Wednesday, January 15, 2014

'דף השבוע חגיגה י:א ב

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Anonymous said...

LAST 5 RECENT GEDOLEI HADOR NIFTAR (over less then a month time & at young ages) and Moshiach is still not here!!! yet.

Rabbi Shimon Cohen of Ashdod ZT”L,-Rosh Yeshivas Torah Ohr-December 8 2013-67

HaRav Binyamin Batzri ZT”L-Rosh Yeshivat Beit Yosef & Rabbi of Kiryat Chareidis-December 16 2013-57

the Sokolover-Kotzker Rebbe, Rav Mendel Meir Morgenstern zt”l, -December 23 2013-92

Rav Asher Zelig Rubenstein zt”l,-rosh yeshiva of Yeshiva Toras Simcha in Yerushalayim-December 29 2013-71.

Rav Ephraim Greenblatt zt”l, the Revivos Ephraim-renowned senior posek and longtime rov of Memphis, Tennessee.-January 3, 2014-81

Look at their ages & how we are losing our Gedolim constantly

May all of Klal yisroel start doing teshuva NOW-before tragedy strikes again C”V-& THEN mashiach will come b’karov

May His Neshama have an Aliya