Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dear Mum - 6

Reb Isser Zalman zt"l

The Tzig says: You can learn alot from what they consider objectionable at the Tribune and removed and from what they left in. It seems like snide remarks about Chabad are A-OK.... Read about Elozor Reich's adventures in the Holy Land in the winter of '54.

Home from Home Part 6 (Unexpurgated Edition) Publ. 5 Nov 2009

30 Nov '53 Yom Beis leseder Mikaytz Poh Yeruslaim

Dear Parents

In the last few week the weather has changed and it is quite cold completely with frequent rainfall, but no fogs. Learning is going excellently and at the moment..........

Last week there were many Hespedim for R' Isser Zalman [Meltzer]. On Monday at the Etz Chaim Yeshivah during the Hespedim a Kanoi caused some consternation by shouting that the advertised Hesped on the following day in a Shool by Rav Herzog was a Chatzufa etc. and he should not be allowed to speak, as he acted against him [the Niftar] in Giyus Bonois. The next day I was there [in Zichron Moshe Shool], Udvorov Osu Peri. After Rav Herzog had been speaking for a few seconds some people started a tremendous uproar. RH's supporters tried to throw them out and in the whole floor a scrap developed with such cries as "Chillul Hashem"," Giyus Bonois iz nisht kan Chilul Hashem?" emanating form the pressure points The women in the gallery also added to the confusion by shouting at the Rav. The tumult continued for about ten minutes when about fifteen police arrived and ejected the demonstrators, and he was allowed to continue without further interruption; a leberdicke shtetel.

Thursday evening there was a Hesped in Chevron. As I already had enough of Hespedim I went instead to Safriya (Kfar Chabad - HT) which is a Chabad Kibbutz and was present at the 19 Kislev celebration. It was most interesting. Firstly the Olam who came. People who have not the slightest Shaychus to Yiddishkeit, but whose fathers or grandfather were Chabad Chasidim were not only present and comprised half the crowd, but sang and danced with a Hislahavus no less than the 100% ones. There was first a Seudah for a couple of hours with speeches by Rav Zevin, the author of Moadim Behalochoh, then by [Zalman] Shazar (Rubashov), who is a Mechalel Shabbos and more. He was previously a Cabinet Minister and is now a Gantze Knacker in the [Jewish] Agency and so helped the Kibbutz immensely. [He later became President of the State.] The way everyone was Chonef him and his associates was quite sickening considering what people they are. But he spoke such a Droshoh with quotations from Shas, Tanya and other Seforim one would never guess. The Lubavitchers seem to have queer Shitos in dealing with such people. At about eleven that crowd left and the proper Chasidim started Farbrengen until morning. I stayed until 2 am then got a lift to Tel Aviv which is not far, where I spent the rest of the night. On the taxi on the way there, I happened to travel with, besides {R'] Eli [Sternbuch] {R' Avrohom] Erlanger [of Kol Torah today] and my Chaver Mr W.................

L-R: Rav Schneur Garelik, ?, Rav S"Y Zevin, Rav IY Unterman, Shazar

Rabbi [Shmuel Yosef] Rabinow is here and I have been to see him. He sent regards to you and told me some Torah on Zevochim. On Shabbos he gave a Deroshoh with a BHK"N packed to more than capacity. Whether he will get a position with the Eda Hacharedis has not yet been resolved. You ask for details about the {R' Moshe] Sternbuch's engagement... The Mechutan is a Hungarian [I now know this is incorrect, he is of Polish origin] ] who has been living here for a time. He is very wealthy having businesses in leather and diamonds. An ardent Chosid of the Chazon Ish ZTL, whom he used to visit several times weekly [and consult on business decisions] I suppose you know that the latter was the sole Shadchan................... In a few hours it will be Chanuka. The olive oil I brought with me will be very useful as it is very expensive here. ........



Anonymous said...

Does anyone out there have a kid that writes to his parents with such ahava? Does anyone write anymore? Do kids care to tell parents what they see and feel and think? Maybe parents don't really want to know what they're up to.
I love this kid. Tziker zees!
The material happens to be geshmak, but I'm nispoel from the varmkeit.

Friendly anonymous said...

I'd love to be at this bloke's Seder. The Hagada would go faster by skipping out the Ben Rosho, and all the attendent toirelach about why the chochom is next to the Rosho, etc.

Sam said...

The Tzig is indignant.So indignant that a fellow, very chasidically inclined thought that Lubavitch liked even then, to kiss up to mechalelei shabbos.
The Jewish Tribune should not publish such remarks about Lubavitch.No,no,no.

Face it, people thought and think much more today that Lubavitch is strange.
They have a Rebbe Shlit'a, though he is not
They have a Rebbe MH'M, though he is not
They have a Rebbe Nosi Hador, though he is not.
But, shah shtill! Don't comment on this.
you over did the vodka.

sam said...

You comment was *deep*

*I did not get it ,though.Must be something to do with being a teetotaler?

Anonymous said...

Unz hobben a rebbe

BoroP.Chabad said...

Vosizneias bashing Lubavitch.Again
What should we do?

Friendly Anonymous said...

The chochom pleads that he doesn't mind spending the long hours of the seder next to the rosho, the fellow's wrongheaded, but at least he uses his mind. But please don't force him to spend the evening next to Sam.

Anonymous said...

Believe me you would not want to spend time near me.
I would make sure that you started thinking for once.
I would also make you realize that Yiddishkait preceded Lubavitch and will outlive Lubavitch.Notwithstanding the ammount of times you say mh'm,yechi le'olom voed and nosi hador.

Anonymous said...

Breaking news!!!
R'Yoel meets Rav Shteinman in Bnei Brak!!!!!!!

A first.

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable pics!!!
Go to the link posted
B.P Shaliach

Anonymous said...

You rotter!!
u knew about it hours ago and didn't post???

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

it's my job to know

it was NOT your job to divert the thread and make it into a discussion about Reb Yoel and Rav Steinman...

Anonymous said...

All my adult years I cant grasp, the sucking up to local NY politicans Mechalelie Shabosim,Mishkav Zocherniks,Apikorsim As Koch, Abe Goerges, now Bloomberg, Abe Beam
even Reb Yoel the old Satmar rebbe had no problem to accept in his dining room with all the fanfare,I remember as a young bocher that that one of them was exposed out of the closet as a homosexual,(then it wasn"t the trend) and all the chassidic Mosdos and camps had no problem to Chanfe him in front of the kids year after year,is thir someplace written that the issur of Chanifa Lershoim is only for Evil doers in the modern state of Israel? besides, their is no question in my mind that Shazar had a religous comeback in his later years. I dont know if he did Shnaim Mikra Veechod Targum in his tefilin yet, but he changed drasticaly for the better.Their is no question that the Satmars would do the same for a Sigeter boy that went off the derech and became powerfull in local NY politics, and grant them some deserted public school as the 14 th ave building they had to steal(nebech) from the BP skwerer Zt"l

Anonymous said...

What exactly are you aying to Tzig with your comment? did one of the Shalita guys cut you off on your way home?

Anonymous said...

Its a shame that a hesped for a Ohev Yisroel as reb Isser Zalmen was used by oppurtunists and rabble rouser. I dont have his biography to check the facts , but I assume they were friendly even after the famous Gius Bones protest.

Anonymous said...

Why did they meet?

Yechiel said...

"it was NOT your job to divert the thread and make it into a discussion about Reb Yoel and Rav Steinman..."

Most threads have a back and forth and take off from the topic at hand.
Since this poster seems to have really irritated you it seems that the fact that peace between Lubavitch and the Misnagdim is on the horizon east you up.You thrive on war and hate.You don't want peace because than you have no purpose

yehupitz said...

Moving right along, tzig, keep posting these letters.

That bit about Shazar was fascinating for what it showed about how uncommon it was in 1953 for frum communities to give any kovod to the frei. Is there any group today that doesn't do that b'shefi?! Yet in 1953 it was considered a Chiddush.

Another fascinating point that I can connect to the digression about the RYK-RALS meet-n-greet you resented: In 1953 it was evidently normal, or standard enough, for a bochur from Chevron who met the Chazon Ish to hang out in KC for a YTK Farbrengen. IMO, this explains why some in the Litvak leadership worked so hard to push Chabad away: They were seen as a segment of the frum community, and therefore a viable threat. Nowadays, Chabad is so off the map of Chareidi-ism, (and I say that neither l'shvach or l'gnai, but just as a fact) that there is no threat, except for the occasional stray bochur or yungerman... No threat = No need for animosity = You can have a cordial visit with handshakes v'chulu..

Anonymous said...

Chabad running Agudah

Anonymous said...

Anon 6;25
"Yiddishkait preceded Lubavitch and will outlive Lubavitch."
the difference is how big the tent will or would have been
without Lubavich you wouldn't have Uri Zohar and the whole Aish movement going on.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

you people never fail to amaze me! WHY WOULD I BE UPSET ABOUT RALS MEETING REB YOEL?!

aderaba! This is a win for my team!!!!

I was just upset that the thread that spoke about days gone by was hijacked.

Anonymous said...

You'd be upset because you thrive on this machlokes.Without this machlokes, you are another BP yukel not a brave individual who joined Lubavitch with mesirus nefesh against the evil snags.A stormtrooper in the fight against the evil yeshiva world

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

the only people upset there are the zealots from Bnei Beraq and Lakewood, who feel that the everlasting legacy of the Vaboylniker has been destroyed.


Anonymous said...

"without Lubavich you wouldn't have Uri Zohar and the whole Aish movement going on."

Conjecture on your part.

With Lubavitch we "have" Meshichists and Elokists and "new" mitvos like birthday parties and "new" aveiros like sleeping in the sukka

Anonymous said...

I agree the zealots are upset.You are one of the zealots

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

ברוך דיין האמת

בצער רב וביגון קודר הננו להודיע על פטירתה של תנועת דגל התורה.נוסדה לפני 21 שנה על ידי מרן הרב שך מתוך דרישה להחרים את חסידות חב"ד.נפטרה היום בפגישה ההיסטורית.יהי זכרה ברוך

ליטאי המום

these are the people that are upset

Anonymous said...

""new" mitvos like birthday parties "
Cheshbon Hanefesh on your birtday, is as a new mitzva as Cheshbon Hanefesh by Krias Shema, its a milestone in life and it should make a thinking person putting some thought to his Matzav Horuchni

Anonymous said...

""new" aveiros like sleeping in the sukka"
its as a new mitzva as the new mitzvah of closing down Ponovizh for 2 weeks to campaign for neo party DEGEL HATORAH, If this it is Kechoil Asher Yorichou, then this is Nofik Mipimie Derav Kahana

Anonymous said...

"I was just upset that the thread that spoke about days gone by was hijacked."

Byamim hahaym bizman hazeh

Why did they meet? Some gvir gave both money?

LikeWhatever said...

Not mistaber there was $ involved. I doubt R Yoil and R Aron Leib would sell their ideologies for money. On the contrary if anything this will cost them some jabs.

I do believe though that R AL is a old timer and is not tuned into the cyber reality of websites, BB's and bloggers that will make this meeting "Historic"

He didn't chap this photo will one day adorn the Sukkes of many Tzigele members.

seen it all said...

Sorry to ruin everyone's day, but RALS meeting RYC is a shvacha chiddush. He was never a kanoyi in any sense. Aderaboh, he always looked to make peace. Even being RY in tzirei ponivitch, he avoided signing on to es's wars. Several years ago he was in CA with the GR. A group of lubabs met him to discuss an issue with a chabad moisad in toronto. He listened to their shpiel carefully, and later we found out that he put alot of effort into resolving the problem. Later that evening he spoke at a hotel in LA, and made sure the lubabs were sitting near him. When he arrived in Toronto R -- who claims to be his talmid refused to listen about a pshara and literally feifed him un.

Anonymous said...

Seen it all
so he is probably not a Godal/Tzadik since he isn't a Roshe, is that your message.

seen it all said...

Anon Thursday, December 03, 2009 5:40:00 PM

What r u saying? I'll be melamed zchus it's Thursday you've had a hard week at work, and gotta put up with your kids for next 72 hours.
I was saying that RALS meeting RYC is not an earth shattering thing some people want to make it out to be. He never was a hater, he has his derech and never sought to impose it on other kraizen. I never farhered him or was in his bedroom at night so I don't know if he's a "gadol" or "tzaddik" and don't care either. I know he is an oihev yisroel which stands for more than anything else.

Anonymous said...

Seen It All,
Is he the defacto universaly accepted godal by 90% of yeshiveshe people ? thats all what counts, The Yated, Kat Markowitz, will not stop their negativity since that gives them the legitimacy to exsist, they are the loyal keeper of the pach hatoher of the Avi Ezri ,almost like the Benai Yoel in Monroe but the other 90% is good enough.
BTW, "Beroom at night" is not the bnie torah measurement for a godal, its rather chasidic.

Yosef Gavriel Bechhofer said...

Does Rubashov=Rogatchov? (Rohachow in Wikipedia.)

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

no, Rubashov was his last name, not Rohatshov.