Sunday, February 20, 2011

פתגם יומי

קבלתי באי-מייל:

:מיאמי פלארידע

די שטאט מיאמי איז איינגעהילט אין די גאר גרויסע מצוה פון כיבוד אב ואם, עס איז אן אנלויפעניש פון קינדער וואס זענען געקומען ארויסהעלפן די עלטערן וואס רוען זיך אפ אין מיאמי אין די ווינטער וואכן,
ווי עס געבן איבער אפאר עלטערע אידן איז געווען דעם ווינטער א שיינע פאר הארציגע באגעגענישן פון עלטערן צו קינדער וואס האבן זיך נישט געזען זינט פאריאר ווינטער אין מיאמי



Anonymous said...

all the rebbes were there so they couldnt sign the kol korah not to go

Anonymous said...

thats were the shiksa you looked at screams at you, shaim dich!

ive never been to florida, agav

Anonymous said...

I am not getting it, how guys like Zalmen Lieb Titelbaum and BZ Halberstam have the gall to go to Miami, they are against it for their flock, but for them it is permited. Nobody in Bobov or in Satmar believes that when this guys see by accident some tanned Kachke,it has a lesser effect on them then any bal batisher guy. Are they acting Ruzhin? as if they are above and beyond?
No Rebbe in Israel would go vacationing in Eilat. Its a Gevaldige Chutzpa from them. Most People in Bobov that are BZ age don't know him as the Kedoish Elokai of the Yeshiva. So what is this drive for them to go there from all places. I am not criticizing the whole vacationing concept, that why do young schnooks gezunt and fresh like them need multi vacations. Their checking accounts are boruch hashem is ok, their houses are paid up, their Tuition is paid up,They don't have too much Kvitlech every night. That is for a other day. I am not a Aroni or a 45th street chusid. But it is something that irks me every year at this season.

that guy said...

Ahhhhhh beautiful…

As a current resident of Miami Beach, I must say that it is as strange as it is nice to have these Rebbelach come visit us in the winter.

As for the general throngs of Chassidim we get in the winter, I understand the older crowd relaxing on the front lawn of Keristier, but the middle aged crowd walking the boardwalk in middle of the day and the young crowd strolling 41st Street are quite perplexing.

russian chusid said...

That guy,

Well, their rbbes(BZ,AT etc.) have no problems with VEISER KATCHKES, WHY SHOULD NOT THEY???

Anonymous said...

Russian Chusid
I guess they have the Birur Hanitzotzoes power