Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Neo-Tzig’s ramble: We love you!

As you know, Hirshel is away and I’m just filling in – but I am familiar with the territory.

A good friend of mine always says that “opposites are the same;” so too here, I’d say that CT & MB are just flip sides of the same coin. We love Tzemach. And although there may be friction from time to time, Hirshel would help Reb Atlas -– he’d give him the shirt off his back -- in a second. It is understandable that Hirshel, and other Lubavitchers, may get upset -- even outraged – at some incendiary comments, inferences or innuendos that are made over at, just as any Jew would feel if he saw anti-Semitic attacks on Jews or personal attacks directed at a loved one.

I would hope that my family would not stress the negatives of my life, and I certainly wouldn’t think it terribly productive to sit with my wife and discuss the various low-lights of our relationship. Similarly, there is no real need to dwell on some of the unfortunate realities that may exist, and it is not too productive for any family, kehilla, or movement, to hang out every possible shemtz of dirty laundry.

Is a Maamar Chassidus less valid if R’ Moshe or R’ Yisroel Arye Leib didn’t live the life we would have hoped? Should we forever trumpet their failings? Sure, in some circles they would forever be espousing hatred for these people. Some would call them “Sheigetz, Goy, Yemach-Shemonik.” One groups may even refer to their own Rebbe’s father as the “Amolige Rebbe yemach shemo,” but, is that what you’d want if you were R’ Moshe or Leibel?

So, were all about love. I don’t think that there is a valid case to be made of this great vast Lubavitch conspiracy to cover up the horrible truth. If so, then let’s wipe everyone out! It’s time for SCORCHED EARTH! We can pull out the negatives of every man, group, movement, government, religion, you name it. We can emphasize the negative all day long! It won’t make anything about the world better. Or, we can stress the positive, and maybe get somewhere.

We even love the guys that have nothing better to do than try to post really pathetic and hateful comments (often so full of nivel peh that I blush; and I thought “Tony Montana” was bad…) even while they know that the Tent employs comment moderation. I have noticed in the past that Hirshel gets bullied into allowing really stupid comments, but not on my watch. For a comment to get published I humbly request that you follow these simple rules:

1. Same something of some value
2. Say it like a mentch

L’Chaim Yidden!


Anonymous said...

I like you already!!!
Do you have your own blog? ;)

Anonymous said...

Um, well, it depends on how you define "your own"...

Anonymous said...

quite צו דער זאך!!
Hirshel you could learn a thing or 2 from the subsitute Rebbe. But then again, i don't believe in love at first sight.

A Simple Jew said...

welcome Neo-Hirshel :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

We are going to have fun,

Firstly to your friend 'opposites are really the same'. this is only true when we are talking about 'opposite (ends (wings) of the insane asylum) are really the same (institution (for insane people)).

Regarding 'we love'. You sound like Rodney King...'can't we just all get along? (snivle)'....I like your sentiment of lubav love; there is a large thread of truth to this, but not on this website...

Regarding dwelling on the
'low lights' of our lubavtich relationship. We are all in virtual therapy at every single blog, we are anonymous, and we each have issues as lubavitchers, and lubavitch in general has issues. This website often contorts itself to condemn other yidden, but simply ignores real lubav issues. if not now, when will we ever see our low lights?


Anonymous said...

I am surprised at you... of all people!

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...