Sunday, September 2, 2007

Tzemach is now Ben

Mentalblog is dead. Long Live Reshimu!

I understand all the hard work that went into it, but I don't like it one bit. It's tough to follow, and you need to weed throught all the stories just to find one you might like. Bring back the old.


Mottel said...

This might be a good thing for you.
Perhaps we'll be seeing Tehiru Illa, the next gen of the anti-Tzemach

Akiva said...

This is the "how to be the Huffington Post" for the Jewish world model. 1 blog / blogger is not enough, too many together is a mess.

Anonymous said...

Tzig, ich bin mocheh oif kovod hatorah - men hut dir nit eingaleden!

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...


KeMaamar Roshei HaYeshivos Shlita:

Meileh mein Koved, af dem bin ich meVater, ober voo iz di K'vod HaTeyreh? af dem ken ich nich mevater zein.

what do you expect, that he invite his arch nemesis?

Anonymous said...

A: whats with the name change?
B: is the picture of himself real?
C: can someone give me the FYI on this Character "Ben atlas" aka tzemach Atlas?
what type of family he comes from, marital status etc.

Mottel said...

If that's him, he took off his beard . . .

Anonymous said...

Boruch hashem that all Lubavitch politics is now old news, so much so that both Tzemach and Tzig are moving on.

baalbatish said...

Cannot believe that Tzemach has "arein gechapped" Gil Student of Hirhurim.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure he chapped him arein at all. He may just take it from his site, although he may need his permission first. The posts aren't written for Reshimu.

baalbatish said...

If you go to Hirhurim, you will see that he has been "arein gekhapped".

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

I see that now, BB, and I too wonder why he'd do that.

DovBear has an idea as to why

Anonymous said...

Additionally, the question is, why would Shais Taub, Yisroel Pinson and Berl, crown heights want to be associated with a comment like this:

Sep 5, 2007 11:48 am Ben Atlas Gil, you right about the strict tradition of Soloveitchiks, he was still a Brisker. But while in Berlin (at the same time that the Lubavitcher Rebbe was goofing off there), Soloveitchik pursued serious and thorough course in philosophy."

I thought for some reason that this new evolvement of Tzemach included an evolvement of character. Guess not. Oh well, a doomed experiment.

Unknown said...

Guravitzer, i think u have resentments against TA, and rightfully so. I respect you for sticking to your SN, and not creating a new guravitzer under cover. I can't understand why TA is so upset at you. Please write me an email and i'll try to make peace. I think the nature of your identity is at the center of this.
As far as i'm concerned I was hoping that such comments would not be the norm at reshimu, and certainly not from Mr. Atlas himself. When I read it, my heart sunk, i will be monitoring closely, and if my Rebbe is insulted publicaly i will have to stop associating myself with that website.

Anonymous said...

take a look at the comments on

Anonymous said...

Yisrael, thank you for responding and clarifying your position - I hope Shais etc. take a similar line. I thought of changing my identity for a few seconds, and decided it wasn't worth the hassle - if he doesn't want me, so be it. I've actually been through this with him before.

Please read the comments below from his previous blog, and if you still believe the issue is that of my identity, let me know and I will contact you by email.

"For those of you who do not follow this blog very well, I will tell you why Guravitzer sucks.

For over a year, he allowed everyone to think that he was somebody else. When he was "outed" as a certain person, TA deleted it to protect his anonymity. Later, Guravitzer said, "I believe I was once even outed on this blog," implying that the person he was outed as was his true identity.

In my book, that makes you a lowlife creep. How dare you play along and let people think that you are somebody else and use that person's reputation.
Tony Montana | 08.03.07 - 10:52 am | #


TM, this point alone would not have been enough to ask him to leave, but ultimately my beef with this creature was always the same since before we knew who he might have been. He has noting to say. His comments are a reactive jive that betrays a shallow person without imagination. Its just not someone I would like to hang out with. Just another moron, but alas there are plenty of blogs for that.
Tzemach Atlas | Homepage | 08.03.07 - 11:02 am | #"

(Lehoir, as I did there, that I never posed as that other person, but that is an issue with TM, not Tzemach/Ben.)

I have no particular resentment against him, I think I understand him as well as I can from his online persona only. It is his blog after all, and reshimu is his project as well. He has made some very objectionable statements on his blog, but then again, its his blog, and I am only one of the people who have called him on it.

My real question was thus directed mainly to the other Lubavitchers on the blog, and to Gil.

Let me know what you think.

Unknown said...

I think that if you want to be part of Reshimu, then I can help you and your identity will be the way for me to help. If you not interested in Reshimu, then there is no point of trying to make peace between Guravitzer & TM and TA, i'm sure in real life you are getting along anyway...

Anonymous said...

If TA says that is the issue, let me know and I will contact you.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

the problem is that you proved him wrong, Guravitzer, he though he had exposed you. He doesn't like to be proven wrong.

Anonymous said...

דער פירוש איז נקודת החכמה (אולי). עס פעלט דער עומק און רוחב פון בינה.

I offered (if I am not mistaken) more than once to let him know who I am, if he wished to know. Never took me up on it.

Anonymous said...

>he doesn't like to be proven wrong.

And he just threw me off the board.

I've posted almost entirely substantive comments online, and reported apparent bugs offline.

For this he called me an "idiot", and blocked me from the board.

I know I posted things with which he might disagree. Ideas are meant to be argued about, misconceptions should be explained, not blocked out. Does he want to create another

(posting anonymously in case he changes his mind, so there shouldn't be a permanent personal issue in the open)

Anonymous said...

I'm off, of my own free will and accord.

I thought that his transformation into Ben meant he had decided to clean up his act and be professional. After deleting and insulting, he has shown himself unchanged.

A shame.

Anonymous said...

He was actually getting much better on mentalblog. Perhaps he should read some thoughts on the corruption of power. If French philosophy is too much for him, perhaps he can read of Albus Dumbledore :-).