Monday, August 13, 2007

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(Reb Sholom Lazer'l of Ratzferd hy"d,)

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Reb Sholom Leizer Halberstam was the second youngest son of the Heilike Zanzer rav the Divre Chaim. ZT"L. He was also the son in law of Hazaddik hagaon haamiti Reb Mordecahi Dov Twerski(Urbach) of Horensteipel who himself was the son in law of the heiliker zanzer rav the Divre Chaim. ZT"L. Reb Mottel was also an eynikel of the Mittler rebbe and i think did shimuch with the Zemach Zedek, or Reb Israel Noach.
Reb Sholom Leizer was the only son of the zanzer who was not meshamesh berabbanus (he was a rebbe not a rav) , the other sons were also rabbonim at one time or another.
In his late 90's the Germans Yemach Shemom sent him to Auschwitz and there he died al Kiddush hashem.
Today he is chiefly remembered for his eyniklech. One son in law was the Atze Chaim of Sighet the older brother of Rav Yoelish of sSatu-Mare. Reb Chaim Zvi ,the Atze Chaim's son was the Berech Moshe Grand rabbi Moshe Teitelbaum and his children are the present leaders of Satmar.
Another son in law was Rav Ben Zion of Bobov (bezivug sheni) whose son was rabbeinu Shlomo of Bobov whose son and grandson are the present leaders of Bobov.
Thus both satmarer and Bobover rebbes are eyniklech of the Mittler rebbe and the Baal hatanya N"E.Rav Shalom Laizer was one of the most highly regarded Zaddikim in Hungary. There is a story told that in 1943 in the last Yarzeit of the kaliver alrge crowd gathered including Reb Yoelish, the Kosoiner rebbe (also a son in law) and the Razferter and the Razferter challenged them and himselves "zu poelen a yeshua for Klal israel" but lo also biydayhem.
Hashem Yikom damo !!!