Tuesday, March 29, 2011

....דער בריסקער רב'ס מבצעים

A recent "HaMevaser" story on Reb Gedalia Segal, editor of "Der Yiddisher Shtral" in Yerushalayim and some of the stories that happened with him over the years. It seems like the Brisker Rov (Reb Velvel) was involved in all aspects of Jewish life in the Holy Land, even trying to minimize the Chassidishe influence in the literature of the day, and even revising a Chassidishe Mayse with the Holy Tchortkover that was not to his liking...


Anonymous said...

I like his vort about going to mikva every day.

bobov chusid said...

look one has to understand how the human brain works, the brisker rav held highly of satmer rebbiwhile he still lived in e"y and afterwords, because the satmer rebbi did spread around chassidus he worked for torah & yidishkeit.

the satmer rebbi himself is known for bashing all chassidish stories. unlike in belz the only produce story after story after story, some are against fact some are way against halacha.

in belz after all there was nothing going on so these stories kept their spirits high, it was indeed a very small village, straw roofs, it was "klein shteteldig, unlike satmer which was a big city.

Anonymous said...

Bobov chosid
your words make no sense,not only because of Belz,
FYI, the Belzer Rebiem thru all their years of leadership, did not produce so much stories as the holy Reb Shlomele's (of 48) fresh gebeksen produced in 1 months Melave Malkes

gimpel said...

I am sorry, the Tchortkover did not send a telegram on Shabos. Someone else did, and the Maharsham has a strong Teshuva against it. The BR felt he had to censor the story so that noone should learn from something so against halacha. He is not censoring the Tchortkover, he is censoring the person who sent the telegram. (BTW, the Minchas Shabos, a Tchortkover chosid, disagrees and believes it to be muttar to send a kvittel on Shabos to someone who is muchzak to be able to be poel a yeshua)

Anonymous said...

I think the Marsham is matir