Sunday, May 10, 2015

האט איר אמאל געהערט פון רעב כאים סאלאווייטשיק, דער בריסקער ראוו?

דא קענט איר לייענען איבער אים


JS said...

There's nothing like an old-time am haaretz. I once saw an old litvak sign his name as אבראהאם

Anonymous said...

Actually many yidishists tried to yiddishize spelling of Hebrew words. See for a quick article.

Dekhlassified said...

Heintigger am haaratzim for some reason usually write Ches in English as "kh".

That includes the alter bochur blogger noted below who spells halacha as "halakha"

See here for links to newly declassified FBI files about the shmutzike shroshim of the biggest sonei Lubavitch (& sonei Yisroel) out there.

The epitome of kol haposel bemumo possul. Is it any wonder that someone like this sits a gantz tog in Mommy’s basement digging up shmutz, much of it guzma or outright lies, about Chabad and Klal Yisroel in general?

not a harry said...

נאויאכ מיט זיבען גרייזען

Anonymous said...

"the alter bochur blogger noted below who spells halacha as "halakha"

There is another am haaretz in Minnesota dorten who runs the local secular Jewish newspaper.

Like a "good" Conservative Jew when he wanted to criticize a shechita, Ich gedenk nisht shoyn if it was Rubashkin or Conagra's non-glatt division, he wanted to sound "frum" so he started hauling his extremely limited "lomdishe" shprach out of the closet. It was hilarious when he said the management of the shechita was violating both "Shulkhan Arukh AND Khoshen Mishpat", not realizing there are 4 chalokim to Shulchan Aruch.

Tiyuvta deFM Tiyuvta said...

I'm not sure which is the bigger historical event that the alter tzebissener one time BT in the Twin Cities becomes unhinged trying to keep secret. Although he does brag about an elter zaydeh from several doros ago, a one time gabbai of the Tzemach Tzedek who had to run away after being mevazeh that Rebbe, these are the two things that get him unsettled the most ... The aforementioned retzichos of the mafia don zaydeh in those FBI files. And the fact that he was briefly a talmid of Leib Tropper in Monsey. Because of the humongous scandal & bizyonos of how he parted with both Tropper & Monsey for the last time, he vehemently denies ever having stepped foot in Monsey. According to someone who was on the hanhala of the yeshiva at the time, the budding blogger dropped out and just loafed around Monsey doing nothing. Then when he was having a bad day, he was by mincha gedola at the old Charedim and thought(?) he overheard two heimishe guys making fun of Lubavitch, who at that point he still had some kesher with. So next thing you know he is outside throwing rocks at the windows. Ramapo Police responded & cuffed him. Somehow Tropper heard about the commotion over at Kol Yaakov so he zoomed down and out of rachmonus pleaded with the cops that the bochur is troubled and needs help, not prison. The cops were persuaded by Tropper so they took him for evaluation at a facility. Azoy iz er geven mevuyesh that Tropper did him a favor that he reportedly swore revenge.

rebcharles said...

very common by Yeedish ( as pronounced by IB Singer, not Yiddish) writers, quite deliberate too.

Milhouse said...

It's not amhoratzus, that is how the Soviet Bundists used to spell. Both German and Hebrew words in Yiddish used to be spelled as they are in their original languages. Then Yiddish spelling was phoneticized, except for Hebrew words. The communists asked what's so special about Hebrew? It's just another foreign language, with no connection to Yidden. So they applied the phonetic rules to Hebrew words as well. Thus they would drink to the health of כאַווער סטאַלין, and praise him to the sky.

Toldos Scott said...

"elter zaydeh from several doros ago, a one time gabbai of the Tzemach Tzedek who had to run away after being mevazeh that Rebbe"

Someone who was once a rebbe of sorts of the descendant says he looked into this but could find nothing to back up his claim that any bizyonos were done to the Tzemach Tzedek, implying that perhaps the sorry soul just has such an irrational hatred of Lubavitch that he might actually make up a story like that because he wishes it happened. The gabbai wrote a sefer that he perused and mentioned is not bad especially considering who came from him doros later.

His hatred of anything else Jewish is the reason why neo-Nazi sites link to him.

Anonymous said...

It's writen in stunning lyrical Yiddish the spelling is because as was already explained this was the style of the bundisten.

Reading it and understanding the material and the use of language almost brought me to tears. It really brought Reb Chaim to life.

Yosef 718

Fact Checker said...

was there not a Litvin writing in Hakeruah Vahakedusha?
was it a pen name?

סענדר מענדל said...

אַ. ליטווין (שמואל הורוויץ, 1862־1943) — שריפֿטשטעלער

אמאל פלעגט מען באשולדיגן אויף געדריגטע גרייזו דען "בחור הזעטצער" היינט רופט מען איהם א "שרופטשטעלער" זאג נאר