Sunday, July 6, 2014

This "Moshiach" thing seems to be a common thread... Link


Anonymous said...

this in no way is compatible to the lubavitch moshiachism

you will never find a munkatcher chossid say that the rebbe is moshiach

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

I wasn't talking about the Chassidim

Poilishe Ingrisher said...

You should see in the heintiga Munkatch how some of the chassidim revere the Rebbe (yes, the one who played shortstop on the Telz Cleveland baseball team).

It might be a shayla of Elokistim.

N.A.H. said...

RCK is strongly promoting his iminent arrival. the yated is becoming quite meshichist lately/

Anonymous said...

מעניין שאינו מביא מה שכתוב בתולדות רבינו, אודות הנשיכה מכלב, שקיבל המנח"א בחלום, והראה אותו לתלמידיו

Chaburos mutter on Shabbos? said...

Chaptzem blog alleged a few years ago that the following incident transpired off of 14th Ave on Shabbos:

The Munkatcher was walking with a large entourage when a chassidisher passing by who does not use the Boro Park eruv made a snide remark about the Munkatcher being from the mattirim. The Munkatcher retorted "dee Tzdoykee!" and the entourage proceeded to physically pummel the guy.

Alte Chosid said...

"you will never find a munkatcher chossid say that the rebbe is moshiach"
find me first a munkacher chosid,
Munkach died since the Milchas eluzer passed away, its gone.. maybe it will have a comeback

Alte chosid said...

Chaburos mutter on Shabbos?
yes it was a dover shein Mischave, and it was not a Melches Machsheves

Nuch Shlepper said...

"find me first a munkacher chosid"

There are Americanized wannabes who romanticize or even idolize the current Munkatcher Rebbe (at least figuratively). Maybe they think it makes them echteh chassidim despite their short suits & trimmed or completely shaved berd.

You should see them in action kissing the Rebbe's hand and talking to him like servile sycophants.

rebcharles said...

Poilishe Ingrisher

Which other shortstop should they worship?

Derek Jeter??? Feh!!!

Phil Rizzuto?? Yankee flack, but he knew he was dumb as nails.

Pee Wee Reese? Brooklyn Fave.

Luis Aparicio? Getting Warmer!

PS: Chaptzem reports that one Friday afternnon in Wickliffe, Al Rosen scheduled to pitch that Friday night at the mistake by the Lake, the regular Telz 3rd baseman was far'chapt in a lengere shmuz with REMB, and they had to move Moishe Leibele to 3rd for about 2 innings,

me'mayleh he's a shortstop with a shemetz psul.

rebcharles said...

?הראה הנשיכה לתלמידיו
Nes Nigleh!!!