Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Recent Blog Improvements

Some of you have complained to me about the amazon widgets we had here; how I never updated them, and how they bog down your browsers and cause them to crash. You spoke and we listened, friends. I've recently removed almost all of them and have replaced them with ONE "deal of the day widget," as well as one ad for the Amazon Kindle. If the deal of the day happens to be offering objectionable material please excuse me, since I'm not in control of what is displayed. Amazon is. Needless to say I do hope that some of you click on the amazon link when making purchases at amazon.com for yourself or loved ones. That way maybe I'll get a bone or two thrown my way from the good people at Amazon by way of me getting a little bit of commission. I'm not asking for you to click stam azoi, just when needing to buy from there. זה נהנה וזה לא חסר. OK. I've also updated the list on links you see on the sidebar and removed those inactive blogs as well as those that were deleted from the blogosphere. I do ask that those that I have listed please reciprocate and place on your blogroll as well. I know it sounds unimportant, but at least it tells me that what I did for you was appreciated.



yehudi misydney said...

If you are looking for a interesting blog to add to your list, there's a frum (maybe even Chabad - I haven't been able to confirm) blog in Australia by the name of ajnwatch which is one of the strongest voices I have seen in defence of Torah Jews.

Their link is http://ajnwatch.blogspot.com/

and I notice that they have you there as one of their favourites.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

Thanks for the info, Yehudi