Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Rev. Morris Gray in E. Liverpool, Ohio wants to get home already to make Kiddush... And he has Reb Chaim Brisker on his side!

Rev. Gray says that in בריסק דליטא they would announce in all the shuls in the name of Reb Chaim that davening finish NO later than 12 o'clock NOON! I would imagine they didn't start at 9:30, true, but how early can you start already? 6:30? 7:00? Still not what goes on in some shuls today.


Shamerel & Berel said...

How about the 'tefilos reb-elimilach' before shacris will he spare us that, or that has to go too.Not to mention the faith of 'tefilos zake' oy vey.

Poughkeepsie said...

Was this esteemed brisker talmid steeped in the ways of Reb Chaim otherwise?

Anonymous said...

Since when do we entertaim ideas about tefilla from newspapers who was this person ?And perhaps davening did start at 7and since herein the US main line shuls start at 8:30-9then finish time leshitaso is about 2which is what it is Today a derosha on RHS in crucial for the mispallilim and then adds another 20minutes and voz art dos az di Amerikaner zaddikim bleibin shul nach a halbe shoeh!