Thursday, July 1, 2021

שני תדפיסים מספר "המזכיר" שז"ע יצא לאור

One of the many things we missed while on hiatus was the passing of the mazkir Reb Leibel Groner, a"h on Leil Bedikas Chometz. Of the many deaths the Lubavitcher community in Crown Heights experienced during the pandemic Rabbi Groner may have been the biggest klop, despite his advanced age. But more on that later, bl"n. A year later an extensive biography was published. 

Here's two sneak peeks.

המזכיר תדפיס by Hirshel Tzig on Scribd

Some Pages From Hamazkir by Hirshel Tzig on Scribd


Chachmei Yukes said...

Did Rabbi Groner start off in Chaim Berlin?

JS said...

What were the paper bags for?

Anonymous said...

I hope you haven't lost your audience. Why no comments?

Anonymous said...

"I hope you haven't lost your audience. Why no comments?"

Of course the audience is gone. Blog is dead for years. Hopefully they will come back. I checked in randomly, saw new content and posted. Hope over time the same for all