Friday, August 31, 2007

דער "נעוולער אינגל" איז ניטא

Reb Meir Itkin passes away at the age of 96

It's tough to really bemoan the fact when a person passes away at an advanced age like that, but when it comes to the last links to a bygone generation the pain is much greater, as is the loss. Reb Meir was the epitome of a Neveler Chossid who lived every single day with G-d, Torah, and Rebbe. There was no retiring at age 75, and he never felt that he had done enough already, even at that age. In America that concept is foreign to most people - I mean to American-born Jews - we tend to be content with what we've accomplished, unless it comes to making money.


Anonymous said...

is it ironic or hashkacho protis

but reb meir always drank zecks un nayintziker (literally transilated to 96) and he passed away at 96

ahh if only he would have drank the 100% he might have lived another 4 year

as he once said (zest vus de 4 percent vasser tut )

Anonymous said...

LOL - there is no such thing as 100% unless you want to start drinking benzine or acetone or some such thing. I also drink 96 and now I am worried that I may be limiting my lifespan :))))))))))))))))).

Anonymous said...

Chaval al deavdin. As the Beth Israel of Gur is supposed to have said. Dor holech vedor ba , a dor holech I see , but a dor Ba thats a problem...