Thursday, March 31, 2016

A young JFK celebrating the State of Israel's 10th anniversary

So here's where JFK answered the Loyever Rebbe's call - and then some! Nice white kippah on Congressman Kennedy's head. He came to speak to a crowd gathered at the 10th anniversary celebration in what seems to be a shul in Chelsea, Massachusetts. Behind him we see the 10th anniversary banner. Next to him we see the Loyev-Mirapoler Rebbe, Reb Menachem Nochum Yosef Twersky. There is a picture way up high, on the Aron Kodesh; it's hard to make out who it is. Looks like Shazar, but probably isn't. [ reader "JR" says it is then-President Yitzchak Ben-Zvi. Thanks.] [ Interesting side note: Ben-Zvi's wife was a descendant of the מאור עינים - through his son Reb Moshe] There are also Israeli and American flags in the background. This picture is in Yitz Twersky's book: מלכות טשערנאבל, and we bring this with his permission. Was he fishing for votes? well, 1958 was an election year, and he was a politician. But we're not really interested in the JFK angle of this picture, it's more the Chernobler angle that we seek.


yoshka fisher said...

hirshel: "it's more the Chernobler angle that we seek".

Hirshel how about you angle this:

"copied with permission"

forward backwardThursday, March 31, 2016 8:50:00 AM

Kennedy: "I need your blessing again rabbi, Kennedy said, ever the politician, said he can use some Jewish "votes" and the rabbis best wishes for his success as well"

rabbi: "Boston Jewish community is preparing to celebrate israels 10th anniversary! could you give 10 minutes of your time, to address the celebration"

Kennedy was open in intent, he needs votes! the rebbe needed "credits" with the israelis before making his "aliyah" which they demanded than, was not open with his motivation on his request. Never the less its politics in its raw! so what's new?

jr said...

The picture on the Aron Kodesh is probably of Yitzchak Ben Zvi, who was president at the time.

חסד ש"א טהרה שטיבל said...

Rebbe Menachem Nachum Yosef Twersky

מנחם נחום יוסף ב"ר ברוך בן ציון

Loyev Miropol Chelsea Rebbe of Boston, MA

Date of Death: Fri. June 8, 1973 - Sivan 8 5733 Isrue Chag Shavous.

Cemetery: Everett Jewish Cemeteries - Boston

Directions to Kever: Section: Chevra Thilim

Name Listed on Cemetery Database:Twersky

Jewish Fress editorial said...


Major! it's Huge! news! that a Muslims in Belgium does not believe in israel!¿ when it's common knowledge by all cheridim that Israel doesn't constitute as a state according to the laws of the jews. didnt the Belgium jews just printed a "guidline" how a jew can teavel to eretz yisruel without recognizing it as a State! JP we always knew what the Muslims think, we now know what you think!

by JP newsroom

"A volunteer from the Jewish center in Antwerp called the Belgian crisis center’s terror hotline to inquire about repatriation procedures. During the call, the operator repeatedly used the word “Palestine” instead of Israel. The operator also said he did not know of the existence of the State of Israel, but instead knew about “Jews who have established themselves in Palestine and are occupying territory.”

וזל" ש במכתב של הרב חיים לייב זאקס ז"ל רב בכמה ערי ישראל, ובאחרונה בקליוולאנד, ובכפר חב"ד

בא"ד ... מה נאמר על אלו המינים והכופרים ... עליהם יאמר הם קנאוני בלא אל -- ואני אקניאם בלי עם, שאינם נחשבים כלל לעם. האם לזאת מלכות תקרא, סוף דבר אין מלכות למינים. ואין להם דיני דמלכותא, וכן הורו מורי הוראה הלכה למעשה בתחילת ימי ממשלתם. ע"כ

מענדעלע מוכר ספרים said...

! 'ראו זה דבר חדש בעולם 'התרה

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