Wednesday, December 16, 2009

East Ramapo School Board - וד"ל

You guys living in Monsey, New Hempstead, New Square, Chestnut Ridge, Wesley Hills; help me out here. Help all of us out. What's going on with the board? What was the big "scandal" with the hiring of the new "friendly" lawyer? How are the frum members of the board doing against the anti-Semites and the bureaucrats? How can we help? why are my school and property taxes so darn high???? This guy Weider looks like he has a bright future ahead of him. We need guys like that in public office.

Received via e-mail:

The East Ramapo School Board meets Today 12/16 at 7:15 in the gym at District headquarters, 105 South Madison Avenue Spring Valley, New York 10977. Come and see for yourself.


Anonymous said...

איך האב געהאט א שמועס מיט דעם ווידער, איך גלייב נישט אז ער קען מצליח זיין אין די עתיד, ער איז זייער א ווילדער

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

וואס הייסט ווילד? פארוואס איז אין איסט ראמאפא אנדערש ווי אין לארענס

Anonymous said...

Weider is a great guy. He is doing the right thing. This new Law firm will save us money in the long run. Even though they charge more money by the hour, they will still be cheaper for the district. The Reason is, the current layer, who is there for 33 years is billing 8-9 hours a week. For any "bar daas" this is way too much. An attorney usually puts in an average for 2-3 hours a WEEK not 7-8 hours a day.

The reason why the current layer bills so much is, he is there for so many years. He’s drinks coffee on the tax payers "cheshben" which is outrages!!!
Weider and crew are trying to change all that but the Preserve Ramapo anti-smites are making a "shturem" over nothing.
Let all be mispallel that Wider and crew should be successful

Anonymous said...

until these heimishe board members send their own kids to the same public schools as the other residents of the county that they claim to speak for, they should just shut up & resign. they obviously don't represent the same values & do not support the same curriculum that the schools were set up for. sure the heimishe are paying taxes for the schools, but it is the frume oylem's CHOICE not to send their kinderlach to shkole. but this does not give them the right to cut down the schools' services. & besides, it is the will of the parents & the current children who do attend these public schools that (1) their services not be cut, & (2) that the heimishe not hire an expensive corrupt lawyer whose job will be to cut services even more.

the only people who will benefit from this situation are the lawyer & the heimishe community -- NOT the children, including those with disabilities, who are actually attending the school.

maybe they should put up a quota as to how many heimishe families that do not attend public school can live in this county. -- oh, but then they will all shray "antisemitism"!

these board members are the biggest mechaleley hashem! they are obviously noyge'ah bedovor for alterior motives (less taxes).

if the heimishe don't want to pay higher taxes, especially with such high yeshive tuition, then close your chadorim & yeshives & join the rest of america. if not, just farmacht dem pisk & don't try to pull obama-esque calls for "change." everyone mit a halbe kop can see through vider et al.'s facade.

besides, this is an inyen of following shulchon oruch: "darkey sholom" etc. vd"l.

especially when it reaches the internet, which is bibchinas farhesiye & causes extreme unwanton chilul hashem.

umesaymin b'toyv...

-- ZIY

monsyite said...

weider is a tzaddik. what the board is trying to do is hire a lawyer who they have heard has had great success alloccating school funds to programs for private schools and for special ed. for our kids. This cant be said out in the open since the anti semites wud have a field day how we are stealing from the public school kids while only worrying abt ourselves,forgetting we pay the taxes while all our kids are in private schools.And btw being on the school board pays nitgin and is done lshem shomayim.

Anonymous said...


Your are so wrong.

1) Why shouldn't we have proper representation on the board? I'm paying close to 4,000 dollars for the district. Shouldn’t we have a say in how my money is spent.

2) This issue has nothing do to with the kids. For the kids, it doesn't matter who represents them it's all about spending taxpayers’ dollars wisely. if you want to waster your money, ur entitle to but not my money. I WANT TO HAVE A SAY ON HOW MY TAXES ARE SPENT.

For proof of that, must people that are against this and attended the school board meetings are not the public school parents they are the Preserve Ramapo people who are known for their hate against us.

3) Weider and Co. do not want to dictate the curriculum of the public schools and they never did. They just want to stop this wasteful spending.


Anonymous said...

Something very strange is going on here. If you watch this clip you will see him giving the same speech but from a different angle so that other members are visible and the audience is booing and laughing instead of applauding!

Anonymous said...

anon #1 (abe):

exactly my point. you & the other heimishe are selfish noigeah bedovorniks, who want the tax funds to go support your own private mosdos, even though there is already a public school available. & no, you do NOT have a say how your tax money is spent in this case, since by your own volition you opted out of using the already available publicly provided school services. for you, spending taxpayers money "wisely" is that it go to yeshives instead. to those who go to school there, it is cutting their services! if there is hate from the ramapo goyim, it is because it is obvious that this is a chareidi putsch of an school system that they fundamentally oppose (teaching evolution, sex education, etc. etc.)

you sound like the guy who says that he doesn't want to pay taxes because his money goes for welfare & he opposes it. the IRS doesn't care if you believe in the government's services or not. just pay your taxes!

anon #2:

yes, the video smells very fishy...


fakewood inc. said...

the irs is unconstitutional. the federal gov has no right to tax people.

Malach HaMovies said...


Check out the above youtube link of Zev Jabotinsky speaking in yiddish to members of Betar in Paris in 1935. Fascinating !!

Unknown said...

does anybody know what Jabotinsky has to do with the ERSB?

snagville said...

Interesting. It seems he re-taped the speech afterwards with only his friends there. Look at when he says g-d bless america. on your video he has his hands up but on the other clip he doesnt. Hmm.

yehupitz said...

The legality of the IRS only relates to Federal Income Taxes, not State Taxes, or Local Taxes which are derivative of the State system.

People who pay significant amounts of taxes into a system have a say. I think if they attempted to transform the educational system itself, there would be some validity to the chutzpa complaint. But this lawyer concern seems to be a matter of spending that is unrelated to the children's education.

Anonymous said...

Many of these points were addressed in the meeting Dec. 16. I am sure youtube will soon have it.

Anonymous said...

Many of you are so brainwashed you can't see straight. This guy, Weider is a chillul Hashem, plain and simple. They don't give a damn about the public school district, they just give a damn about their daled amos. My children go to private school, yet I do not regret having to pay taxes to my local school district...and I am a staunch conservative! He comes across as boorish, pompous, and arrogant. I am quite sure he considers the non-jews no better than trash.

Papa Smurf said...

For all the Weider bashers out there, he is executing his given mandate, and rather inadequately if you ask me. As many of you were too busy writing blog comments in history class instead of paying attention, let me tell you about a sacred principle we have in this country termed "taxation only with representation" - a tenement which happens to be THE primary liberty championed by the framers of the constitution.

The corollary of this principle is, that in such time when a particular interest group forms the majority of a tax paying entity, they possess the absolute prerogative to spend those funds as they see fit (insofar as it does not break with any other ascendant charters, such as state or federal law). The governing body has no obligations, moral or otherwise, other than executing the will of their constituency to the best of their ability. Constituency in this sense referring to those voters who ELECTED these officials, regardless of the interests of other voters in the district.

To boil it down into simple English, if Mr. Weider believes that he was elected by heimishe voters who receive no benefit from the school taxes they pay, and therefore resent paying them, then he would be acting in the best and noblest traditions of democratic governing, when he tries to cut the school budgets to the absolute minimum mandated by state and federal law. Indeed, even if he had personal reservations about such actions, the spirit of democracy still requires him to act in representation of those who elected him, despite his own feelings.

Unless you have reason to believe the current school board has a hidden agenda to subvert state requirements, they are upright public servants and you should respect them, whether you agree with them or not.