Monday, November 13, 2017

New on the Chabad bookshelf! - חדש! (לפי"ע) במדף הספרים החב"די

 Press release:

The roots and principles of Shaar Hayichud Vehaemuna 

A scholarly treatise, attempting to reach the bedrock and very heart of The Alter Rebbe’s approach to the principles of faith in Hashem and the unity of Hashem * “Yesodot Veshorashim BeShaar Hayichud Vehaemunah” 
 Author: Rabbi Nachum Wilhelm 

The author strives to show the complete structure of the Alter Rebbe’s profound edifice and development of ideas .He quotes from and elucidates on the seminal works of Chazal, and the commentaries of the Rishonim; the Rambam and the Abarbanel. He brings the subsequent revelations of the Kabbalistic masters; the Ramak, the Arizal and their respective schools. The core of the manuscript is derived from Derech Mitzvosecha of the Tzemach Tzedek, and from the Rebbe’s Hadranim. Further source materials were gathered from the works of our Holy Rebbeim and the interpretations of the venerable Mashpiim; R. Aizik of Homil, R. Hillel Paritcher, R. E. Y.Rivlin, R. Chaim Moshe Lieberman, R. Gronem Esterman, R. Yechezkel Faigin and ylct”a Rav Yoel Kahan, in his famed Sefer Haerchim. Utmost care was taken to keep the form and writing style as close as possible to the original text. We are pleased to present a small selection of approbations from present day chassidic scholars and esteemed Rabbi’s, expressing their warm reception and strong recommendation.

“Following decades of his scholarly articles of deep chassidic thought published in our journal "Heoros Ubiurim", this book promises to illuminates the words of our Holy Rebbeim.”
 Rabbi Avrohom Gerlitzky, Rosh Yeshiva Oholei Torah 

 “Rabbi Wilhelm’s erudition was already apparent when he was a student in our Kolel. After perusing the manuscript I could not restrain my excitement by his exceptional ability to take lofty mystical concepts and make them approachable to the everyday person. It is my belief that this gift was bestowed on him from the Almighty in reward for his incredible diligence in the study of Torah.” Rabbi Chaim Shalom Deitsch, Rosh Kolel Tzemach Tzedek and noted Mashpia 

“How great is his merit to have utilised his talents in revealing the great wonders hidden in the footnotes and glosses to the works of our holy Rebbe in his work on the Tanya!”
 Rabbi Chananya Y. Aizenbach Noted Rosh Yeshiva

 “It is widely known that the ideas brought forth in Shaar Hayichud Vehamuna, and further developed in numerous maamorim, are the backbone of Chassidic thought and service of Hashem. Certainly this volume will invigorate the study of serious and devoted Torah scholars.”
Rabbi Laibel Altein Chassidus Mevueres, editor Heichal Menachem, director 

 “It was much appreciated that the book begins with a discussion about eliciting love and fear of the Almighty, for these principles are the foundation and soul of Chassidus Chabad. As the well known saying of C”K Admur n”e,” the chassidic interpretation to the proverb, “great is study as it brings to deed” , relates to the deed of serving Hashem in earnest prayer.”
Rabbi Yosef Y. Ofen, Mashpia Toras Emes 

 The printing of this sefer has been made possible by donations in honor and memory of Reb Gedalia Shaffer ob”m of Crown Heights. A great scholar devoted to chassidic teachings. Since publication in Israel, the volume has shown to be a bestseller, held in high esteem among mashpiiim, temimim, scholars and academics.


hatzlcha said...

as long there is buyers there will be sellers..

לוי יצחק said...

!למבינים בלבד

מען פארציילט איינער האט אמאל גיפרעגט דעם מהר"ם שפירא ז"ל פארוואס איז ער מגדל 200 בחורים אין זיין ישיבה זאלן זיין ראוי צי ווערן רבנים ווען ס'איז מיטאמאל דא אזויפיל רבנים שטעלעס אינגאנצען, האט ער גיענטפערט איך בין מגדל תלמידים אזעלעכע וואס וועלען זיין "מבינים" אויף די רבנים, לאו דוקא רבנים ממש. וד"ל