Monday, August 13, 2007

Lakewood Royal Wedding

YeshivahWorld: Thousands attend Kotler/Wachsman Wedding

I wonder if when the Avi HaKalloh Reb Malkiel Shlit"a signed on the wedding Takonos/guidelines put forth by the Agudah's MGT he meant himself too? or was there a clause in there that that pattered him? I wonder. I guess what they MEANT to do was save the shleppers from themselves and their selfish spouses who want to keep up wit the Jones's and make lavish weddings. Mah She'ein Kein, the Gedolim, who seem to have Teyreh U'Gedooleh BeMokeym Echod, they don't need any silly guidelines, the Torah guides them!


Anonymous said...

You are a vile disgusting person.
For sometime I've suspected your Jewish lineage.This makes it even more suspect to me.Do you even know Rabbi Kotler personally, that you should have such hate towards him??Is he not allowed to have a simcha in his family, a little bit of nachas after quite a difficult life without a menuvel like you looking to ruin it?Did he have a fancy wedding at all?Is the Rosh Yeshiva of the largest yeshiva in the world expected to have a tiny wedding??
Tsei tomei! Your tsiganner roots are showing!Dovid hamelech assered the Nesinim bechitun because they did not have the narural yiddisheh trait of compassion.

Anonymous said...


Frankly, you are some what of a jerk sometimes. BTW, the thousands who came were a) the Taalmiday haYeshivah and b) alumni and supporters. The weeding was not fancy, but was enormuse, largely people dropping in for a few minute to pay respects. I wonder how many meals were served. I am sure not as many as you think.

Anonymous said...

You're right . . .they are much worse than a Sabbatean cult, aren't they?

You are so delusional, its pathetic. Grow up.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

again, a bunch of non-responses to a real question

Anonymous said...

No. It is a response, just not one an ignorant, sonei yisroel without the capacity for introspection can handle.

Anonymous said...


You're just jealous that others have living leaders.