Saturday, January 25, 2014

מראות קודש - תפקידן של נשי ובנות ישראל


Yanover said...

Avi weiss and co. should take a lesson.

Hashofal Bemes said...

Kemayim Kara Al Nefesh Ayaafo,
so holy, so much love, so much ahavas yisroel so much ahavas yisroel

Woodridger ruv said...

saw in Willi a New concept,
Big posters, all are called to listen to Shmois Kodesh to the Satmar Zali shuls to listen to reb Yoelishes Z"L
3rd seuda torah.
Did the Yismach Moshe do it too?
did the Yietev Lev do it too?
Just asking

Strashile said...

Ah, you'd rather watch the video of it on the big screen in front of the aron kodesh like at your local chabad house.

Vilednik said...

Farvos Nisht, is it worse then a Ruv standing on the Oran Kodesh? it is a derosha on the bima... explain the difference?