Friday, July 25, 2014

בענקן...בענקן... מען קען עס מער נישט אויסהאלטן

Let's see if we can make sense of this: The late Amshinover Rebbe of Boro Park, pictured here below took an eydem, a Rabbi Yossel Ernster, son of Reb Moshe, nephew of Reb Mottele Vizhnitzer and grandson of Reb Chaim Meir'l of Vizhnitz. The second pic seems to be from that wedding. Rebbetzin Ernster was a daughter of Reb Chaim Meir'l. That would explain Reb Mottele's visit to Amshinov. But the question is how these 2 got together in the first place, ווארקא מיט וויזשניץ איז chalk and cheese, if you get my drift.



Dr frank said...

Isn't this or another ernster rov in Alexandr?

Yanover said...

Rav yosef Ernster is the Alexander Rov in Boro Park, he is the einikl of the imrei chaim, and the Amshinover Boro Park is his uncle. His mother is a Kalish, but his family are really vishnitz monsey chassidim. they have a few amshinover minhogim, like ending fasts after tzeitz rabbeinu tam and other things.

Borshe chosid said...

if they are Visnitz they are Bnai Berak,

Not a Harry said...

How did Alexander take a viznitzer for a rov?

Yanover said...

Borsh Chosid, that is not so. Theyre Viznitz Monsey. It is an interesting mix of Amshinover/Viznitzer minhogim. His oldest son Chezky married the niece of Bobov 45 daughter of R' Shia Rubin. Its a mix of minhogim over there.

R' Yosefs gandmother was the Imrei Chaims daughter, sister of R'Mottle in monsey.

A long time ago I think R' Yankle Gutman of Alexander offered R' Ernster the position of Ruv of the Alexander Shul on 49th 15th in BP.