Saturday, March 20, 2010

Insecurity in Modi'in Illit

It seems an innocent little ad announcing shiurim in chassidus in a library that does just that got some poor zhlob into a lotta trouble. He now needs to part with 5000 NIS, right at the time that he needs it most, a knas he needs to pay for displaying "inappropriate content" in his paper. That's right, a shiurim announcement is inappropriate in the convoluted eyes of these people in the Occupied Territories that are Modi'in. I would think with Lubavitch being so מחוץ למחנה as some of you would put it, that they'd take the money from the ads and laugh all the way to the bank. After all, who would go to a shiur made by a bunch of loonies, right? It seems that the crime was that they withheld the ad from the censors who review every issue with a fine-tooth comb. At first they threatened to ban the paper completely, in the end they "settled" on a 5,000 shekel fine. These people just crack me up.


shaul said...

"Some help with "original content" and a story about the bad,bad Snag

Lubavitch, leolom voed"

From the previous thread comments list.Knew a guy like you would kvell for %&*& about Snags.
What would you do without Snags, post about birthdays???

Mottel said...

What exactly happened?

Steve said...

Time Lubavitch stopped their missionary activities with their nonsensical chasides, which is just a tool to reel in feeble minded idiots like Tzig and the Krauss and Melbourne based "fast day kiddush club"
The damage that Schneerson, or maybe it's his followers, has done to authentic Judaism is mind boggling.
We are now seeing the falloff.So, yes, ban missionary Lubavitch activities as far as can legally be done.If Lubavitch really worked wonders they would not need to promote their twisted agenda ala Scientology and Mormonism.People would attend by themselves

Didon Notzacjh said...

A newspaper in a Snag town was fined 5 thousand shekel for allowing an unauthorized ad promoting Chabad shiurim.Newspapers in the Snagville have to agree to publish content that is allowed by a supervisory board

Anonymous said...

I guess litvaks were trying to just do some pre-yt fundraising.

Anonymous said...

I am confused from the anti chabad loonies, Monday the snag rants that chabad has no influence, by Tuesday the damage of chabad is mind-boggling can you all talk in unison with 1 voice.

rebcharles said...

Isn't the real issue here that the shiurim were blatantly Meshichist?

A sad commentary on the current Jewish scene, Meshichist agitprop vs Chareidi microcensorship.

Would rather see Monsters vs Aliens anytime

Anonymous said...

Is this true could COL defend Mishichists?