scrawled on my shul or anything like that. It was the "cat got my tongue" kind of thing. Here I was, being talked down to in the supermarket in the worst way by Haitian trash with six inch nails and I could say nothing. Technically I could, but the eternal Jew in me would not allow it. I guess I couldn't stand there and yell obscenities at the woman; and making a whole tumult was also out of the question. So I was left just trying to defend myself instead, with her giving me the hand, saying "uh-uh, don't talk to me." Here's this woman, who only one generation ago was eating papaya three times a day, who's hairdo and manicure costs more than her entire wardrobe accusing me and yakking at me in a public place, and I CAN DO JUST ABOUT NOTHING IN RETURN. היש גלות
גדולה מזו????

מעשה שהי' כך הי-ה: I needed to do some last minute shopping before Shabbos Kodesh. (I'll try not to bore you with the details.) I loaded the cart and was checking out - not before having said a few bucks by using my Pathmark card - when Mrs. Tzig calls. She needs mushrooms, she says. Always the willing and able husband, I walk to the car, load the bags with the original purchases, and went back for the mushrooms. Once there, a pineapple was added to the purchase, not that it has any relevance to the story. I approached the checkout counters and chose one that had only one customer ahead of me. Soon after that several people came in to that aisle behind me. One of them - unbeknown to me - was a testy Haitian of the female variety who I guess was having a bad hair day or something, because she was tired of holding a few cups of yogurt in her hands and I was too far back from the customer ahead of me for her to put her things down on the whatchamacallit. So, I'm standing there patiently waiting for the guy ahead of me to finish checking out when I hear "Mister!" "MISTER!" behind me, in a very loud voice. Not thinking that I'd be referred to as such, and maybe daydreaming a bit, I ignored the call, not thinking it was me they were talking to.

Then I feel a jab in my back. The ----- had poked me. I turn around to see what that was and she yells at me to move ahead so she can put her yogurts down on the table. Then she tells the person she's talking to on the cellphone "then they wonder why nobody wants to see them around anymore!" I try nicely to tell her "you think I was ignoring you? I didn't hear you!" so she tells her phone buddy: "He says he was ignoring me!!!" By then I realized that there was nobody to talk to. I was part of the white world she so hates and the Jewish one she can't stand. She wishes we'd all be shipped off in boxcars somewhere far away. I realize some of you may think that in the greater scheme of things this incident means nothing, but it was Golus for me. I hadn't had many such run-ins, it was usually not face to face, just a passing car or something like that. But to be tongue-tied, to be so utterly helpless in a town chock full of Heimishes, is nothing short of a G-d imposed Golus. May we have no more such experiences.


Magyarorszag Helysegnevtara said...

For some reason, the picture of the Gerrer Matisyuhuhnikers taken out from the hideout with their beards, makes an indelibe royshem on me

Maybe A Litvak said...

When I stare into the faces of those yidden in the photos, I am gripped with a strong emotions; fear, pahchahd, but also with a sense of nostalgia. I can't explain it; there is a vortex pulling my kishkes out.
Think about it. Those yidden in the photos would never envision a day where we would be able to read such an article. Where the possiblity exists that a person can forget about the Gulos for even one moment.

Eylu Hu' Shum Loy Hu' Nigal said...

Why the need to knock someone in a post that shows that we are all in the same boat?

Ner Yisroel said...

Chabad caused all other Jews to associate Mashiach with Chabad Messinism, which caused all of us to feal the guhluhs more, right?

Anonymous said...


You are soooo good!

There is such a thing as "eye candy"

Your shtikel here is juicy but of the "sweet & sour sauce" kind.

א טרער מיט לאך אין איינעם

yosef 718

ConsumerVigilante said...

Rough golus for you, huh, Tzig?? Pretty sad....while you were at a store that your ancestors could only dream of, driving home in a 'wagon' they could never have afforded, living in a country that protects you like no other in are bothered bc of the ravings of some half-wit shavartzer?

Maybe A Litvak said...


You did a grave injustice to our fellow acheynu beys yisroel. Maybe can't write poetry with those pictures staring at me in the face

szs said...

great writing!

Maybe A Litvak said...


Tzig's pictures are having the same effect as the Litvishe magidim of old

Caldarusa siehe Zaharesti said...


Vuh Bist Due?

don't tell us that your wife comes from a Skvereh Hatian mishpuchuh

Maybe A Lubab said...

I get the impression from the post that somehow the shiksa's anti-semitism was more palatable due to the fact that she was trash (hence, the multiple comments about her Shevy).
Remember: that sinas yisroel exists by the 'chushuvu goyem'.
It is well known that the sinah they have for us is based on the sinah that rah has for tov. R' Yeruchem speaks about it bi'ariychus

Монгол улс said...

The more one is exposed to these picture the less of a royshem it has. We like to think that if we were living in America, we would've done much more, right?

Rav Dessler slept with his shoes on throghout the duration of the war. What would we have done?

Horvát-Szlavonország said...

You should post that beautiful song from YumTiv Ehrlich- shluf meyn kindt, chap a drimmel, mach dey oygen tzu...

Kalman said...

The snags use tzurus happening to other yidden as a springboard to bellitle and make choyzek. Instead of being mishtatef in the tzar of the yidden suffering in CH, that man (and I use the word man liberelaly) spewed hate and filth at the "'Bobs". People like that never learn from history and this post is meaningless to them. After all, it was written by a member of the kat

anon3 said...

From todays Jerusalem Post
Part 1

Boaz and I are weekly participants in an oh-so-Tel-Avivi ritual - Friday afternoon humous. After spending the morning rushing around to run the errands that have been neglected throughout the week, we kick off Shabbat by taking a seat at our favorite humous joint - a tiny, always packed place in the city center.

The crowd is part of the pleasure, of course. That we have to wait for a table and then bump elbows as we eat adds to the charm. But one recent Friday, I found myself less than charmed by my neighbors - Jews for Jesus.

There they were. Flanked in blue shirts that were written in Hebrew: Jesus = salvation. I first noticed them when the waiter gestured to the empty table waiting for us. Unflappable Boaz sat down on the bench without hesitation. I slid in next to him with a grumble.

"What's wrong?" Boaz asked me, in Hebrew.

"Look," I said, pointing.

"Don't point," he hissed.

"I don't care if they see me. They don't belong here."

I didn't need a mirror to know that my face was flushed. I could feel the heat in my chest, my throat, my cheeks - a suppressed shout rising up from my lungs.

"What's the big deal? At least they're not Arab," Boaz said.

I was already too upset to launch into my usual "you're a racist" tirade.

"I would much, much rather sit next to Christian - or Muslim - Arabs than Jews for Jesus," I said. "At least the Arabs know better than to try to get me to convert."

"Yeah, but the Jews for Jesus don't blow themselves up," Boaz said.

"They might as well. We'd be better off without them."

I was shocked by my own words. Who is this vitriolic person? After all, aren't I Little Miss Left Wing? Little Miss Coexistence? Little Miss Let's-Give-the-Filipinos-Citizenship? Little Miss We-Don't-Need-a-Jewish-Majority-to-Survive?

But you've got to draw the line somewhere. And I draw mine at Jews for Jesus.

Anonymous said...

שלומי אמוני ישראל קונים אצל יהודים מאז ומעולם, לפחות תרגיש פעם אחת שאתה לא רצוי אצל הגוים ותתחיל לקנות רק אצל יהודים

Duvid said...

I feel for you.It's an unpleasant experience to be accused of doing something wrong when you weren't.
I'm not quite sure if this was antisemitism per Se or just a woman having a bad day.
That being said, why did you have to take a vicious stab at a choshuveh yid, melumed beyisurim?
Isn't that what you are accusing this lady of:Just starting up with you because you are Jewish, and you bringing this story up because it seems you dislike menagdim very much??
I'm disappointed.I expect a post about anti-semitism not to include another frum yid.

shoolem said...

If this is your golus, you are very lucky indeed.
(even in our generation)

Leroy said...

Da Chiddush is that nebach m''oed you never felt galus b4.

schneur said...

1. The yeshiva world's G-D in Lithuania was not fire and brimestone , in those days they worshipped the same G-D as Lubavitch. I don't know if either group changed.
2. No doubt we are in golus and I won't discuss my ideas why we are stil here.All I will say is thaT slogans, Madison Ave type ads and the like are not the solution.
But one of our problems is that we chose to live with ethnic groups who are hardly civilized. Perhaps we should live with Mormons and Wasps.Otherwise we need to learn how to tolerate our golus.
But my consumer weekend was just the opposite. I needed a new watch band for my cheap watch, I went to 181st St in WH to a jewelry store. the manager was what we would call white trash(Here I imply no value judgement ). I purchased the band he put it on and I gave him $20 for the $8 price. he had no change , so I said I will leave the watch and be back with change in 5 minutes. I think he looked at me (beard ,cap) and said take the watch and come back later with the cash.
The point is that some people are nice others are not. We Jews as individuals are treated as we as a group treat others.
The great gaon Rav Yakov Weinberg of Berlin wrote to his friend Dr. Shmuel Atlas in NY after the Holocaust that we Jews hate the Goyim probably even more than they hate us. And there is much truth to Rav Weinberg's statement.
Frankly I see with what bittul many of my Orthodox and MO friends and neighbors march around in the local supermarket, if I were a Arel, I too would sort of have a problem with their feelings of entitlement because they are from Teaneck and the locals from santo Domingo.

Anonymous said...

"after the Holocaust that we Jews hate the Goyim probably even more than they hate us"
What did Rabbi Weinberger mean by that? We should start a goy lovefest after the holocaust? if the Germans the cream of the crop acted like cannibals, then is there some goy left to love?

Kalman said...

It's a good thing I stop in here once in a while.

KALMAN Monday, May 25, 2009 9:24:00 PM IS AN IMPOSTER!

That's the second time.

You do that again and you'll hear from my lawyer!

Kalman said...

Oh, and Tzig, didn't you hear, the Golus is officialy over:

Anonymous said...

Tzig, this was just to show you to stay as far away from females as possible. A Skvere hakpudeh!

anon3 said...

For some reason beyond my ken you chose not to post the second part of of the blog I sent you from the JP.I felt that the reaction,or lack of one,was similar to yours.Maybe you saw otherwise.
Here I go, with a multi fracture to the upper part of my left arm and bemsiras nefesh tried to add ah bissel zaltz mit feffer to this discussion and I get ah patch in ponim.Talking about B and M baim tir in the 40's.....

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...


sorry about that; it was nothing personal

I just didn't see what it added to the discussion. And all those Yoshke words. Oy!

Maybe A Litvak said...

"The great gaon Rav Yakov Weinberg of Berlin wrote to his friend Dr. Shmuel Atlas in NY after the Holocaust that we Jews hate the Goyim probably even more than they hate us"

False statement, but fodder for the maskilim and apikorsim who loved R'Weinberg.

He did say, that unscroulous business pratices, fuled by hatred fo them, contributed to the Churban.
Personally, that was an idiotic and naive statement. All the linkes that raise hell about the Satmar Rav's views, 'how could he talk like that, disrespectful, who does he think he is' drink up R' Weinberg's statemetns.

Kalman said...

Kalman said...
It's a good thing I stop in here once in a while.

KALMAN Monday, May 25, 2009 9:24:00 PM IS AN IMPOSTER!

That's the second time.

You do that again and you'll hear from my lawyer!

Let our lawyers set up a meeting

anon3 said...

My point was that even in EY derfilt min der golus.Sorry about those yoshke words.Should have deleted them.

Raphy said...

Someone already asked you why you mention is one post a remark made about the riots in Crown Heights by a respected rov with an anti semitic incident you had.
Why don't you address it?
Or are you allowed to say whatever you want?

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

well, Raphy
he's obviously not respected by me anymore for that remark...

But I guess it's because it came to mind and it has lots to do with my story. I now felt Golus. Just like he wanted me to.

Raphy said...

He is not respected anymore for that remark
Why?Such a terrible remark?
It's sure easy to lose your respect.
It seems that you are not even sure if he said it either.

Ner Yisroel said...

"well, Raphy
he's obviously not respected by me anymore for that remark..."

You can't articulate why you disagree with his statements, you are just upset that he criticised Lubavitch, right?

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

well, Ner Israel Rabbinical College:

let's just say that pointing fingers while a tragedy is happening is idiotic in my book, ok?

wait another week, right?

Ner Yisroel said...

You can't argue with the actual arguments, therefore you criticise the timing, but really the issue is with the actual criticism, if he said it a week later, you also would hate him, right?

Ner Yisroel said...

They shouldn't work on fixing the cause of the problem while the tragedy is happening? They should wait until the tragedy end before we can discuss the cause, right? Pragmatic and smart, right?

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

oh Ner

now I know who you are! you're the one that comes into a house where a family just lost a child and tell the parents sitting Shivah that the baby died because the mother or father did so and so, right?

raphy said...

Did you know you are "funny"?
C'mon, you heard some hearsay about R'Ginsberg.You can't back it up even,can you.Still you say that he said it while a tragedy "is happening".Oh, yeah?Yankel Rosenbaum was killed at the beginning of the riots at that time R'Ginsberg would not have even known about it.
What probably happened, if your quote is true, and it may be, was that in the AFTERMATH of the riots Rabbi Ginsberg sought some kind of divine message.Why did it happen in Crown Heights and not in another Jewish neighborhood.

But, if you were at all honest, you never had any respect for him to begin with.Lubavitchers do not generally have a lot of respect for talmidei chachomim to begin with

Ner Yisroel said...

No, you are that guy when you insisted he should have waited a week. That was after the fact. I said that while the child is sick, and they are working on a refuah,etc

If you think G-d is sending a message and people aren't getting it, you should stay silent, right?

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...


Maybe A Litvak said...

"Why did it happen in Crown Heights and not in another Jewish neighborhood."

You can't expect better from a Litvak. Be thankfull he didn't say 'it happened in Crown Heights because that's were the accident was'

ner Yisroel said...

And stay silent after it happens again, right?

Like Rambabm in Hilchot Teshuva and 'chamas kery' doesn't exist, right?

"Duvur zeh midarkey huolam' etc, we should forget about it, right?

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

no, we shouldn't forget.

But we sure as heck shouldn't tell other people that WE know what happened and why it happened. Leave it up to them. Your job is to help, not point fingers.

frummies r fakers said...

I feel the "ke-ish echod beleiv echod"!!!!
It's so shtarck!
All you Lubabs and other frummies are such bs'ers and fakers.

ner Yisroel said...

So now you added to the argument that you are upset that he knows why. Who is he to think that, right?

You are helping them by delivering the message. If you see him drowning, you shouldn't tell him where the lifeboat is, because he didn't notice it himslef, right? Telling him G-d's message is not called 'helping'? If the Rebbe knew why something was happening and the person himself didn't realize, he should remain silent and let the person suffer more, right?

Anyways, he was talking to his guys, not to 570, so your analogy to the shiva house is way off, right?

anon3 said...

Ner Yisroel or is it Yishmoel?
Maybe we should discuss the reasons for the perversions and unprintable acts coming out of dain hailege mokom Taireh.Would that be more to your liking?

frummies r fakers said...

May I mix into this "holier than thou" fight for a sec?
Thank you.
Firstly, for the sake of truth I don't like Lubab or other frummies, but I do like truth.
You accuse Ginsberg of saying a statement that you don't like, right?
Can you back it up?
I'm sure you know that context has a lot to with stuff,right?I'm also quite sure that you would not touch a non Lubab preacher with a ten foot pole, which means you were not there (besides for the fact that in 1991 you were probably a kid)
Either put up a source for the Ginsberg quote or shut up!
You wanna accuse people of stuff , back it up!!!

frummies r fakers said...


"Maybe we should discuss the reasons for the perversions and unprintable acts coming out of dain hailege mokom Taireh.Would that be more to your liking?"

Good diversionary tactic! Zero substance!
Keep to topic to garner some respect.Thank you

anon3 said...

Why "zero substance"? If looking for reasons as to why the tragedy in CH is a legitimate quest then looking for reasons for whats happening in Baltimore are just as pertinent.

Ner Yisroel said...


You also can't explain why the actual statements were untrue, or why he saying those statements was wrong, hence the pertinent argument, right?

frummies r fakers.Even older ones like anon3 said...

"Why "zero substance"? If looking for reasons as to why the tragedy in CH is a legitimate quest then looking for reasons for whats happening in Baltimore are just as pertinent."

Nobody was talking about

Also I don't recall anti-semitic riots in Baltimore.Do you?
Lastly, lets not get into nitty-gritty-in-the-mikva details.This is just as much of a problem on Kingston.
As I said quit using divesionary tactics

anon3 said...

Ner Yisroel
Somewhat confused here.Are they true and if not, what's the sense in looking for reasons for something that never occurred?

frummies r fakers said...

Enough time has passed for you to prove what R'Ginsberg allegedly said.
You did not.
Probably because you cannot.
Can we go back to the "respect" thingy.You know, like what you said before "he's obviously not respected by me anymore for that remark..."
Lets just say "alleged remark" should we?Like even if he said it,when you wrote it you were not quite sure.......Yet you spewed disrespect about him.
I probably don't need to tell you that in my book you are just another "faker".A fraud who thinks he is "better".Better my *&$$!

anon3 said...

"This is just as much of a problem on Kingston."
Are you "sure"?Or are You just another "faker", a "fraud" who thinks he knows knows it all.
Even though,as you say it has no relevance,I suggest you do a little more research into what's happening in Baltimore.It makes what supposedly happening on Kingston smelling like a "rose"(in a mikveh?).Start by reading the UOJ blog.It's an eye opener.

frumies r fakers said...

Yeah, Anon3 read UOJ.Huh??
Tell me, my friend, you've been on the planet long enough to know better than thinking that a ausvarf like UOJ is Torah Misinai, apropo for shloses yemei hagboloh, btw.
That guy is lower than low.Many of the comments on the blog are his own, using fake names implying terrible things on others.He moderates every single thing.He is an A1 menuvel.
I don't know Baltimore, what I do know is that it's a very large community."Things" happen everywhere .I don't think it's any better or any worse than any other place.Yeah, there are not to many daily trips to the mikveh before davening, and as anybody knows, the "mik" is like a candy store for perverts, so yeah, maybe Baltimore is better than the more chasidic places.
Don't know, won't help me to know either.

Anonymous said...

Being that "frumies R fakers" I assumed he's your kind of guy.He attacks every "frummy" out there and at times rightfully so.His approach is somewhat "aggressive" to put it mildly.

Maybe A Litvak said...

Re Lazer Ginsburg, ner Israel, anon3 and the Tig:

I think I know what you guys are trying to say; correct me if I am wrong

The pruber is: would he have made those statements if the riots would not have involved Crown Height? (right?)


If those riots were happening in Lakewood, would he anounce in Brooklyn what sins caused the riots? right?

(BTW, he has played G-d regarding explaining world events, not similar to the case at bar, in other circumstances)

Maybe A Litvak said...

anon3 said...
Ner Yisroel
"Somewhat confused here.Are they true and if not, what's the sense in looking for reasons for something that never occurred?"

He means that no one attacked or argued on the actual rayon re the cause and effect of the sins and the Divine retribution

How do you type with a dislocated shoulder?

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

your shoulder was dislocated, MAL?

Maybe A Litvak said...


What is with the dancing every hour? Is it practicel or what?
(Shavuos at night)

Maybe A Litvak said...

anon3 said something about his hand or shoulder. I wish him a refuah shelaymah

I am my usual buff self; it looks like Arnold is gonna need me to replace him

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

oh, right. I forgot.

what about dancing? who said that?

Maybe A Litvak said...

I am asking stam. Don't some chasidim dance every hour?

Ner Yisroel said...

"The pruber is: would he have made those statements if the riots would not have involved Crown Height? (right?)"

That is based on his personality. One would have to know him well before one can make such a judgement. If you are right, Chabad is biased because they automatically jumped to the conclusion that would paint Rabbi Ginsberg negatively and as a hater, right? (right?)

Kalman said...

Which "Kalman" is this? The original or the imposter? Can the reall Kalman please stand up and identify himself for everyone. Please. This is getting confusing. I am a fake Kalman trapped in the body of a real Kalman, or maybe vice versa. SOS

anon3 said...

Nare Ishmael

Funny how there are so many mikveh incidences in a kalte American Harry town, that shouldn't use the mikveh more than twice a year

Hyman said...

"This typical Litwaukee speak is meant to show the world that G-d is an angry old man who like to show his disobedient kids that he's still in charge. It somehow connects them to the fire and brimstone-throwing preachers' speeches of generations ago by talking like that, I guess."

Its actualy called talking about s'char ve'onesh.
You in your Blog filled, pinapple in hand at the 24/7 supermarket, dreaming your important dreams, 'knows all about what golus' is, lubavitcher mind thinks that G-D is like a nice old Granpa who who gives candies to the kids that sit there spitting and slapping their poor old grandfathers face over and over and over again.
It somehow connects you to... hmmm, oh thats it, maybe santa claus? (It sure fits the profile of chabad being the "closest religion to Judaism").
Wake up pal there is something called "onesh".
Sometimes it hurts way more than a druggie screaming at you in the supermarket.
And yelling "ad musai" on the top of you lungs in Grand Central station doesnt help take away the pain.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

right, Pal

and G-d only punishes women and Lubavitchers....

Hyman said...

Dont mix the women into this.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

it's part of the same mindset

we only blame the women for all tragedies. Now we added the Lubavitchers as well.

Anonymous said...

If u ever learned Nach you will see that hashem punished the Novi for talking bad on his children, This is nach and no chasidic invention, where is the schar veonesh you fool?

Peter Pan said...

To "frumies R fakers" :

Hey MAK, I see the semester's over and your REAL bored!

dov said...

I took the Tzigs words to heart, realizing that, yeah, it is true, Snags are so "unholy", "Peylishe chasidim" are pathetic drones who don't see the "light" the light of Lubavitch inc.
So........I went to check out, the official,unofficial website of Crown Heights Lubavitch inc.
What do you know?!!
There is a whole editorial about the politics in CH and the"tznius" issue where the writer bemoans the state of tznius in Chabad .
Then there is a whole political/rabbinical fight over elections, which include fistfights, messiras etc...
I guess I realize why the Tzig is so bothered by a beatiful community like New Square, all under the authority of the Rebbe in harmony, where tznius is of the old fashioned kind.It bothers him, he wants tznius to be like in Crown Heights.He wants political war.He wants fistfights.
He needs to stop being such a political hack, and open his eyes and see the mess in his community.Before he talks garbage on other wonderful places.
I'm not going to hold my breath.
Everything is the problem.Besides Lubavitch inc. that is
The are the "solution".Yeah.
And the Yankees are the best team.And koolaid is great!

Anonymous said...

I guess New Square child molestation is fine by you even if the Rebbes personal aide is involved. Or its fine with you when a girl fell in love with a Monsey Goy, since she moved etc...
I guess there is no machlokes in Square since all the Taubers were forced to leave by the Kieverer long boots,and Mermelstien has been forced to divorce since he follows Breslov.Its not on the web but not everybody will buy the your holy square crap

Ari said...

You are a lowlife for allowing anonymous allegations and lies with names against people who cannot defend themselves !
I hope you burn in a special hell!NOW!

Kalman Stern said...

Who ever speaks out against the Rebbe is uhsid leeten as hadin. BEWARE

Hyman said...

HT did you actualy read the post of Anon May 27, 2009 1:53:00 PM before you let it fly???

As low as I have always thought you have been. I never dreamt that you would be that low. You never fail to suprise us by you lowkite. Maybe one day we'll find out that you are a convict in prison.

Knowing you, after people point out your obvious negligence by letting some creeps disgusting LH fly on your blog, now you will NEVER take it down.
You always know how to 'Tu em up'.
Enjoy hell.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

which part bothers you from that comment, Hyman?

The Skverrer Rebbe has like 25 aides.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

Everybody here is an expert on hell...

Hyman said...

Oh, You right my mistake.

There is no reason why someone would think something is wrong with that post.


Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

you have ZERO credibility with me, because you only worry about your circles. The same thing, had it been said about a Lubavitcher, would not not make a difference to you.

Hyman said...

"The same thing, had it been said about a Lubavitcher, would not not make a difference to you."

You are 100% right.
But then again in your twisted brain there is nothing wrong with posting such stuff.

Dummie. I have no credibilty, and I only care about my own crcles (ie. everyone besides you), thats why theres nothing wrong with that post, and you wont take it down?

Keep making a fool out of yourself. Please!!

Anonymous said...

That post was posted with the intention to shut off a Skverer guy bashing Crown Heights.Nobody will ever beg this people not to brush the all of CH with the same brush,Yes CH has is problems and its not shrugged under the rug and some long Rekel with a tight gartel.

bloggrebbe said...

im very dissapointed in u making such a fuss. like a storm in a glass of water. it sounds to me now that ur a very low confident person. that when somebody goes thru a bad day and ur somehow there. u get so offended and blame everybody for it. this is what brought the real antisemitism against us...

ben said...

good post, and interesting that you juxtaposed the holocaust pictures with your experience in the golus of the tristate area. That woman in the checkout line sounded meanspirited, bigoted, and hateful. She was judging you unfairly, and pinning it on your Jewish heritage. Your response was perfectly normal at the time, but I want to take you to task on your comments about her in this blog post: calling her "haitian trash" comes from the same place of bigotry and racism as we decry in all the antisemites in the world. Jews should not be judged because of our Jewishness, but because of our actions. Likewise, this woman may in fact be "trashy," but not because she is haitian. Be careful my friend not to become the very trash that you despise.