Monday, August 29, 2016

The Belzers and their own accounts of history

Received via email:

Hirshel: Have you seen this? They have a long article on a Rabbonim convention against the Pilsudski decree. They claim that the Belzer Ruv Reb Aron was behind the whole אסיפה even though he just became Rebbe. He maneuvered the whole Galicia to that big convention. They have a long article with not a single document to prove that it was all the initiative of Belz. It seems more Reb Ben Zion of Bobov was one of the main leaders and spokesman for that event according to the documents. In the documents of the Rabbonim signatures u don't see Reb Aron, all you see is one Belzer signature of the Belzer Chossid the Tarnapoler Ruv. The only document they have that Belzer was the main focus of the event is by Pollak of Satmar, a staunch Belzer chusid from the infamous statement that Kook seforim and מנחת אלעזר are ספרי מינות. Nothing from Galicia. Just the opposite! All the newspapers point to Bobov The fools are proud of an old Belzer chutzpah, that when the chusid arrived to Bobov to invite Reb Ben Zion to the meeting a bobover chusid asked the Belzer messenger: The Belzer Ruv is young and was just crowned as Rebbe where does he take the backbone to invite all older gedolim? In a typical Belzer chutzpah    (that was belz from amol, where they were overloaded with confidence before they send 10 dayonim to KJ to ask mechila) he answered Vos heist? from the heavens! 


בדרכי נועם said...

"The fools are proud of an old Belzer chutzpah"

אחרי מות הבני אהרן! הערס שבהם מפעפ ביותר

The bafoons gift that keeps giving..

Abe Koch said...

Belz emulates the success of Bobov in America in spirit, in israel in matter, they were against both before they became for them. if you can't fight them join them.

M Knobloch said...

where is the Bobover chusid obssesed with the Belzer muudy streets?
did you censor him?

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

seems like he's stuck in the mud..

M Knobloch said...

triple AAA is not working in the muddy streets of Belz?

! תפארת "אויטא" ליום המנוחה said...

שא שטיל! "אל תגידו בגת" אל תבשרו בחוצות - -  פן תשמחנה בנות פלשתים פן תעלוזנה בנות הערלים

האדמו"ר משומרי אמונים קרית גת התחדש "במרצדס" לרגל הילולת אביו האדמו"ר זצ"ל

Yippee Ki Yay said...

רוף צו העלפן דעם מונקאטשער רבי'ן [שליט"א] זצ"ל

why the crossover, is he alive or dead? thats a lubabvicher question not a munkacher, we know one when we see one.