Sunday, April 19, 2015

Like, if I would go away and N E V E R write again.... M O S T of you - even those who say they've been loyal readers from Day 1 - wouldn't skip a beat. Just saying.

Busy season is over for me, so I figured you'd be banging the doors down asking for new סחורה. After all, it's almost three months that the posts haven't been coming down on a regular basis.

I guess everybody's expendable.


פלוני אלמוני said...

please, please continue posting...

Klonkers said...

Calm down Hirshil.We all love you and look forward to your posts.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

THANKS, "klonkers"


JJJ said...

Whining, again
no one loves me
shut up and post some decent schoire like in the good old days and you won't be expendable

ACK said...

Hirshel, your loyal readers are well aware that you are busy this time of year and know not to expect new posts. We are happy to have you back.

ACK said...

Hirshel, this article is up your alley.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...


I published it years ago.

See here

Hyman said...

Yes your expendable when your blog turns into a cemetery, and I can hear myself snoring even though I don't snore.
sorry to say Tzig that's what it's been feelin like roun here for over a year now every time I drop by.
So either give us the beef, fresh and on your toes like the good old days when the oilam went at each others necks, or watch this place shrivel up and disappear before you eyes. Just like the hear on your head...

ליינער said...

hyman: Just like the hear on your head...


-- קווצותיו תלתלים שחורות כעורב
!שפתותיו שושנים נוטפות מור עובר

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness, youre like a wife. Isnt Chabad supposed to cure Hungarian emotional neediness?

JS said...

I would have been banging the doors, but I don't know where they are. But every day I've been chcking my feed, hoping to see a glimpse of something. You know this is the only place on the web to see this kind of stuff. Well anyway I hope you had a good yontiv, and welcome back.

empire-kingston-crown said...

chabad of today the #1 neediest org. worldwide with 3000+ outposts vying for attention, has a cure for the needy?

empire-kingston-crown said...

chabad of today the #1 neediest org. worldwide with 3000+ outposts vying for attention, has a cure for the needy?

yom tov in der vochen said...

Welcome back!
Question:Since lots of your "sechoireh" was bashing snags and other "kiruv organizations who were "stealing" (or "trying" to)Chabads limelight as the only authentic and true Yiddishe movement, unlike the "phony" Agudisten and unlike your main nemesis "Aish", that has done so much with a fraction of the Lubavitch manpower.Anyway the question is how do you live with the fact that Aish interviewed R'Hirshy Minkowitz Lubavitcher shliach to Atlanta Georgia on the terrible loss of his rebbitzen

Faith After Heartbreak: Aish Profiles Rabbi Hirshy Minkowicz

I know Chabad inc would never ever interview a konkorent

It must be painful seeing your house of cards of "everyone hates us" crumble yet again.

I guess the easy way out is not posting this tough question,eh??

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

thank you, Yomtov

יקנה"ז said...

"thank you, Yomtov"

?יו"ט אינדער וואכען

yom tov in der vochen said...

Why don't you address/comment on the question? You have been quite obsessed with Aish,no?

ACK said...

Indeed you did post it 5 years ago. I knew it sounded familiar!

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

obsessed? not for a while. Aish does what is good for Aish.. VeDal.

yom tov in der vochen said...

"Aish does what is good for Aish"
Why is it good for Aish? (just curious, what they stand to gain)
. "VeDal."
Unfortunately, I was not zoicheh to the "light" "oros demakifin", help me out here, please because i don't get it.

I know you don't really mean it, because you get very,very angry when people accuse Chabad of doing "what's good for Chabad".I guess you get a carte blanche a a member of lubavitch, to say whatever makes your conscience feel good? (of course the "simple " answer is that what's good for Chabad is obviously good for the rest of the world "that is not yet Chabad"(!), they are just not smart enough, the rest of the world, that is, to realize this "secret"

Anyway, seriously now, in typical ingrate fashion, you could have chosen the high road and said: "very nice, a moving article by an organization that has sometimes been as odds with Lubavitch",but you decided to choose the well trodden path in your blog, of being an ingrate.

Way to go Heshy

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

I did better, I ignored it completely.

so who's the obsessed one here?

yom tov in der vochen said...

"I did better, I ignored it completely."

What does your comment mean in plain English for an "unenlightened" non Lubavitcher?
You guys speak a language which is unintelligible for regular folks.

Scratching my head ,maybe it means "you have a point, but this is a lubavitch blog and anyway Aish is the "enemy", so we either bashagetz them if we can, or put them on ignore"

"this blog is to sing the praises of lubavitch only, leolom voed.We had enough of a trauma when pinny lifshitz raised millions for sholom, while we did diddly and we could not attack him anymore"

Is that what is going thru your head?

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

what's going thru my head is:

"please make him go away"

yom tov in der vochen said...

"please make him go away"
He asks to many tough questions?
Holds your Lubavitcher feet to the fire?
While we are at it
What do you think about the Rabbi Lankrys new shul in monsey that actually incorporates a Chabad minyan?
Would Chabad ever allow anyone to "use" their shul without gaining anything?

Ingrates remain ingrates

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

why is there no gain to Lankry/Scheiner?

He gains alot, not least of all your accolades

yom tov in der vochen said...

What do they gain?
Lubavitchers are not known for generosity especially not to "fremdeh"
Scheiner does not need their money.
Monsey has more than enough people for this shul
Lubavitchers, at least to the "unenlightened" do not come across as looking (or being) very normal.
Why does he need them hanging around there?
If anything, your place is probably happy that R'Jacobson hangs out there so he does not open up his own place.He is not partisan enough for the average Lubavitcher.He says over non lubavitcher toireh some times

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

seems like you have your finger on the pulse of things. Thank G-d for you.

yom tov in der vochen said...

I know Lubavitch quite well.I have never seen a Lubavitcher moised incorporate anyone else besides for a few places that the Sephardic community is big enough that Lubavitch knows they will not change their customs.What they than do is allow a sefardy minyan and gain power by having the rabbi be a lubavitcher and the sefardy synagogue be underneath chabad auspices, with the hope of power and eventually being "megayer" the kids

yom tov in der vochen said...

You trying a dollop of cynicism?

yom tov in der vochen said...

Btw, i"m really enjoying the munkatcher video
Good stuff

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...


איציק הערש שמש said...

"Busy season is over for me" ?

והנה איל זה נאחז בסבך, וכנראה מפטירין כדאתמול, אין קול ואין עונה

yankel said...

How should we have expressed our wishes that you post some more? A kappittel tehillim? How do you know we didn't do that? In my baismedrash here in Lakewood we added a daily kappittel.

yom tov in der vochen said...

I want to ask you a question, but I"m doubtful if I"ll get an answer.
So here goes
Since you follow (or used to follow) Bechadrei Chareidim, you may have noticed a discussion on one of your favorite subjects:The Jewish refugees in Shanghai, the Mir, Chachmei Lublin and Tomchei Temimim.You published documents, one sided ones, claiming that monies were not fairly distributed.You allowed comments that had terrible lies of the worst kind, claiming that a number of Tomchei Temimim boys "starved to death" because they were not given money.
At the time iirc a few posters told you that that was a bilbul, that one boy who was sickly back in Vilna, passed away, and not from starvation.In the Bechadrei Chareidim discussion a link was post from Chabadonline that correctly stated that seven yeshiva boys succumbed to disease, only one from Tomchei Temimim.
I am quite sure you knew this at the time.I'm quite sure that you even knew the name of the bochur (Chanowitz).
So the question is:Are you willing, even when you are implying and allowing misguided or evil posters to spread terrible lies and call people terrible names and hate families because you think it will make Lubavitch look like a victim??

Just as an aside, just because letters were written does that prove that the Lubavitchers were right about Shanghai? Were you there?
Have you ever discussed this issue with knowledgeable people with no agenda who can tell you what they thought pf the Hatzola efforts done by Lubavitch?

This an attempt to have a civil discussion

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

Bh, it's still quite busy
Also, I'm having a hard time finding what to write about....

איציק הערש שמש said...

יתמו לשה"ר מן הארץ? תלמדו מן השמד'ניק האח לצרת חב"ד דימינו הבן-שאול (שאול-זאן) הוא גם מכור להעגל (הזהב..) של חב"ד והם מסתמא תומכים אותו, כל זמן שהוא זורק חיצים ובליסטראות על כל החיגים אחרים, וביחוד על הקנאים והפאליטיקאנטן התורה פארטייען מבני ברק! תלמדו ממנו הכלל של כל המיצר לישראל נעשה ראש ברשת-התחתון

shmulik from squirrel hill said...

reb aron cutler called them to din torah and lost, so i heard