Thursday, June 29, 2006

Neo-Tzig & the Sar Hachaleimeis

The Neo-Tzig got to see the Rebbe on Gimmel Tammuz – in a dream. I’ll share it with you; maybe you can tell me what you think (I have my own opinions of course):

I was at a large dinner-like gathering, and the Rebbe was sitting at the middle of the head table (the Rebbe looked like he did in the photographs from back in the early 50’s). The room was very plain, something like a recently painted and clean school auditorium.

There were many objectionable things going on at this function and I was contemplating my departure. One specific objectionable occurrence took place, and I looked to the Rebbe to see his reaction. The Rebbe’s face took on a pained expression, and he remained silent.

At this, I got up and walked out – but then I changed my mind and reentered the room. I walked directly over to the Rebbe and I leaned over and asked (paraphrasing from my memory of the dream here):

“How can the Rebbe allow this to go on, and remain silent?!”

The Rebbe looked at me and answered:

“Two things must be done:

1. The people in charge of this function must be spoken with – they must be reminded that there is a scheduled program and it is their responsibility to see to it that the program is adhered to. At this point they must regain control and return to the planned events.

2. There should be a Sefer Teireh here. Whenever a Melech BeYisroel would go anywhere he had a Sefer Teirah with him – this reminds people that their connection is to Teirah, and it will keep them from deviating from the derech hayoshor.”
Ok, that’s the dream. Being that a dream is personal I wasn’t planning on sharing it – but is there a down side to posting it? I decided that there isn’t.

(Someone else met the Rebbe in a dream: - Thanks to A Simple Jew for the link)


Anonymous said...

if i had such a dream i would be shaken up, probably examine my entire life, hopefully do tchuva, and maybe become a real chosid... I'm not making a comentary on neo, but rather saying this dream independant of the dreamer is a wild event and shouldn't be wasted. One wouldn't take a registered letter from the the rebbe and say' return to sender'. Did you really dream this?

Anonymous said...

Of course I did, N. You thought I would make that up?

I think the dream might have been meant for you all along, but it had to come through me. Maybe I had the dream in order to post it, and therby get you to "examine your entire life, hopefully do tshuva, and maybe become a real chosid." ;-)

(Really, we shouldn't need a dream to do all those things anyway, so the fact you didn't have it isn't an excuse. If you think that is the proper thing to do, you should do it without the dream, so...)

But since we're talking about it already, do you think the dream has a specific message? (So far the dream has simply served to made me more secure - As if Rebbe's saying, "Imo Anochi betzora")

Anonymous said...

good. Now we are having a fargrengan dialogue. When the Rebbe spoke to you and said:
"The people in charge of this function must be spoken with – they must be reminded ..responsibility...."
The rebbe didn't speak to you as a peer. The rebbe spoke to you for your benefit. He spoke to you in the third person. in other words the rebbe said: 'You NEO are in charge of the surroundings that you come into; Remind the people of the ideal that they need to adhere to, it is your responsibility.....

2. ...Sefer Teirah ... this reminds people that their connection is to Teirah, and it will keep them from deviating from the derech hayoshor.”
this is rather personal, but perhaps the rebbe said: "Neo...Hashem gave you intellectual faculties, but they were meant specifically for Torah...when you deviate through blogging about goyim/stamps/yad vashem and broken jewish women from 60 years ago it takes you away from your true purpose...

Anonymous said...

I think you're on to something...

Anonymous said...

Now that we are interpreting dreams, here is what I think:

Neo is upset with the current state of Lubavitch. Many things are happening that shouldn't be. The Rebbe tells him to address his concerns to those who should be in charge, i.e. the ones the Rebbe appointed to run things. The Rebbe then tells him that a sefer Torah must be present, i.e. we need to reconnect with Toras HaChasidus and Yiras Shomayim. This will keep us Chasidim in line.

yitz said...

I think this dream has a lot to say about what happened to Lubavitch, both during and after the Rebbe ZT"L's time.
Very insightful!

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with both assumptions
1) that the Rebbe is silent, and
2) that he wants someone else to be his mouthpiece

Anonymous said...

the dream is a waste if the rebbe is sharing with neo about others. it is real if the rebbe is talking about neo.

Anonymous said...

Tarot. Why not understand the dream kepshuto? The Rebbe Melech haMoshiach is telling Neo to effect others.
To change the attitude of people so that their connection to the Rebbe will be thru observing the Torah not simply proclaiming him "Melech" but remembering what our mission is fulfilling the orders of the melech be pnimius according to the Torah and Chassidus.

Anonymous said...

Neo is sitting at a farbrengen with the Rebbe but he leaves since the people are not behaving right .
He than comes back as he realizes that this is srill farbrengen in the Rebbes presence thus how can one just leave?
And the Rebbe gives him instructions how to improve the situation to convince the leaders of the people to act with ahavas Yisroel towards one another and to bring in the Torah into the room since the king is there.
Of course all of the above is easier said than done but since the Rebbe gave Neo Tzig this shlichus it's presumed that a shaliach will fulfill his mission.
Good luck Neo!