Thursday, December 3, 2009

אשריך, רבי פנחס - (PINNED)

(Yated Ne'eman, Friday, 10 Kislev, 5770)

MatchIt says:

"Sent. In the mail. Done. (his $100 check to the fund)
Thank you Tzig for posting this brave Yated Appeal.
Rabosai, put your money where your mouth is! If your reading The Tzig then you are from those that get a kick out of someone who actually crosses party lines to help another Yid.
SMR crossed all lines to help Yidden. Pinny L. just did the same.
Send him a $100.00"

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LikeWhatever said...

Truly heartwarming. May we all learn a lesson from this great act of Ahavas Yisrael.

snagville said...

The juxtaposition of these 2 posts cannot be a coincidence. (You do know Pinny's family background I assume?). I guess you are either trying the Rambam's strategy for balance or are trying to be ironic.

Twistelton-Twistelton said...

There was a long story about the Freidike Rebbe in last weeks Yated also.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

what was the story?

h said...

You dirty,stinky,brown nosing chanfan.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

somebody needs a chill pill...

LikeWhatever said...

h‬ said...You dirty,stinky,brown nosing chanfan.

What in the world was the chanifah?

Don't you see the selflesness of PL helping a now helpless yid across party lines.
Halevai Lubavitch would learn from this Yated Appeal when it comes the other way around.

sam said...

Fascinating that Lubavitch inc can never help their own.Why isn't Lubavitch inc with it's long list of Anash who are millionaires and some billionaires(Draizen)funding their own????I remember the tragic case of Pesha Lapine murdered in 1992 and they were still fundraising in Boro Park!
It's no secret that Lubavitch did zero to help other Jews during the War.They saved their own and sat back to criticize others who worked day and night

sam said...

Ahem,you don't have the beitzem to post my comment?.Brave Lubavitcher.Brave.

LikeWhatever said...

The reason is because as a group Satmer and all Hungarians can oeganize themselves and create an "Honoring" aparatus that promotes inhouse Askanus. However they cannot send out an individual anywhere out of the Geigent because he won't have the Peer Shame to stay Frim.
While their Polar Opposite Lubavitch can ONLY succed when they send an individual away where he's away from his Rowdy Russian Kretchme environment and can lead his own Kehilla. Russians are (as a Klal) disorganized and wild they can't match their clothing and are in- your-face cursing with no Manners. They kill their own Talent.

Read the books, you"ll see that the Hungarians succeeded in making Kehilos while Russians Chabadzkers had the greatest traveling Shadar"s, shluchim, and Mashpi'im

Anonymous said...

Like whatsever
"are in- your-face cursing with no Manners"
which Kehila is for the last 30 years holding on a average day 3 court battles?
Has troopers on a daily basis making peace within the cannibal kingdom in upstate NY?

Which Kehila is up to their 3rd Cemetery in 1 little town?

I think they are the largest concentration of Yoitzei Hungarian, so they Helped Vigder Yakaabowitz, but who massered him in the first place..

Anonymous said...

"Which Kehila is up to their 3rd Cemetery in 1 little town?"

This li'l town has twice as many yidden as Crown Heights.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

This li'l town has twice as many yidden as Crown Heights.

that's not why.

Anonymous said...

I don't think so?
KJ is not up to 4 thousand families yet, and you know the reason for the 3 cemeteries is not the population problem, its the Zalibaner fighting the Aribaner, and the Chadter and the Sharmasher is fighting all the Tietelbamer,
just goggle the Record of upstate for the last quarter century.

Anonymous said...

As far as I know the Lubavich Gevirim, they are supporting and building institutions in the world
Gutnik when he had money he gave millions for every rebbe, or rosh yeshiva even for some that were not even friendly to Lubavich, Reb Berel Wiess gives money for every Jew more then his capabilities for decades, Bistritzky probably built 100 of Mikvoahs Or Rabbi Rietport, why are you spewing your facts out of your cuff.

LikeWhatever said...

Anon the 1st
This week I was in KJ for a Simcha and the "Zalibaners with the Aronibaners" (to quote Anon The 3rd)
Were enjoying heise Kigel together.
There are certain unspoken civil rules by the HungeriBaners
Like for example 1)you don't use Shem Hamforesh Bedaled Oisiois in public
2)By family Simchos you make believe your friends
3)You don't pour Vodka down peoples backs

While our Lubab brothers don't have ANY holdbacks. But they cannot for the life of them pull off an organized LEGAL attack. Forget about making 3 cemetaries! Thei'r buried all over the place Messianics and antis RIP together.

Sam said...

"Reb Berel Wiess gives money for every Jew more then his capabilities for decades,"

I"ll arrange an emergency appeal for Berel,k?

Anonymous said...

Hirshel I plead dont let the comments degenerate away from the point of your post.

When the story of Sholom Mordche is told, it will be Pinny that gets the credit for turning the tide.

LikeWhatever said...

Anon the 4th
The Lubav gevirim who give big are examples of great Yechidim.
However please tell me about the 100's of Community chessed Organizations Chabad has (No, Not the Shluchim those are Also gevaldige Individuals)

But Come over visit Williams and Bp and you'll have an organization for every 100 ppl. There are many unspoken cultural rules in place that allow for the tzibbur to group together and help themselves and others

Anonymous said...

You are becoming incoherent, the Slivovitz went to your brain.
if you listen a human being talking like a canibal, listen to Tennenbaum the Rolly Poly of Chad (not Africa Chad , Hungarian Chad)its available on the Trefiener U Tube,

sam said...

From all the loaded Lubavitchers, many of them massive millionares, hiding behind long beards enough, money can not be raised for an appeal, you need to appeal to the "enemy"?
No shame.
It does not work the other way,however.Nobody ever comes to Crown Heights or Lubavitchers for charity appeals.The reasons are not ideological,perhaps.The reason is the simple fact that Lubavitchers don't give tzedoka, certainly not to "chagasnikehs" or chas vesholom to "snags".Actually Lubavitchers, especially "shpitz Chabad" don't give much to their own,either.
Don't be fooled by the many folks in Crown Heights on Welfare and section 8, food stamps etc.They are truly needy, but many even in Crown Heights live a "schvoil tug",while putting a dollar in Shimshon Stock z"l simchas shabbos veyom tov box.
For shame

benjy said...

Anon 7:55
I see you are worried about Berry Weiess giving "more than his capabilities".Are you his accountant that you know A)How much he gives and B)What his capabilities are.

Anonymous said...

Anyone home? Maybe someone should comment that we should send Money to Pinny to show our support for SMR??

sam said...

Again no "kouraj" to post my comment.
Yuck, lubavitcher

sam said...

When you don't post comments it shows that you are SCARED OF THE TRUTH!
The truth is that Lubavitchers are takers not givers.That is why you need Yated to raise funds for Rubashkin, knowing full well that your Chabad gvirim don't give a damn.

Yiddishe schprichvort:Vehn mehn darf dem ganev nemt mehn em arop vechulu

sam said...

How much have all those Chabad gevirim given?
Chai kak

Anonymous said...

Hey Sam ur mixing up Ger and Chabad.

Josh said...

Our sages wisely taught us not to have mercy on someone without discernment. I think this case, where SMR has wasted millions already and stupidly refused the prosecutor's offer, falls into that category.

Anonymous said...

Really, let's be honest here. That appeal calls the Postville operation "an exemplary slaughterhouse". Even the Rubashkin defense team argued that it was run incompetently. Incompetence does not equal exemplary. Don't make the man out to be any more or less than what he is. Sheker doesn't pay.

LikeWhatever said...

Josh. Our sages also taught us "Al tadin es chavercha ad shetagia limkomo"

1) You do not have the chinuch SMR received,

2) You have never run an entire corporation let alone an entire town.

3) You have never carried the responsibility of tens of your shochtims families on your shoulders,

4)you have never had hundreds of Yidden from all walks of life line up at your door crying and begging for help.

5) You have never been overwelmed by myriads of bills, obligations, deals, and commitments which affect all of the kosher meat industry of America.

As Shlomele said "You never know, You never know..."

My holy brother Josh, ... You never know...

LikeWhatever said...

And to our Holy Anon the 18th...You never know, you never know...

Maybe just maybe you should spend a Shabbos with SMR and his holy family or when ur down and hungry maybe come by to get a free meal by their resturaunt in BP.
And then your heart will open wide and you'll see more then you've ever seen before...

Ohev Yisroel said...

He's a meshichist. There is not mitzvah to help such a "Jew."

Anonymous said...

‪Ohev Yisroel‬ said...He's a meshichist. There is not mitzvah to help such a "Jew."

Stam abi gehakt. Even Rav Shach Said tehillim for The Rebbe when he was in hospital. Satmer Rebbe would help all his "apikorsim"

Twistelton-Twistelton said...

As someone who has spent a decent amount of time in CH, and talked with MANY fundraisers etc, I do have to say that CH has less Chessed organizations and actual chessed giving etc than any comparable community. I have two explanations for that; the emphasis on Kiruv etc sucks up a lot of tedaka money that would otherwise be available, and the none learners (AKA as Askanim) who have talent and energy go for Kiruv sorts of stuff, not Chessed.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...


and then when Chabad runs around Louisiana helping Jews stuck after Hurricane Katrina some people here ask "since when is Chabad the Salvation Army/RC?"

Twistelton-Twistelton said...


What is the connection between what I said and what you said. And note that your example a Chabad Chessed relates to Kiruv

Fundraiser said...

Twistelton-Twistelton‬ said...As someone who has spent a decent amount of time in CH, and talked with MANY fundraisers etc, I do have to say that CH has less Chessed organizations and actual chessed giving etc than any comparable community.


Ever tried Ger. Ever tried Belz?!

I go collecting and have had the most success with Satmer the least with Belz and Ger. Chabad is somewhere in middle. They also have one Maaleh that they don't make you feel like a piece of Garbage for asking for help.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...


I gave you an example of doing chesed in their respective communities, not CH, and how they're "attacked" for doing it

and you're saying what? that it's not chesed because it's in the realm of kiruv???

friendly Anonymous said...


You are right about the communal money going to Kiruv. Not because of kiruv, but poshut to support one's siblings and classmates. The eigener mosdos chinuch and mechanchim suffer as a result.

Yeruchem said...

It's unfortunate that people like "Ohev Yisroel" here need to tear us apart.

I Believe that Rabbi Lipshutz is an exemplary yid who dfines what a true ben torah needs to be like.

People like Ohev Yisroel give all Bnei Torah a bad rap.

sam said...

Rubashkin is not a "regular" Chabad institution.It's not a case that one can find,easily, at least a Brazilian billionaire to help out with.It's a case that one individual from a Gezhah family needs help badly and apparently none of the many Chbdsker gevirim are prepared to step up to the plate and help in any significant way.Off course many a Chbdsker and a bunch of "tzigs" are full off worthless "eitzos".This they give free.These "eitza gebbers" are the reason SMR is where he is today.
This is shameful

shelo asani chareidi said...

sam, did you write a check to the pidyon shevuyim?

Now shut up.

sam said...

Shelo Asani Chareidi,
Now you are into shutting people up?
How "unChareidi" of you.
Go fly a kite

Match It said...

Hey Sam. How about it. I'll match you $100 to PL pidyon Shevuyim fund. We're on?

sam said...

Match it.
Instead of wasting time with a measly $100, go and shame the big Lubavitcher gevirim into giving a $100 000 a piece.
There are many who can do it, without even batting an eyelid.If they want to that is

Match It Sam said...

Are you ready to do something to help another Yid? Or your gonna let him rot because of your grudge on Lubabitch? Both me and you are not going to change Lubavitch. So are we on?
I will send a copy of check to the Tzig.

Match It Sam said...

And for that matter if everyone reading this blog which is well over 1000 people would send in $100 we would have some serious money for SMR.

So Sam You started the pitch to help SMR how bout you get the show rolling.

Let us know...
My pen is ready

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

It would be "cool" to see how much this here blog could raise...

sam said...

I wish the very best outcome for R'Sholom and unquestionably this is a great chesed.I cannot unfortunately partake in this for obvious reasons (like currently not having a job..)
I don't want to chas vesholom make it sound like I'm cooling anybody off of this mitzva.The opposite is true.So aderaba if you can get the blog readers to join with you, you''ll be both sn "oseh" and a "me'aseh"

Anonymous said...

Sam has no job? why am I not surprised?

let him send 10 bucks. He pays for internet access, let him give some to others

sam said...

"Sam has no job? why am I not surprised?"

Nice, kind words.
Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

well, Sam

maybe try being nicer and more understanding of other people - fellow Yidden - and Hashem may just return the favor...

good luck in your job hunt - that is if you're actually looking and not just surfing the net.........

Match It said...

Sam. You got it. I will send out my $100 right now. May you get a good paying job.
And to all of our Lovely Tzig family, Geburine, Gevurene,Gezjeh, Shpitz, Snags, Litvaks, Yeshivaleit, Kollelguys, Hungarians, MO, Briskers,Apikorsim, Pupeners, and all the cousins.

Send this brave man PL $100 for the Ish HaChessed SMR.

Say the Tzig sent you.

sam said...

Get yourself a name.
I don't want to re-inflame this debate
And I don't think that what I posted earlier about the ability of many well to do individuals is incorrect.

sam said...

Match it.
Very nice of you, be'emes.
Tizkeh lemitvos

Match It said...

Sent. In the mail. Done.

Thank you Tzig for posting this Brave Yated Appeal.

Rabosai, put your money where your mouth is! If your reading The Tzig then You are from those that get a kick out of someone who actually crosses party lines to help another Yid.

SMR crossed all lines to help yidden. Pinny L just did the same.

Send him a $100

shelo asani chareidi said...

Don't have my checkbook on me. Iy"h tonight.

So Sam, you consider shutting people up a defining characteristic of chareidim? How telling.

Anonymous said...

"Don't have my checkbook on me. Iy"h tonight."
Good one.

Anonymous said...

are you on Rabbi Lipshutz board? I see that you are informed with the list of the givers,
if we see a Person like Rabbi Lipshutz that went beyond labels and barriers, why dont you use him as a rolemodel and at least shut up, if your nefesh habamith dont want to participate in this cause, at least do a mitzva bShev vAl Tasse by shutting up

Anonymous said...

Who ever this Sam is, You need help! after reading your comments, I see that you are obviously a disturbed fellow. Maybe some therapy will do.Maybe you need to start thinking that not everyone was it like you (not giving Tzedakah! I can would even say that you don't give Masser, not even to your bretheren. Stop bashing and let me tell you that one thing you can't say about Chabad is that they don't give tzedaka. So just shut up and get a day Job and give tzdakah your life will be better!

Match It said...

"Sam" is an example of how lifes circumstances shapes our perspectives. When "Sam" doesn't have a job he sees the wealthy as being evil. I'm sure that when Iy"h he will, his perception of reality will change.

Just goes to teach us how to take negative people with a grain of salt. All complainers, Hockers, and Jihads always have a story of saddness and anger beneath them.

Stabbing them in return won't solve their underlying issue.

Anonymous said...

Wow Tzig. This time I'm impressed!

Match It said...

Shelo Asani Chareidi. Are you "Sent" already?

HEY YOU, Lubab, Snag, YeshivaMan Poilisher, Satu Mary, Aroni, Zaloni, Sheigetz, Apikores, Hip Chabad, Tuna Beigel, Nechmutz, YeshivisherBaalHabus, Choshiver Asken, FFB, BT, FFH, MO, Satmer Geshtimt, TV, Harry, Shomer, ChaimBerliner, Brisker, Chabaku"k guy.
where did you all go?
Post your "Sent"
Rip of your tag and Do a Mitzva Now!

devil's advocate said...

don't waste your hard-earned money, guys

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

and that's why we're still stuck in this golus rut, you guys, because of the "advocate" here that's so worried about you not "wasting" money


Match It said...

Shelo Asani Chareidi, yeruchem, Friendly, Twisty and all the Mendy's A.K.A "Anonymous"

Are you "Sent" yet?
Send it now and pls post the deed.

Don't worry. You won't get any kavod around here.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to rip up your check Tzig.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

is that how it is, anonymous?

do I need to show you my receipt too??

MEndel said...

The Lubavitchers has this messianic vision when all of the world's political leaders will come pay homage to the Rebbe. When all will be forced to sit hours listening to a sicha. With the BR and the CI sitting in the back, while the little Temimim sit up front. The whole world, Jews, and just as importanly Gentiles, will realize that Chabad is the center of the universe. Then it will be clear that no great political decisions are made without the Rebbe's consent. The desire for a messianic existence, yes my friends, the buttons are already shined, is for everyone to realize that everything revolves around Chabad. Even the Stoloners, Satmararers and the Bney Brakers will realize that they have to thank Chabad for any of the spiritual benefits they have attained. They are only religious because of Chabad, not the Agudah, and any portion they have in non-halachah learning, is due to a Chabad influence. That will be the day.

Anonymous said...

I see the hatemongers are coming out of their hibernating caves,I know only 2 people that believed that they posses the ultimate Truth and the rest are apikorssim, the Baal Veyoel Moshe and the Baal Avi Ezri,they were educating their masses that the others who don"t follow us are Menasech Yayin and have Deyout Kozves,
Chabad had and still has the healthy Geon Yakov on their Rebbe and their philosophy,
enuf said get back to your cave, its not spring yet,

LikeWhatever said...

MEndel from ur spelling it seems u havnt been fully around the block yet.
Satmer (the ones that still think about Moshiach) believes that Moshiach 1) Will abolish zionism 2) will have eyes of a small child like the RZY"U 3)fir tish with feirdige Shovivim derushes
4) Chatas Ne'irim will be forgiven

The Bnei Brakers will be in kollel forever with Daas Torah ruling the way. Plus their "Right" Derech halimud will be clear to all.
All shvere rambams will be farentfered. And those that ammased the most mitzvos behiddur will sit by the seuda eating Shor Habor and leviyasan

Stoliners aren't known to be that great thinkers but for sure the world will see the beauty in their way of yelling at (to) Hashem to arouse themselves. And of course R Shlome Karliner will be Moshiach with "The Rebbes Kollel" from pisgat Ze'ev oiven uhn. Together with Zeidy Pilchik.

Point is if you corner anygroup, everyone has their imagery of "Moshiach"
You just specified Chabad"s take. They aren't savvy enough to keep it to themselves. That's it.

Take it easy my friend.

NonymousG said...

What bothers me terribly is the way people have attacked each other in these comments, and I don't understand why.

A Jew who was a tremendous Ba'al Chessed is in trouble without intending to break the law.

That is all there is to discuss. The ins and outs are not for us, we are not qualified and it's not shaich. And the whole "not my chevra" thing is so petty, and it's not speeding up Moshiach's arrival. Irony of ironies to all of the kvetchers, sending a cheque will!

Anonymous said...

Tzig, has a paypal link to donate, how about linked it up? Better yet ask them for the checkout link and add directly to your post.

At the end of the article.

Chosson said...

I'm making a pledge for 180.

Please get in touch with me!

P.S. The Pappirosin was Lehafley!!!!

Unknown said...

i would like to donate, but for some reason, Google checkout will not work, is the papal link , a valid one?

Yaakov said...

The Rebbe realized that strength is not merely in numbers, but in percieved numbers. Like the old Russian marches where they would have the soldiers go right back to the back after the finished so the onlookers would think the procession is longer than it realy is, the Rebbe was careful in giving off the impression that Chabad was stronger and larger than it realy is. You get more contact with goyim and with politicians by convincing people that you are well-connected. 'hundred's of thousands' went to the Grand Rabbi for quaters, women with their babies, missionaries, avaryanim, lost soles and Cha-badztkerrs.

Anonymous said...

Hey Yaakov. How bout givin $100 to PL. Once u put the quarter in the machine u can go on about Political number boosting stratagies.

Anonymous said...

"that strength is not merely in numbers, but in percieved numbers"

exactly where did the Rebbe say it? is in the letters? in the Sichos? or you had a private Yechidus?
please provide us with your facts

Anonymous said...

Yes, sent. Unfortunately I can't afford as much as you but it's done.

--shelo asani

MatchIt said...

Shelo Asani. Thank You. Your a man of your word.

shelo asani chareidi said...

Your welcome. You deserve a lot of credit for making turning the thread around and making it a positive good. It even makes the whole blog kdai in my opinion.

An AIlemesher said...

Pinny Lipshitz is doing a great mitzva of pidyon shvu'im but I gotta believe that he's getting an extra geshmak in shtuching Lubavitch in the process.

LikeWhatever said...

Hirshel. The pin opened up. Pls Pin The Pinned back up where it belongs!