Sunday, February 6, 2011

דור השביעי - חסידישע אושפיזין - נוסח גור

It seems to me, an uninitiated one, who didn't grow up in Ger, but did go over to Lubavitch, that I've heard these words somewhere. Something about there being a significance to the number 7, and that the 7 Rebbeyim symbolize the שבעה רועים. But it seems like that concept was publicized some time before, and that it wasn't the Rebbe who "came up with it." Ger seems to maybe have taken it one step further by proclaiming der Rebbe di Imrei Emes as Dovid Malka Meshicheh, and use his Yohrtzeit as proof. He says here in the name of the Sfas Emes that the geulah would come in the IE's time, and that if not the complete geulah then at least the Aschalta. Noted Gerrer Chossid Rav Mendel Kasher brings in his HaTekufoh Hagedolah (thank you, Dr. Balbin) that we witnessed the Aschalta with the creation of the State of Israel, היל"ת. I wonder if that stemmed from his Gerrer education, where he was taught that the IE would witness the Geulah, which he did, because he passed away one month after the creation of the State.... Chabad, however, doesn't stray from the RaMBaM in Hilchos Melochim, even if they use the Dor HaShvi'i as a sign.


Anonymous said...

the concept of chasidic Ushpizin, I saw years ago in Irin Kadshin of Ruzhin.
The Moshiachist aspirations was probably choked in Gur by the Bais Yisroel era, since he had no broad Klal Yisroel views as his father, he was basicaly a strict Mashgiach of a yeshiva.

klainer said...

Di mame
Di bobbe
Di mumme
Di yiddene
Di Imrei Emes???He was a she? Sorry,it's der Imrei Emes just as it is der alter rebbe, der miteleler rebbe,etc.There are thousands of hours of the Rebbe's sichos recorded, did he ever say di freierdiker Rebbe? It's der, not di.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

I wrote Der Rebbe.
Di goes on the sefer Imrei Emes.

I stand by my words.

Komandant said...

hey there, anon

what about:

חינוך עצמאי

אגודת ישראל

שמיטה קאמפיין

וכו' וכו

that's also a strict "Yeshivah mashgiach?"

That was a low blow.

Anonymous said...

the most he did, was that he let his BIL Itche Mier do all thats listed in your list

Anonymous said...

The Sefer is HaTekufa HaGedola.

Isaac Balbin

Yisroel said...

If I remember correctly one of the gerrer rebbes (I can check which one) said that the state of Israel was the aschalta digeula or at least something on those lines. So its not kashers chidush.

Gdrp said...

Divrei horebbe kayomim leolom

Yitzchak said...

Rav Kasher was the godol hador, there was much jealousy from Chabad against him amd his brilliant seforim, specially Hatekufa Hagedola

dave said...

"said that the state of Israel was the aschalta digeula or at least something on those lines"

Lubavitch claim they are the atchalta

Anonymous said...

Reb Mendel quotes the Imrie Emes on Aschalta

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

Thanks Isaac

there's a sefer by that name by a Lubavitcher, Mayzlish, which is what threw me off.

Komandant said...

anon 12:50am

Itche Meir did it all?
sp why do they creit the BY with all of those accomplishments?

it seems like Itcher Meir got a real raw deal; he gets all the blame and none of the credit!

Anonymous said...

Correct he gets no credit for a life that was spent for the Klal, I think His Fil and uncle put him in Askuness since age 15

Anonymous said...

You are talking like a imbecile, The lubavicher rebbe quotes Reb Mendel Kasher, probably 200 or more times his Torah Shlieme, And his Mefaneach Tzefonois . He is probably the only Rebbe that quoted his works. But he was extremely against his Aschalta DeGeula theory.
The Satmar ruv also used his stuff but unofficial, he needed his Medroshim for his Pilpulazation.

Yitzchak said...

"But he was extremely against his Aschalta DeGeula theory."

Then Lubavitchers go on to become the biggest Zionists of all.Nice.They could not fargin Rav Kaher as the godol hador, that's all

Anonymous said...

"Then Lubavitchers go on to become the biggest Zionists of all."
how exactly are they Zionist? by standing up to people that want to kill them?

Anonymous said...

Noted Zayfin Mendel Kasher

Anonymous said...

was Reb Mendel Kasher in the soap business? or he had stocks in Procter&Gamble?