Monday, May 4, 2009

Good Watching

Take it for what it is: Berel Wein's version of things. Sometimes objective, sometimes not. Either way it's nice, professional and worthwhile. Rabbi Wein also takes the time to put everything into context, explaining things we may not otherwise understand, and answering questions we may be afraid to ask of those generations. I've had enough fighting, bickering and crying for one week.


Maybe A Litvak said...

1. Torah is nimshal to water, like the possuk says 'richuvuh miney yam'. The yam also symbolizes 'daas' as the possuk says re achris hayomim, that everyone will have 'daas' which refers to a hakuras Haboyreh. Obviously, these two concepts are interrelated

2. The Rebbe says that the possuk analogizes the daas of the klal to a yam, because, just like a yam's surface is relatively leveled, so to in the chiytzoyneyus/outward apearances, all of us will have the same level of daas. But, just like a see is deeper in different areas- some parts actually retain more water than the others- so too each and everyone of us will only each obtain a different level of daas; depending on the person and how he was machshir himself. (Unlike in yene velt where the actual crown sizes differ)

3. Interesting that Torah is also nimshal to fire. That means that the Torah has the capacity to be concomitantly nimshal to two obstensibly mutually exclustive elements: fire and water..

to be continued...

Kalmen said...


We can rehash your unintelligent shangerish gooberish on this post. You are an ignorant boor tzelem-kep

" Barry, if my memory is correct, got the shaleshuhdus farbrengen as part of the deal."

One thing is no Maybe about you. You are such an incredible jerk.

You know so little about so many things. And are blissfully ignorant to that fact, also.

Real life exmple of the the Pisgam of der Rebbe Rashab:

A grobe der hert nish zain eigene grobkeit

Hirshel, you were able to talk to this ninny for TWO HOURS?? Whatever about?

Maybe A Litvak said...

Does Kalmen = Kalman?

I am sure not, because Kalman doesn't repeat himself

Friendly anonymous said...


I like your shtickel. lehosif:
mah mikva metaher es hatmeyim, kach torah metaher es yisroel.

Maybe A Litvak said...

yeh, Torah is nimshal limayim regarding many things: goes to the lowest place (uhnuv) and is migadel(for bad and for good). But it is interesting, that fire also is mitaher like water.

Maybe A Litvak said...

A Chasidishe Vertel:

Mayim sheh ayn loy soyf vs yesh sof. Only in ayn sof the person lives. Only when one realizes that Torah is endless- a mayim sheyn loy soyf- he is trully ahrayn in the Yam Hatalmid and it is possible to say that he is 'chay'. V'dal

Maybe A Litvak said...


I was thinking that Torah is only nimshal to mayim; it has charachteristics of water, unlike fire, where the Torah itself is fire. V'dal

This thought needs some work

"Bobs r funny! said...

You ready to make peace?

Gandalin said...

Reb H.T.,

This is a well-produced film. I will have to watch it all the way through some day. I stopped when Rabbi Wein said, "we are proud to be called people of the book." The origin of the phrase "people of the book" is that it is a technical term from Muslim "jurisprudence" defining those types of infidels who don't necessarily have to have their throats slit if they don't submit to the Submission, they can be allowed to practice their infidel religions if they pay a special and humiliating fee every year. In other words, dhimmis. Why we should be proud of being dhimmis I really don't know. We should stop defining ourselves by the use of categories devised by those who hate us, despise us, and intend to exterminate us.

Maybe A Litvak said...

Two points:

Secular languagas have no inherent meaning; words are reflections and representations of concepts, hence, a word's meaning and connotation is contingent on its current usage

Sometimes a deragotory label given to a different group is sometimes used as a badge of honour by the ostensibly inferior or persecuted group. R' Wein contends that the word 'charedie' was coined by the secular, but now, charedim use it as a badge of honour.
The fact that the degraders use a term as a matter of descripsion is not contradictory to the fact that the actual group will indeed use that term as an accurate self-portaryel. It is ironic, but it heighlights a salient quality about a group that is unanimously consented, but the groups diverge sharply in their assesment of the trait; positive or negative

Shmerl said...

FYI: Stutchkov's dictionary on-line:

DjVy formatOther formats (hosting page)

Kalman said...

Kalman Mon 4:15PM is a low-down imposter.

Get your own pseudonym, punk.

Kalman said...

Oh, and by the way, Mayim is commonaly used as a Moshel to describe Chochmah, not daas.

Yordin me'Mokom Gevoi'ah Lemokom Namuch
Moshe, Sefiros Hachochma -Min Hamayim V"CH

Alma Di'iskasya

and so on.

dovy said...

Very nice video, but we ma'aminim now that the truth is as Rav Chaim'n said: Zionism was created solely to be oiker Torah and yiddishkeit and shmad up yidden.

Chabad Historian said...

It's funny that they label "The Alter of Slabodka" and "Reb Nosson Tzvi Finkel" as to seprate people..;)