Thursday, July 18, 2013

How to sterilize Reb Hillel Paritcher, by Matzav

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 Dear Matzav;

Separating Reb Hillel from the נשיאי חב"ד is close to murder in his eyes. There really was no need to write about Reb Hillel's Yohrtzeit. You could've just as easily ignored it. Nobody would call you out on it. Not even me. What you did here was juvenile and wrong. You should apologize.


Anonymous said...

nisht giferlich just a basic bio

Lakewooder said...

there is a comment on the site that is trying to fix it

yossel said...

Heshy, don't you think you are a wee bit paranoid?
The short biography is very similar to the other biographies given.
In your mind there is a big bad snag sitting and editing out any lubavitch references
And that is krumm.]
Btw, Matzav is NOT a Chabad site and don't have to cater to what you want

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

ok, so I'm paranoid. So a short biography of, say, Reb Nosson Tzvi would say a few words about Arie Crown Hebrew Academy, ונאמר אמן??

Yanover said...

Yes, you cant mention Hillel Paritcher without mentioning chabad. Anyone who EVER heard of Hillel Paritcher only ever heard of them concerning chassidus chabad.

yossel said...

They do metion that he wrote a sefer on various works of The Mitteler Rebbe.
Matzav is much more open to Chabad than Chabad sites are open to non chabad and especially Misnagdic sources.
Much ado about nothing

yossel said...

Let me ask you something.See this link
Where R'Toivyeh Bloy, says that you should vote for R'Eliyahu and R'Shapiro for Chief Rabbis since none of the "misnagdim" would vote for them.
In essence he is saying that anything a Misnaged does is inherently wrong?
I think it is also interesting that Bloy, if I"m not mistaken is the one that claims that Chabad is anti Zionist, and here he is voting for very clear and unabashed National Religous Zionists?
I don't know but this editorial by Bloy leaves a bad taste

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

I cannot speak for Bloy, but it seems to me like he doesn't like the Haredization of an institution that should be Dati Leumi only

yossel said...

I do not think that is his claim or any of the other Hareidims claim.It seems that almost all the Hareidim want to take over the Chief Rabbinate.
But what do you say to his claim to vote for them "because none of the misnagdim will"?
Isn't he in essence saying that what a misnaged does or wants is a sign to do the opposite?
Now i know there is such a saying in chabad, but used as a "glaich vertel",no?
And if this is his position, that would mean that all those saying that people are taking the other side of an issue "just because chabad are the opposing side", would in Bloys opinion (which i suspect may be quite prevelant in chabad actually)be logical for a misnaged?

yossel said...

The point i'm trying to make is that you are constantly bashing various misnagdim for this and that, while, if you looked with a bit of introspection, would see that chabad itself is rife with the same things you accuse others.
As a chused, i"m sure you actually, shouldn't be surprised, since this is the famous vort of the Besh't:Kol hanegoim odom roieh chutz, minigei atsmoi.
With a little introspection(and an ounce of intelligence plus a dash of maturity) it's very clear

JJJ said...

Jews are not allowed to be sterlized.

iku said...

You assume Matzav writes anything on their own. You need to file your complaint with the people that Matzav ripped off.

Snag said...

Oy vey, Hirshel, c'mon now!

1) The yahrzeits feature that Matzav uses, and appears in the print media as well, is from some guy in CA. I have found grobbe tausim in there more than once.

It is not Matzav or Yoseid content!

If you have complaints, go to the guy who put it together.

2) Did you thank Matzav for even running it at all? When was the last time a Lubavitch website feature the yahrzeit of a Misnaged gadol? Does any Lubavitch website feature the yahrzeit of Rav Schach ztvk"l? Yet you guys make a big stink if the Rebbe's yahrzeit isn't mentioned. Does the term double standard sound familiar?

zev said...

The new chief rabbis are NOT what Tovyeh wanted.
Hopefully, the Chabad reps did not listen to bloy

SDR said...

Don't worry they do the same thing regarding RYBS> It must have something to do with Berlin