Thursday, April 14, 2016

A strange interview with a French anti-Zionist from Aix-les-Bains (Yiddish)

Ya gotta feel for the Natruna people, those "Neturei Karta Lite" who would love for the State of Israel to go away, but they keep from publicly meeting with the Ahmedenijads of the world and waving Palestinian flags. So they have no real way of doing away with the State, היל"ת. So they put ads in papers "distancing" themselves from Israel and the IDF. nu, nu. They also have a telephone line where you can call in and hear speeches and interviews that speak of the evils of Israel and teach you VaYoel Moshe. In short it's a Satmar front group. Here they found a Jew in France who speaks Yiddish with a French accent and who tells people that it's all good in France. No cause for concern. There's even a spiritual renaissance going on among French Jews. France has a rich history of Jewish growth and will continue to be a haven for Jews. So no need to panic and make aliya. Besides, we all know that it's MORE dangerous there... Maybe he's a Novardikker and sees the good in everything. Or maybe his love for France is מעבירו על דעתו. I  wonder why he won't give his real/full name...

Listen here, if you dare, and if you can stomach the dripping KJ Yiddish...

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קטלאר קניא said...

Do you propagate on behalf of the "Jugendkreis" vs. the NK, we know how that Kreis ended up, No harm ever came out of the NK .

Immediately following the establishment of the World Zionist Organization in 1897, the first Zionist Organization was established in Mir. In 1902, emissaries were sent from Mir to the Zionist Conference in Minsk, and during the revolution of 1905, cells of Bund and Poalei Zion activists operated in the town. At the beginning of the 20th century, the Tzeirei Zion organization for boys and girls was established in Mir, whose founders included Yeshaya (Isaiah) Tiktinsky, son of the Rosh of the Mir Yeshiva.

After WWI, the "Youth Circle for Independent education" (Jugendkreis) was established in Mir, which gathered every evening to hear lectures from volunteer speakers. This was an apolitical circle looking for new ideas. The circle finally broke up and most of its members joined the Zionist-Socialist movement. Others joined the Bund.

In 1924, the "Hashomer Hatzair" youth movement was established as a scout movement. In 1925, the first emissaries from "Hechalutz" arrived in Mir. The Jewish youth of the town was carried away with its enthusiasm for "Hechalutz," and then "Hechalutz Hatzair." Also established in the town were the "Freiheit" (Dror) and "Beitar" youth movements. "Hechalutz" concentrated all the youth movement activities and established a training center. Movement members worked on the property of the Mirski prince as well as in a leased vegetable garden.

"Here [in the "Hechalutz" building] we learned to sing Hebrew songs; here we quietly studied the wild Hora dance. We received guests from abroad, heard lectures and debated, and from here we travelled to training groups and to Eretz Israel. On the other side of the wall, the yeshiva [ketana] students studied pages of Talmud to a pioneering melody they learned from us."Bruria Retner-Rosenblum, "A Journey in the Streets of Mir," Sefer Mir, p. 201

Funded by the Jewish school and the youth movements, Hebrew circles and Hebrew and Yiddish literature circles were established in Mir, as well as lecture programs, libraries and drama circles. Trips, performances, dances and lotteries were held – also to raise money for the school. The "Maccabi" sports organization also operated in Mir, with youth training there every evening.

The vast majority of the Jews of Mir were murdered. What remains are only documents, testimonies, Pages of Testimony and photographs that tell their stories – proof of the persecution of an entire Jewish community. Rabbis, yeshivot, teachers and students, traders and slave laborers, men, women and children הי"ד

אוי לך מיר אבדת עם כמוש נתן בניו פליטם ובנתיו בשבית למולך הציונות

wandering jew said...

hirsh: "I wonder why he won't give his real/full name..."

Yes I wonder too, why don't you!

hertz frankel said...

h: "Or maybe his love for France is מעבירו על דעתו."

Comish I was flabbergasted when natanyahoo was weaseling him self between world leaders, at a March in Paris! while in his country "only this year" alone more Jews were killed in his country, than in the whole world combined, let alone paris! chutzpah has a new definition!
or is it,
הרוח רעה! שמעביר להם על דעתם ועל דעת קונם

Unknown said...

Natrune a front for Satmar & Co.
They financed a campaign last year on WABC 770 AM Talk Show Radio.
Each minute of commercial amounted to a few thousand dollars.
The commercial was read by none other than the Jewish apostate Ron Kuby.
The content included bashing The State of Israel & Bibi as the biggest terrorist.
The Iran deal must go on & the Jews have no right to protest.
The same Satmar & Co. pre war & post war WWII lambasted that The Zionist are creating a dangerous situation in Europe for the Jews to feel uneasy & unsafe.
No mention of DAESH or ISIS, for they are but tool of The Zionists.
"Liquidate The Exile before it Liquidates You" ... said Zev Jabotinsky in the 1930's
Apparently some are heeding to The Clarion Call ...

יעקב רוזנהיים, פאריז said...

כל כלי יוצר עליך לא יצלח וכל לשון תקום אתך למשפט תרשיעי זאת נחלת עבדי ה' וצדקתם מאתי נאם ה'. אמר הכתוב

אלו המינים והאפיקורסים כמו שאבאטינסקי ובעגין וגינדא דיליה, הם נחלת הערב, ובוודאי לא באלה בחר ה

דברי הימים: לא בחרתי בעיר מכל שבטי ישראל לבנות בית להיות שמי שם, ולא בחרתי באיש, מכל שבטי ישראל, להיות נגיד על עמי ישראל ואבחר בירושלים להיות שמי שם, ואבחר בדויד להיות על עמי ישראל. -דה"ב ו', ד-ו

ובזוהר: האי רישא לאו סיפא, פתח לא בחרתי "בעיר" ומסיים ואבחר "בדוד" אטו דוד עיר הוא?, אלא כאלו אמר לא בחרתי "אלא בעבור דוד עבדי".. ע"כ. ירושלים בלי דוד המלך לא צריכנא, סחור סחור! לא מדבשך ולא מעוקצך

made in israel said...

! שובו בנים שובבה

והיית משוגע ממראה עיניך אשר תראה

Rabbi Eliezer Berland, head of the Breslov Shuvu Banim Kehilla, continued in a Johannesburg Magistrate Court during the afternoon hours.

Appearing before a magistrate court in "tallis and tefilin" with a number of "chassidim" in the courtroom.

The court granted the rabbi’s request that his own doctors treat him while held in detention.

Tensions were running high among chassidim, who were waiting to hear the verdict, if the Rabbi will be extradited to Israel or be released. The chassidim "recited Tikun Klalli" during the court proceeding.

שגיון לדוד אשר שר לה' על דברי "כוש בן ימיני".. מלבים: "שגיון, על דברי "כוש בן ימיני", המבואר מדברי השירה הזאת, כי כוש זה רדף אחר דוד, ולקח עמו עדת לאומים, עדה ועם רב להלחם נגדו. ועצתו זאת היה לו למוקש, כי בבור כרה בו נוקש, ומצייר כאילו כוש ועדתו היה שבט אפו של ה' לענוש את דוד, אבל אחר שהביט ה' על מעשיהם הרעים וערך לנגדם צדקת דוד, שב אפו מדוד על עדת צורריו ונוקשו בבור כרו. ע"כ

כן יאבדו כל אויביך השם, גם הכושי והבן-ימיני, התניהו

daydreamer said...

Big H: "So they have no real way of doing away with the State"

Communism was a more lethal power than zionisim, yet it disappeared over the night without one shot!that's the nature of ism's the same can happen to Zionism if the UN and the US decide so! and return it to the British mandate, or some other mega political arrengemenrs, just like the USSR satellite states were broken up! don't kid yourself..

Unknown said...

"Liquidate The Exile before it Liquidates You" ... said Zev Jabotinsky in the 1930's
Apparently some are heeding to The Clarion Call ...

Unknown said...

Those sitting in The Exile with their corpulent contentment ...
will do everything to point the accusing finger at The Zionists ...

They simply continue their harangue with

Vicissitudes ....

Liquidate The Exile before it liquidates you ...

שַׁבָּת שָׁלוֹם

Strasbourg said...

Why such negativity? Although Satmar and/or NK have few admirers in France, the sentiments expressed by the interviewee are not unusual among French Jews. So if its the association with Natruna that irks you, you can hear the same arguments from plenty of others with no shaychus to that camp. One needn't fly a black flag on 5 Iyar to recognize the arrogance, insensitivity, and hypocrisy of Netanyahu urging French Jews to emigrate after any attack, of which he has many more in his own country and which he has proven less than perfect at preventing, or to highlight the dynamic Jewish life in France today. Instead of judging others whose situation you do not share and to which you cannot evidently relate, why not enjoy the novelty of a Yiddish speaking interviewee reporting from a frum enclave in the minor town of Aix-les-Bains, a place of which hardly any Americans have heard despite its significant role in promoting post-Holocaust Jewish reconstruction? Or engage in a thoughtful conversation about the future of Judaism in France...

Anonymous said...

I'm French so forgive my English.
Yes, there is and has been for decades a massive teshuva wave. New schools, mikves, community centers opening all the time, kids from totally frei families suddenly going back to traditions and more! but Americans only see the bad things that the media loves to speak about - as they do with Israel... and even with NY, saying New Yorker Jews there are stabbed and targetted.
So you don't hear about the booming French communities where you see kippas, sheitlech, shops and restaurants with Hebrew writing, huge Lag baomer and Purim parades... because it doesn't sell.

Israel is beautiful, but security is not a reason to move there... You have to WANT it. Most of those who leave Europe, if they haven't been bullied into it by some agencies, are religiously Zionistic. You won't find a big traditional "just frum", yeshivish, charedi or heimish aliyah. Belgium is a typical example, of this.

I'm not especially scared as a French, at least I'm not especially scared of antisemitism. Blind terrorism like the Bataclan is in all countries. I haven't been to Israel for years because I'm afraid there. Many Frenchies feel the same and are not planning aliya (some are trying for America or Québec though). Many rabbis agree with this.

(FTR Aix-les-Bains is a very active community in out of town France. Its yeshiva Chochmey Tzorfat is among the best in both kodesh and chol.)

Prof Rhinebeck UCSF said...

Guest editorial!

The biggest ever non-stop propoganda machine worldwide from its inception till today is zionisim! it's well known and documented, the runner up is none other than the religious zionists spearheaded by chabad lubavitch Inc.

these are well known facts! yet this blog is concerned with a man and his tape recorder promoting "sanity" into a few confused people caught in the glaring beam lights of the zionist slash and burn "propoganda halacust" machine, This goes to show the true colors of the people behind this NK smear campaign!
and who the perpetrators are.

we have met the enemy and it's you! the so called religious zionists! this to is a propoganda bluff by the secular zionist, who for political reasons they have to move on from their moto "we are the only democratic state in the middle east" which by now is clear they are anything but democratic, to their new ideology of selective democracy with a mix of religion to confuse the world by it.. in order to maintain their hegemony they are ready to infuse "holy war" mentality into the already explosive situation, this can not end to good, if there is an ending to it.

r.c. kumin, UN said...

h. "They also have a telephone line where you can call in and hear speeches"

would you please forward their hot-line phone number, thanks.

Rav Saks said...

hershele: "In short it's a Satmar front group."

Is it as dangerous and murderous as the Ginsburg fraction is a front group for the Lubavitchers?

Ruth Blau, paris said...


ה' הוא מלכנו ולו אנו עבדים 
התורה היא חוקותינו ובה אנו מאמינים 

ה' הוא מלכנו ולו אנו עבדים 
התורה הקדושה היא חיינו ולה אנו משועבדים . 

בשלטון הכופרים אין אנו מאמינים - אין אנו מאמינים 

ובחוקותיהם אין אנו מתחשבים - אין אנו מתחשבים 

בדרך התורה נלך באש ובמים 
בדרך התורה נלך לקדש שם שמים - 
אוי - לקדש שם שמים!


Hashem is our King and to him we are servants,​​ 
The Torah is our law and unto it we are believers​​​ 

Hashe​m is our King and to him we are servants,​​ 
The Holy Torah is our life and unto it we serve 

To the Rule of the heretics we are not believers​​​, 
We are not believers​​​! 

And their laws we do not honor, 
we do not honor! 

In the way of the Torah we walk, 
throu​gh fire and water. 
In the way of the Torah we walk, to sanctify the Holy Name. 
Oy! To sanctify the Holy Name!

ps: French version available upon request.

Rabbi Schneerson said...

אני מאמין
באמונה שלמה
בביאת המשיח

ואף על פי שיתמהמה
עם כל זה אחכה לו
אחכה לו בכל יום

Chusid said...

עובדא הוא אלו שעושים חילול השם הם אנשי סאטמר או גירוגיהם כמו נטורי קרתא או נטרונא
האחרון משגעים העם האמריקני עם הבליהם ברדיו לו חכמו ישכילו כי גוי שרואה יהודי שונא ארצו ועמו נעשה מאוס בעיניו אפילו לשיטתם העקומה שעם ישראל אין לו שייכות לארצו חס מלהזכיר הרי הגוי לא יבין את זה בכלל. בשנאתם הנילוזה לאלו שלא נוקטים כשיטת רבים הרי מחללים את השם ומבזים יהדות החרדית

Chusid said...

קושיא גדולה לי לחסידי סאטמר. אלו עשיתם מוסדותיכם בארץ ישראל בשנות הצ׳ ואלו הקדמתם לבנות קריותיכם בארץ הקודש קודם שבא היטלר כמה יהודים היו ניצלו???

הבל אחיכם said...

קול דמי אחיך צועקים אלי מן־האדמה! רוצחים

NEWS: "shin Bet, Police: Almost All Price Tag Attacks Carried Out By Followers Of Racist Extremist Chabad Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburg" of chabad!

Settler Girls At War And Terror
One of them is the bride at whose wedding the Hilltop Youth danced their notorious dance celebrating the arson-murders of a palestinian "baby" and his sleeping parents.

הבל אחיכם said...

 שופך דם האדם באדם דמו ישפך

Judaic 'Price Tag' terrorists of Counterfeit Israel threaten to kill Christians who don't leave

torath hamelech:

kill Arab babies sleeping in their cribs because eventually the babies will grow up to hate Jews! or praising goldstein ym"s who massacred 29 Muslims and wounded 125 others! or the atrocities of your hate gangs carrying out the price tag crimes!? against arabs and christians!. with actions like this, do you still wander why the palestinians going around stabbing people?

burger flipper said...

very well said Strasburg.

son of sam said...

sammy: "Liquidate The Exile before it Liquidates You"

think sam, the Jews in the diaspora worldwide are all free to leave their country and to immegrate to Israel anytime, the israelis are in true "exile" they can't all leave, they are barred think¿

EXILE: noun, the state of being barred from one's native country, typically for political or punitive reasons!?

יוסף גברי מאסרי, קר"י said...

צבי מה פשעך וחטאך! מה עשית? שאתה מוצא שם רע על עדה הקדושה הנטורי קרתא עולמי, ועכשיו מצודתך פרושה גם על התמימי לב הנוטרים! מה זה ועל מה זה, נא לקרוא הלמטה

שמעתי בשם מורי זלה"ה ביאור משנה (אבות פ"ד משנה א') איזה חכם הלומד מכל אדם על פי משל, המסתכל במראה יודע חסרונו כו' כך ברואה חסרון זולתו יודע שיש בו שמץ מנהו כו' ודפח"ח. -תוי"י פקודי דע"ז סע"ד

טכן שנינו (במס' נגעים פ"ב משנה ה') כל הנגעים אדם רואה חוץ מנגעי עצמו!, ופירש הבעל שם טוב הקדוש, כל הנגעים שאדם רואה "חוץ" זה נמשך "מנגעי עצמו", כמאמר רבותינו ז"ל (קדושין ד"ע ע"א) כל הפוסל במומו פוסל: -דברי שלום פ' קרח דנ"ו ע"ב

דוק ותשכח

Solomon Hirshprung, Teaneck said...

tzig: "but they keep from publicly meeting with the Ahmedenijads of the world and waving Palestinian flags"

obviously these naughtruns are not תוכם כברם because I doubt they are also waving the Palestinians flag in "private" too

curious bob said...

h: "In short it's a Satmar front group."

is this a revelation are theyou denieing it ?

Natruna, Neturei Karta, French chapter said...

courtesy by the benevolent free sociey of: Natruna, Neturei Karta, French chapter. USA

כל חמירא וחמיעא דאיכא ברשותי, דחזיתיה ודלא חזיתיה, דבערתיה ודלא בערתיה, לבטיל ולהוי כעפרא דארעא

Tous דאיכא חמירא דחזיתיה וחמיעא j'utilise, et de l'immobilier, et לבטיל réel ולהוי דבערתיה je me suis réveillé, sans valeur

Moshe Ber said...

"The vast majority of the Jews of Mir were murdered. What remains are only documents, testimonies, Pages of Testimony and photographs that tell their stories – proof of the persecution of an entire Jewish community. Rabbis, yeshivot, teachers and students, traders and slave laborers, men, women and children הי"ד"
the Jews of Mir were killed by whom ? by the Zionist?
reading your long speech we can think only they were killed vs. the Jews in Mishkoltz who were Munlkacher chasidim all survived.

Moshe Ber said...

Made in israel
"כן יאבדו כל אויביך השם, גם הכושי והבן-ימיני, התניהו"
this statement is made in Germany

UNESCO said...

" if the UN and the US decide so! "
is the UN and USA infinite? is your source a VM? or a al Hageulah?

Moshiach Milchomo said...

Son of Sam
"sammy: "Liquidate The Exile before it Liquidates You"

think sam, the Jews in the diaspora worldwide are all free to leave their country and to immegrate to Israel anytime, the israelis are in true "exile" they can't all leave, they are barred think¿"
its the Jew that is responsible for a other Jew that was original Yiddishkiet,
He cant leave his brothers for the Tropicana Juice in the diaspora....
its noting to be shamed of..
BTW,every kehila has its way of punishing a member upon leaving.....

Meshi Zahav said...

Is all this police at Schhol doors a Zionist Propogada?

Devash said...

Where are all Jews of Yemen now,
satmar propaganda in the last 35 years that life is great in Yemen, its just zionsitic rebel rousing,
Now they had to run away with a blitzkrieg on their heads, only the Zionsit saved them
the Satmar, Rav Tov, Koloel Shomrie Hachomois Keren Hatzolah, Bedatz, CRC and Golden flow were no where to be found.....

chusid shota said...

For those who blame the European Orthodox leaders, not letting the "6 mil orthodox" European Jews to migrate to palestine! read on:

in the words of rabbi Joseph Zvi Dushinski, to the U.N.

"However, it is a regrettable fact that a serious blunder was committed at the time by recognising first the leaders of Zionism and then the Jewish Agency as official representation of the Jewish population and by handing the keys of immigration to that body which consists of zionists and non-zionists who are united in the "opposition" to the application of religion to public life and they have succeeded in bringing to this country free-thinking people like themselves "who blocked the way of immigration to myriads of Orthodox Jews"!!! Only after prolonged and forceful representations supported by the Government of Palestine did they agree to issue "small numbers" of certificates for immigration also to Orthodox Jews"

רב זונגער said...

אין קץ לדברי רוח! חילול השם ע"פ הלכה הוא רק כשהגוי מורה על היהודים, שהיהודים אינם נוטרים התורה, כמו תשעים אחוז במדינת ישראל

עיין חת"ס או"ח סימן נ"ט בשם הרמב"ם בסוף פ"ק דע"ז, דחילול השם הוי דוקא מה שהגויים יאמרו, ישראל לא מנטרי השבת! עיי"ש

scott, golders green said...

Israel introduced terrorism in the middle east first against the British and than against the palestinians, they were successful!, the arabs are an aggravated and agrrasive people anyway, so they think terrorism can work¿ ..

לעק-וואד-ער said...

בשר וחלב לא דבש וחלב תחת לשונך. שקלי המן ושקלי מרדכי א"א לדמותם. וד"ל

Aix-les-Pains said...

First they say they want you
How they really need you
Suddenly you find you're out there, Walking in a storm

When they know they have you
Then they really have you
Nothing you can do or say,
You've got to leave, just get away, We all know the song

Chaim ber said...

I feel your pain.

קונצעלע said...

. פירורין יהא הפקר

rebcharles said...

Min HaStam Halt'en NK az di Tziyoinim Zenen Schildig fahr Alz'ding Frantzoisish nokh fin di tzeit'in fin Dreyfus .

To them, its quite a suspicious coincidence that pinkt Herzl Sher"i shows up at the trial to pradig Tziyoinis.

Everybody knows that Col. Esterhazy was on the Mossad payroll.

skvera rebetzin said...

Very impressive mrs.Clinton!

In the 10th congressional district, considered to be the district most populated with Jews in the entire nation, Clinton beat Sanders by a 3-to-1 margin.
The onetime senator from New York also won the Lower East Side and Boro Park. She also handily won the election district in Midwood where Sanders grew up.

Chusid said...

כן הטעות הראשון והעיקרי לא להשתתף בבנין הארץ במסווה של קנאות מאוררת גרמה להחופשים להשתלט על ההגירה לארץ ישראל. אבל אנחנו ואבותינו חטאנו.

Chusid said...

הרמבם מגדיר חילול השם מה שיחלל בעיני חביריו

Chusid said...

וגם לאחר שבאשמתם של החרדים שמסרו ענין התיישבות לחפשים בלבד. עדיין היו יכולים לברוח לארץ ישראל בהיתר ובאיסור. אולם הקנאות המאוררת זרעו בלב שנאה לציון. והוא הוא קליפת המרגלים. וגרמו למותם של אלפי ישראל בכבשונות של אושוויץ השם ישמור

Rav Kaplan said...

esco: "is your source a VM? or a al Hageulah?"

yes, and definitely infinite.

מעלה אדומים said...

והחסידה מעלה גירה הוא, אע"פ שטובלת אחר שמתחברת.. עכ"ז טמא הוא, טובל ושרץ בידו אין שייך בו טהרה

משה טארים, האחרון said...

הצלת כלל ישראל העיקרי הוא ההתישבות החסידות סאטמאר דוקא בגלות אמעריקא ולא במדינת ישראל. דוק ותשכח

Natruna, Neturei Karta, French chapter said...

Sam KayFriday, April 15, 2016 4:16:00 AM

"Liquidate The Exile before it Liquidates You" ... said Zev Jabotinsky in the 1930's
Apparently some are heeding to The Clarion Call ...

Israel Will Be ‘Eliminated’ By International Community, Says Ex-U.S. Official Who Advised Sanders

פלעכטל דוד said...

ויהי בשלח פרעה את העם ולא נחם (נהוג) אלהים דרך ארץ פלשתים כי "קרוב הוא". אחר רד"ו שנים במצרים הדרך עוד היה קרוב!

צריכים עוד להיות מ' שנה במדבר, אם כל המסתעף לה, וגם המעשה מרגלים, ובני אפרים רומי קשת.. נעלמו מאתנו דרכי ד' ונורא עלילה על בנ"א, ובזהר דגלות תחת יהודים יותר גרוע מגלות אצל העכו"ם. עברנו על השלש שבועות.. וזו פריה

Chusid said...

איגען קאקאש קעיק באלאנד

chusid shota said...

will stay with the chasam sofers learnings! it's out of your learning curve kido.

Anonymous said...

יונה מארץ ישראל

אשריכם עסקני נטרונא!
כה לחי בזכות נטרונא יגאלו עם ישראל
אין ישראל נגאלין "אלא בזכות נטרונא"