Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Not Brisk's last will and testament

(Guest Post by the blogger formerly known as Not Brisk)

I am to indebted to Reb Hirshel for giving me this opportunity to speak to such a diverse oylam; Satmarers, Stoliners, Bney Torah and a couple of Lubavitcher and Hungarain nuch shlepers/ tag-along. After all, this forum was the inspiration for my late humble blog and it is apropos that I bid my farewell over here. Obviously, the JBlogosphere, which is somewhat reflective of real life – is biased against Chabad and Torah Jews. I tried to mimic Tzig’s unique style, failed, and developed one of my own. Did I accomplish anything? Do the haters view Haredim in a different light? Who knows, mir darfen tuhn, mir darfen nisht uftun.

As a Snag who was taught to talk about himself and his accomplishments, I must say that overall my blog was a successful endeavour and my readership kept on increasing, got a lot of “hits” and even had received an occasional comment that actually spoke to der zach. So why did I stop? A variety of reasons, some personal and some that are obvious. I regretted revealing a lot of information that is normally said behind closed doors on Rechov Peres to a hand-picked crowd of people with good heads, money and family connections. Similarly, the world of Reb Leib, Reb Shmuel Charkover and the other talmidim of the Mashgiach should not be plastered on the web. If you really want to see Reb Leib’s introduction to the first HaTvunah, you can read it yourself on Hebrewbooks.

I want to make it clear that I don’t regret, chalilah, anything I wrote about the Rationalists and particularly the so-called leaders of Modern Orthodoxy. There is no doubt in my mind that they are the intellectual heirs of the Hellenists and they are out to destroy the nekudah pnimyus of the yid. The words of the Chosid Yayvetz that Maran often quotes, that the oyphgeklerter all shmad zich in 1492, ring true these days as well, והבן כי קצרתי. I repeatedly pointed out that Natan Slifkin thinks that Torah doesn’t contain anything that humans can’t understand, chalilah, and is an outright denier of pniymyus HaTorah. I also expressed dismay that Mr. Harry Marlyes can wake up every morning and spend hours cutting and pasting articles from Der Sturmer וכו' וכו'.

As of late, Not Brisker Yeshivish started attacking Chabad. How was I able to attack the Tzig when he helped my blog out so much? Maybe it was the indoctrination to hate Chabad even after we eat at their tables and break bread with them when we are stranded in yehupitz? I myself don’t know. Regardless, the Chabad material attracted many people that are mikusher to the Rebbe. Did I realize that in other five years the whole blog might become a Chabad blog? Once again, I don’t know.

I would like to thank all of my readers and especially those who commented. I enjoyed it while it lasted and I hope that many of you did to. I understand that I offended many people and often spoke harshly. I humbly ask forgiveness from all of you and please be moichel me b'peh mohley.

Not Brisk



Zev said...

Why are you kissing up to this Goat cretin?
At least you are a fellow who thinks while this pey tzadeh is a brainless toad who follows idiots.
Nothing in his "style" besides copying and pasting and sometimes he finds interesting pics.
N.B It's never pays to start with Chabad because they have elephant memories, are relentless foes who continually bring up ancient history and are "reshoim shesho'oh mesechekes lohem", veoi'd vehu ho'ikor, are incredible leaderless fools
Daloy fools!

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...


say what you want about me, but I write original content 95% of the time.

daloy morons

The Bray of Fundie said...

Wow...talk about going out in a Blaze of Glory!!!! I'm bl"n cross-posting this immediately.

I always enjoy the pix here and I commend Hirshel for the incredibly good likeness of you posted here :-)

Question...is it at all possible that you are old enough to have known Rav Leib and Rav Shmuel personally? If not whose iruy k'lee rishon was mevashel you?

At least you have the satisfaction of going out as a success. I continue to slog on...an abject failure refusing to hear the (silent) voice of the people.

The Bray of Fundie said...


zev said...

Go look up the definition of "original"
Brisk was original,Brisk is a bright fellow.He thinks.
"I think,therefore I am"
"I don't think,therefore I am a Lubob"

NonymousG said...

It's a shame. He was captivating.

Garnel Ironheart said...

Well I'll miss your blog.

yehupitz said...


I admired your blog. I even thought your "anti-Chabad" posts were far more intelligent than the other "snag" stuff bloggers spew. If you are done with blogging, I hope someone else takes your place.

The Bray of Fundie said...

will he continue to comment anywhere?

Ipche Mistavre said...

Ipche Mistavre said:
And here I was just picking up a head of steam. I graade was thinking about commenting on the issue of Shloi Yirbeh machloikes BiYisroel. I think you were mechaven to me or fakert once again.
Al Kul ponim Yishkoiach for the Chizuk

The Bray of Fundie said...

(Guest Post by the blogger formerly known as Not Brisk)

Wrong. He didn't change his bloggish handle a la XGH.

He is Not Brisk...the former Blogger.

Feivel ben Mishael said...

Ugh. I thought it was called Rechov Press the whole time I lived there

Yoel said...

"I even thought your "anti-Chabad" posts were far more intelligent than the other "snag" stuff bloggers spew"

I actually think that Chabad are the biggest anti Chabad "spewers" with their strange or crazy shenanigans .
One example coming up is their celebration of the Rebbes 108(?)upcoming birthday.Strange stuff, without the real crazy Yechi stuff that even some of their respected rabbis back.So Chabad can only blame themselves for any ridicule heaped in their direction.That is if you are objective.If you are subjective,then any critism is "spewing"

Harry Maryles said...

please be moichel me b'peh mohley.

In your dreams! Do you realy think you can insult me like that and expect me to give you any Mechila? You were Melaben Pnei Chavero B'Rabim! You will have to answer for that kind of insult in the Olam Ha'Emes. Enjoy the consequences!

Chabad-Revisited said...

"Did I realize that in other five years the whole blog might become a Chabad blog? Once again, I don’t know."

Is the brisker admitting that the Chabadsker may one day get the better of him?

The Bray of Fundie said...

Reb Harry

Why shouldn't he expect it? he may have to ask twice more but he did ask.

NonymousG said...

Chabad Revisited - Are you really that dim? The reason he stopped was precisely that - he did not like that he'd degenerated into an anti-Chabad blog, which he was uncomfortable with.

"How was I able to attack the Tzig when he helped my blog out so much? Maybe it was the indoctrination to hate Chabad even after we eat at their tables and break bread with them when we are stranded in yehupitz?"

Is Chabad Revisited so eager to gloat, even when the oppostion has conceded? That's not a Torah mehalech. Far from it.

NonymousG said...

Harry - You're quite up yourself to think he was asking mechila from you, he certainly was not. He couldn't resist a parting shot even in his "last will an testament" (Die Sturmer). And who could blame him?

You are the most anti-Charedi voice in existence. JB would be proud.

Sruli said...

Will miss you NB, maybe me your and Hirshel will meet up when were all rich retirees in Florida and laugh at our youthful kicks.

Harry Maryles said...

Why shouldn't he expect it? he may have to ask twice more but he did ask.

He hasn't asked - me - even once. He insulted me in the very same post he asks for a generic Mechila. If he does ask me for Mechila I will give it to him if it is accompanied by an apology that is truly sincere.

As for the fellow who thinks I am the most anti Charedi voice in existence I can only say that he is clueless about me and the wide support I get from a great many prominent Charedim. And even when those Charedim disagree with me they respect my perspective.

RYBS was not my Rebbe. I never met him and he did not know me at all. So he would have no sense of pride about anything I say. But this fellow's referrence to Rav Soloveitchik as 'JB' is a Bizayon to one of the biggest Gedolei HaDor of the last generation! If he thinks the Eibishter approves of this kind of insulting refferences to His Yechidei Segulah well... I guess he too will find out in the Olam HaEmes what the Eibishter thinks of it. I hope he enjoys the consequences of his words.

Anonymous said...

is there a way we can get copies of nb posts?

snagville said...

Sorry for the lateness of this Hesped, but I think both the original Tzig post asking about the lack of Chabad Hespedim and the new Tzig post defending this policy would agree that a Hesped for the NB Blog is a necessity. I will miss you NB for your fresh perspective, I will definitely miss the Tupac-Biggy aspect to your relationship with Tzig. I could do without the kiss up to Tzig you provided Tzig and knowing Tzig as I do (from this blog I mean) I think he might have been tempted to delete your pro-Chabad kiss up just so Snag clowns like me don't accuse him of demanding this as the price to posting your Last Will & Testament. Recently your posts have been a little "loose" and it usually took me until halfway through to get what you wanted but I will say your uniqueness was well worth the price of admission (where else could you get a piece on R' Yeruchom Gorelick for example? Great stuff). Your attacking Slifkin especially the whole episode with "Deep Throat" or whatever the Russian connection was I believe a mistake because unfortunately I think there is no changing someone's mind on this issue. There are people who don't want to believe in the RBS"H and will go a long way to not believe and there is no changing their minds. I could say the stuff about Chabad stuff is also a mistake except that Lubabs (especailly Tzig) have a much better sense of humor than MO's like HM so they are more likely to join in the fun as opposed to trying to bring you down. I think we all know that Slifkin does nothing all day but troll the net trying to right the wrong that he thinks occurred to him and attacking Gedolim. I am no fan of Lubabs but most of them actually have jobs and other shlichusim from the Rebbe to do so they may try to attack Berger but an intelligent post won't be read by the Meshugoim and the old-school intellects who would read your post are much calmer about this type of stuff. Tzig himself is such a Chiddush as a Nouve Riche so to speak Chabadsker he should be trying to set fires to Ponevezh and trying on new Yarmulkas with Choo Choo Trains on them (I never got that) but he doesn't. He discusses Inyanim in an intelligent fashion like a 10th generation Chabadsker which is why we all love him. NB, You had a lot to offer and I hope you will be back one day at least to guest post here or at least keeping Tzig honest with some comments. Kol Tuv.
Your Chaver, Snagville

Anonymous said...

they're attracting high prices on ebay...

Anonymous said...

I hope NB reads this. He is probably in Bens. breaking into Reb Sholom Menashe's apartment to steal his seforim.

[Like the story with the Cheshek Shlomo who said that it can't be there was a gneivah in his house because the sefer HaTrumos was still there; Snag ganovim]

Doubtful he - or anyone else - cares what Harry says. He wasted a lot of time counteracting Harry at the early stages of the blog - כל באי' לא ישובון - no hope. It's a good thing he picked up the content after a while.

Anonymous said...

tzig, great parody

ר' איד said...

ברוך המקום...שחלק חכמתו ליראיו

Chabad-Revisited said...

Although “Not Brisk” has ended his career as a blog host, he still lives on in spirit and his presence continues to inspire the blogosphere...

See here


Ben said...

Harry please do not delude yourself. No Charedi of substance gives you any support. You run a blog so devoid of substance that you are not really a disgrace for Charedim only a disgrace for the MO's. Your soapbox is simply empty. Sure some could argue if haskafah does or does not require Daas Torah, but all are in agreement that those who pontificate about these subjects should have some inkling about our Torah. Harry, you are simply an am haaretz you are devoid of anything Torahdig. You would do the MO’s of the world a great service by following Not Brisk’s lead and close down your silly blog (I should stress that as opposed to you Not Brisk does know more than something about our Torah).

Harry Maryles said...

Gee, Ben... Did that make you feel better? I sure hope so. It might even last you for the rest of your life. But it will comeback to haunt you in the Olam HaEmes. I can almoist gaurantee you that. You too have no Mechila for your insulting words which are based on your misperceptions about me and my goals. Unless you genuinely regret your words and apologize to me.

It is people like you and comments like this that motivate me to continue my blog.

As for the support I get, I have pledged not to reveal any names - but you would be suprised at who they are. Of course you will say that I'm lying and there is nothing I can do about that. But that's OK since I know the truth.

Have a nice day.

Yakov said...

Harry: your comments here are way out of line and do not strengthen your credibility or Torah-credentials. A true yerei Shomayim does not demand apologies. he is 'over al midosov', mehane'elovim ve'einom mal'ivim, shomim cherposom ve'einom meshivin' etc. etc. You daven in a nusach Ari Shuhl, so maybe it's time you adopt their nusach (and the nusach of your ancestors!) of starting kri'as shmea al hamitoh with the text of "hareini mochel lechol mi she'hichis ossi ... etc." - it will do your soul a lot of good.
Re your references to din Shamayim, you expose ignorance b forgetting kol mi shemosser din chavero leShomayim etc. - is in effect eliciting all dinim upon himself for all the wrong and hurts caused to others (midoh keneged midoh). So please be careful with what you say.

Not Brisk is as entitled as you to voice criticism and denunciation of shitos that he sees counter to Torah. You do so all the time in your adherence to TuM etc., jumpin at the slightest thing to excoriate R. Eliyashiv shlita, and other gedolim and derochim, and their perspectives. I had a number of issues with NB, but many more with your blog - often for the same reasons and the same mentality. At least he was honest and open, including in his post above, while you hide behind sanctimonious self-justifications etc.
I bear you personally no ill will, but your blog often crosses red lines in terms of shitah, logical thinking, consistency, and unadulterated propaganda techniques. Kshot atzmecho ve'achar kach kshot acherim.

The Bray of Fundie said...

What is conspicuously missing from this Tza'va'ah is NB being morish me and my blog his many readers and commenters.

i would especially enjoy making a Tov V'hamaitiv to go along with my dayan HaEemes if Dr. Bill would stop by HaMavdil.

As for guest posting , once again, and WADR to Tzig the Ba'al HaBlog, IMHuO NB belongs on Hamavdil far more than on Circus Tent.

Ben said...

Harry, frankly I don’t care about your mechila. It’s you who needs mechila from all the people that you have maligned. People who stand on soapboxes need to be able to take criticism and develop thick skin. Your retorts show you up to be childish. In any case, my point stands; your blog offers nothing Torahdig. It is clear that you are an am haaretz, and have no right to be offering opinions.

Ben HaMatzil-LaNetzil said...

In general it is a weird sensation to experience any hispailus/hisorerus from a blog, a medium that is pretty farsamt in sholosh haklippos (the internet/self expression etc.).
But I firmly believe that for those already using the internet a blog with toichen is a beacon of light, like a chabad house in yehupitz. And without it time would be wasted reading other shmutz etc.
Kol zman you and tzig hot geredt tzum zach s'iz geven gor geshmak. Mimelah you're going to stop using the internet and browsing other blogs etc. ich farshtei.
But if you will continue spending time on the internet, browsing etc. why not continue blogging loit der anyeh hasogos ltovas havirtual khal?

Anonymous said...

are the archives of not brisk available to download anyplace?

The Bray of Fundie said...

A. What is the third klippah?

B. Am I chopped liver?

lenco49 said...

I used to be a regular reader of Emes V'Emunah, and although I considered it a rather paradoxical blog-name (given the nature of the posts) I nevertheless found, on occasion, a kernal of reasoned argument in what was otherwise a litany of anti-chareidi diatribes. The blog owner is clearly obsessed with the chareidi world -- I suspect due to some deeply seated fear and insecurity. In any event, the blog becomes tedious after a while, the regular commenters clearly being fellow travelers or argumentative masochists.

Nevertheless, the yetzer ha'ra had gotten the best of me, and I tolerated the crossing of red lines for as long as I could. It was one particularly nasty assault on Rabbi Pinchos Lipschutz which finally caused me to give up and throw in the towel on Emes v'Emunah. I needed to stop damaging my (ba'al teshuvah) neshamah with so much vitriol. So I publicly wished the blog readers a not-so-fond farewell and have not been back since.

I agree that the blog owner has a long list of individuals from whom he needs mechilah. To all of those here to whom he warns about "insults in the Olam Ha'Emes," well...if it is so, he will be right there at your side in the defendants' dock.

Daloy Magyar Kurvák said...

No attack against Artscroll in the last week?
You favorite "target"?!.
Eat your jealous, lubob heart out!!!!


Artscroll grows all the time with real quality and scolarly works and Lubob inc continues to promote those 5th grade weekly pamphlets.
Mah bein bni lvein chomy!

Egyen a szívét, a Magyar kutya!!!!

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

it seems some guy at Artscroll called me a Hungarian Bitch and dog. Very nice of them. I'm sure Rabbi Scherman is very proud of him and will compensate him well.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...


you're begging too much and making yourself look real bad.

The Bray of Fundie said...

ההכרח לא יגונה ולא ישובח

Brookyn Ave said...

Listen, you are way to nice to get many blog hits.Let me explain:We"ll use the Tzig for an example,k? What he does is write about his very shallow musings, usually about his (read Lubavitchs')favorite nemeses, Vaboylniker,Lakewood,Aguda,Artscroll,Snags.He touches the right buttons and gets heated responses, which he mines and posts ("original content")and gets all the Lubavitcher minions to "help" him "defend" the faith.It helps that many Lubavitchers are on "shlichus" in the boondocks and hotzenplotz and have lots of time on their hands and have a feeling that they are doing a shlichus defendind the faith.Likewise, many boys are quite bored of endless repetition of Chasidic texts and would rather do "shlichus" in cyberspace.You are on the other hand, always understanding, always trying to understand where people are coming from, you don't get people angry and they don't feel a call to arms..
In a nutshell.....
So if you really want to get many hits via the Tzig method:Tie half or three quarters of your brain behind your back, write something really dumb and irritating, when you get a good response mine it and start having a hissy fit about how terrible Snags are.Repeat often enough

The Bray of Fundie said...


thanks... I think

but IMO you're way to harsh with the Ba'al HaBlog.

Anonymous said...

Harry is the Rasha of our times so Here we have some brave Hakaeh es Shinu

PSOL said...

That should be RABBI Slifkin and RABBI Maryles.

The Bray of Fundie said...

since when does anonymous blogging require bravery?

gevezener ponevezher said...

response to brooklyn ave
i understand now what it means when it says that i you want to know wht the emes is ask a farbisener misnaged and the opposite i true. i have seen only one shliach comment on this blog and only a few times. n the other hand al the farbiseer misnagdim obiously have p[lenty f timeto spread their sine living thir life on inernet. yitamu chatoim veloi choitim
a koshern un a freylechn pyeach alemen

Ben HaMatzil-LaNetzil said...

Daloy Magyar Kurvák,
makes a good point. perhaps if kehos were to follow artscrolls lead and operate as a for profit organization they would publish material with wider appeal.

Anonymous said...

Brooklyn Ave
I see you would like that Hershel should discuss the Jewish Perverts syndrome, Nuchem Rosenberg.Torah Temima, Mordechai Tendler,Mattes Wienberg, Lieb Troper or Nathan Slifkin On a weekly basis? Daily basis? hourly basis? these items ring a bell with your concerns, I would rather not see these sort of discussions at all. Its a matter of taste.
BTW, I am not a shaliach and live in BP and work for a living.

Anonymous said...

Daloy Magyar Kurvák
Kehot was never intended to print Ramban Al Hatorah and Yerushalmi in English, It was intended to print the 1000's of manuscripts of the Chabad Rebiem and seforim that are really necessary for a Jewish household,The Rebbe felt after the war that the Sdie chemed is important for every Rav to have at his hand all the knowledge,so he invested a lot of time by doing the index and Money with no thought of return. Kehot is definitely not printing seforim of the Rebbe Maharash for commercial purposes,so stop with your ignorant nonsense

Anonymous said...

Amazing how NoBrains manages to stir up the sinas chinam wherever his keyboard takes him. I for one am sort of sad to see him off to blogger gehenom; his rantings (oops, I mean his "unique chareidi perspective")were a potent demonstration of how the chareidi religion is a distortion of Torah-true Judaism.


tradition said...

Kehos publishes seforim that nobody learns.They even try "giving it away" basically to non Lubavitchers with their 90% off sales.
Same goes for the Lubavitchers incessant spreading of their weekly pamphlets that nobody ever uses.What a waste of paper.
The question is what exactly do they want from Artscroll?Artscroll publishes seforim that will sell and apparently Chabad content does not.
I guess it's just old fashioned jealousy.Figure the feeling when a Chabad shliach has to buy Artscroll English books, firstly so he should be able to actually understand,read and explain basics to any congregant since Chabad rabbis are notorious for their ignorance (at the kinnus of shluchem for example they put on rabbis to say tehillim, who could not read Loshon Kodesh without mistakes!)
Basically, without Artscroll, Chabad would have to pad their Chabad Houses with nonsensical works from Ginsberg,Butman and Dalphin

Proud Lubavitcher said...

What religion do you subscribe to?
The religion with a Rabba?The mixed dancing religion?The one were most of the youth leave? The one that embraced Ivanka?

The Bray of Fundie said...

attention all former Not Brisk readers and commenters

I, Chaim Grossferstant, cordially invite you to my humble blog.


It may not be a Circus Tent but, unless you join , will remain a Red-Tent.

Anonymous said...

nunmbers are really litt-le
they preach about bittul
and keep the Russian nittul

roam and millin'
puttin on tefilin
on folks like Dillin

Oilem Goilem said...

"The question is what exactly do they want from Artscroll?Artscroll publishes seforim that will sell and apparently Chabad content does not."
Playboy also ,to paraphrase, "publishes publications that sell and apparently Chabad does not"so big deal.
As far as Art Scroll goes,it's a well known fact that the biggest disseminater of history revisionism in the long list of Jewish publications and one does not have to be a Lubavitcher to acknowledge this.

Gershy said...

Nice pictures of Burech Oberlander ("der nayeh aufgeklerter Burech")visiting rabbonim in Eretz Yisroel with the Lubavitch organization "mercaz rabbonei (chabad)europa"
Decked out with a nice hat,bent down Stetson, no peyos(of course) and nice short jacket.
See here http://www.col.org.il/show_news.rtx?artID=53705

Anonymous said...

What religion do you subscribe to?
The religion with a Rabba?The mixed dancing religion?The one were most of the youth leave? The one that embraced Ivanka?'

None of the above. Nor to the one that subscribes to a resurrected moshiach or the divinity of a rebbe.

Unfortunately you see Yahadus as a choice between a chareidi approach that can best be described as a long enemies list and a conservadox, slippery slope approach that follows the isms du jour.

So you want to know 'my' approach? I believe in the Torah. I believe that the Torah isn't threatened by having people earn an honest living. I believe the Torah isn't threatened by having a grounding in so-called secular knowledge. I believe the Torah isn't threatened by having a Jewish State. I believe the Torah isn't threatened by loving other Jews, even those whom I disagree with (including Torah scholars I don't agree with). I think the Torah is not only above all that, but can and should infuse all of the above to form a complete Torah personality. 'My' approach is the one that Jews adhered to for millenia until the advent of both the chareidi and reform religions 200-250 years ago. And whether or not the youth are following this approach or not has no bearing on whether it is the correct one.

When I came across Mr. NB's blog a month or two ago and read its caption stating that it will present a unique chareidi perspective, I thought that perhaps for once I will get to hear something positive from the standpoint of someone who follows the chareidi religion. Instead, it was post after post filled with vitriol, more often than not directed against gedolei Torah who don't fit (or have yet to be refashioned) into the modern chareidi mold. In other words, the usual drivel. Does any of that bother you, oh 'Proud' one?


Anonymous said...

"Playboy also ,to paraphrase, "publishes publications that sell and apparently Chabad does not"so big deal."


You are take a Goilem!

Lubavitch write the book on that!!!
Ever heard of Cherson Genizah, just a small example....?

shtufene hit said...

Gershele - And if he'd be wearing all the Purim costumes seen lately in Kol Haolam Kookoo that the heintigeh wear then he'd be ok? Is he wearing rabeinu taams under the short jacket?

גרשון said...

Chasidishe levish means Pirem to you?
Are you that fargrebt?
Chasidishe levish and peyos is the way a Yid dresses. that used to be the way that all Eastern European Jews dressed.Some things changed with the Haskuleh movement and German and Litvishe Jews started shaving and dressing with the Goyishe Levish .Whatever the case, today for a person who used to have peyos and levish, to take it off is a sign of becoming kayleh.Even in Lakewood and other Litvishe places if someone comes with peyos and levish, they"ll get it from the Roshei Yeshiva if they cut it off.Only in Lubavitch is it ok.The Chidushei Hari"m held it was yehoreg va"l ya'avoir, when they had a similar gezeireh in Poland.
Dee bist kliger, val di "lernst" חאסידעס
חא חא אויסווארף

Anonymous said...

What do you have against a Rav Beyisroel Talmud Chochem Umarbetz Torah veYiras Shomaim that didn"t waste a life on eating perlmutter OVERNITEVKUGEL all his life. You are like the Dover Achar that will never leave the mud barn

Anonymous said...

"Kehos publishes seforim that nobody learns"
Is the Tanya not learned? or Likutie Sichoth? are the Sidurim not davened?
did you get these facts from tradition since you are already a 3rd generation hater? or you starting a nu tradition of hate by knowing the hard facts?

Anonymous said...

"they put on rabbis to say tehillim, who could not read Loshon Kodesh without mistakes!"
The tradition of Chabad is not to push under the Rug a Yungerman that was Niskarev to Yiddishkiet, even if the PR department would say different. If you play Ourah and Shuvu for real, then have them as part of your family fully up front and center and honor them at the Siyum Hashas in MSG. Don"t use them only for props as a fund-raising PR stunts.

Anonymous said...

איך זע אז דער ליובאוויטער האט אזעלעכע געטרייע חאסידעם וואס בעבען חאסידעס! חאסידעם אין דזינס!

gevezener ponoviher said...

abut kehos publications - on of many examples - kav noki on gitin is usedby virtually every bes din nd mesader giten in the world.
as far as sirey chasides one has o be totally ignorant nt to see the hundreds from alle krayzn learning chasides in boro park and bne brak

zelig said...

This week we start with the Lubavitcher birthdays.
Nu, nu.

shaul said...

Some help with "original content" and a story about the bad,bad Snag

Lubavitch, leolom voed

mendel shlomo said...

AL TIFROSH MIN HATZIBUR. The rest of the frum world thinks we're flaked out. At best, they respect the Rebbe but they think that we've lost our senses and they wonder what we're really up to.
Its funny that these people are doing this and that they feel they finally have found a way to be leaders.
We have to be me'arech ourselves, do we need to be a leader, or a chossid? Someone from out of Crown Heights told me that the frum world mostly doesnt take Chabad seriously unless its the shluchim. Because the shluchim generally have proper social skills and act respectably, knowing that they represent the Rebbe. Don't tell me that this 770 stuff could have happened when the Rebbe was here b'guf goshmi......

cholomkeh said...

Interesting video of the stats in 770

Oilem Goilem said...


You are take a Goilem!

Lubavitch write the book on that!!!
Ever heard of Cherson Genizah, just a small example....?"
The difference is kamus and eichus dumkopf and as to the Chershon Genizah noch ah snagi oftu.Please give us more then a"small example".

lacosta said...

it is a shame that brisk blog is ending. the MO community benefits from having virulent haredi bloggers out there, and that is an EXTREMELY endangered species...the loss will be sorely felt///

Anonymous said...

are you a agent for G&G G&B Royal Keser?
I saw lately the satmar rebbe saying that the language and levush was needed only in mitzraim before kabolas hatorah by now its all not necessary (zichron tzadik)

Anonymous said...


Your responses demonstrate in High Def why you are not a person to be taken seriously on any level. Seriously, my four year old outgrew the "No mechilah" and "you're gonna burn in gehinom" threats about two years ago. What's next? "If you don't stop, my big brother's gonna beat you up!?"
Wow! I think I'll hold on to these responses so that one day I can show the world the intelligence level of the Mussar Personality of the Blogosphere.
Amazing! For someone who thinks little of you already, even I was shocked by these immature responses.