Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The "Anti-Tzemach" is no more.

Before you have heart palputations read on. No, I'm not closing the blog.


Just type in and see what happens!

No need to type in the whole, long anti-tzemach.

Just do it!


The old URL will still take you to the site.

Oh! and we just passed our 1 Millionth UNIQUE hit. (not page refresh, unique visits.) Not bad at all. On to the next Millionth!


Josh said...


Anonymous said...

Wow. when i saw the title i nearly freaked! i thought you had gone the way of asimovrants!

Ben Atlas said...

I noticed that is still available...

Seriously, looking forward to learning about your new, own, unique, multifaceted voice. I also find it amusing that this change came about at the same time as the energy arguably left this medium. I think this is consistent with your style, if you get my drift.

But who cares, don't listen to anyone and do your own thing. All the best!

signed by said...

how about writing your real name
signed by Anonymous

Anonymous said...

It's the toychenen - dummy. Not not the htrl

Anonymous said...

you scared me for a sec

Anonymous said...

Just name one name! One of the 'lomdim' that the Rebbe nbg'''m had a cordial relationship with?

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

Mr anon "lomdim"

find another thread to post that in

don't ruin my party here. please.

Anonymous said...

"Just name one name! One of the 'lomdim' that the Rebbe nbg'''m had a cordial relationship with?"
how fast you need the answer? can you wait till after dinner?

Anonymous said...

a change of name
it is kind of lame
like it's one big game
yet- the content is the same

oh pray tell
he can shout and yell
that he changed the URL
He's still going to Snag Hell

געוועזענער בעלזער said...

מזל טוב! און איך האב געמיינט אז דער רב'ס קפידא קען שאטן.

זאל זיין מיט פרייליכער הערצער ווי דער רב האט איינגעפירט צו ווונטשן.

Anonymous said...

Tried it it didnt work. We love u hirshel

Anonymous said...

Zol Zien as the Ruv infamous berocha, Veshetatzilinie MhaMamas Middas

Anonymous said...

no connection but can someone explain me why pray tell was the belzer mesader kidushin at yesterdays big viznitzer wedding?

Gevezener Belzer said...

Payback for supporting Srultshe's return to favor and deposing Mendele. To the Belzer it is solid proof that the Ruv has finally become the one and only Rashkabahag and afile 'der gas' recognizes it.

Jingle Belz said...

Belzers are living in a bubble.
We know what happens to bubbles.

Twistelton-Twistelton said...

Sorry to burst your bubble, but do you really think there are a million frum English speaking yidden in the world!! And if there are, did every yid in the world access this site. I am skeptical of all blog stats.

Anonymous said...

T-T 8:54
I'd thought more of you! Those stats are new hits each time. So if you visit today and then tomorrow, 1+1=2..

But still and all, quite a groise heseg r' hirshel, keep up the great posts! (And as the Rebbe worte to KC by the 500th issue, "may you go to 1000 and more.." - keep most of all, the inspiration and truth coming)

The Bray of Fundie said...

And if there are, did every yid in the world access this site. I am skeptical of all blog stats.

Me too! It's incomprehensible that a high quality blog like mine should have garnered so few!

Mazal Tov Tzig! Keep on keepin' on and try ti get Not Brisk to come out of retirement.

ozthinker said...

You might be interested in one of the original FRUM RACISTS vis a vis Chabbad - somewhat ironic is music to which he is dancing