Thursday, October 21, 2021

So what was the editorial board meeting at the מחנה חרדי like?

Did the Ruv בכבודו ובעצמו tell the esteemed editors at the מחנה חרדי to commemorate the Rosh Yeshiva's 20th yohrtzeit? Or did the very enlightened souls on the board come up with this gem? Is this in response to a bit of a Chabad uprising in Belz? I hear there was a wife and her mother that complained recently about their husband/eidem.

What does the average Belzer mind think of such a cover and article? I guess they confused him with Menachem Mozes; that's how much they know and care about him, even his name they confused. You might say that this is in line with the general confusion that reigns in the frum world today, people cannot help but look elsewhere. Another Satmarish Yiddish publication had Joey Rosenfeld on their cover this week. Chacham Pinto was a big draw in Boro Park a few short weeks ago every self-respecting Chassidishe Rebbe has been to see him in his Manhattan pad. 

The Israeli publications seem to have remembered him just enough to stick it to the מחבלים and then forget about him again. Maybe until 30 years.

As far as these round number commemorations in the Yeshivishe world go: Just this Sunday was Reb Nota Hirsh Finkel's 10th yohrtzeit and there was a shtikkel festival in the עולם הישיבות. Whatsapp. At the Mirrer Yeshiva. Reb Chaim came. ס'האט געטומעלט. Understandable, I suppose. Especially with the whole medical history and all. That teaches a young yeshivishe kid that background only matters so much and Torah is more important than easy living and a new SUV in the driveway.

But this boggles the mind.


Leiby said...

I didn't realize your hatred goes that deep! Do you really think the whole world should boycott any mention of him, and any mention of him means having a go at Chabad? I suppose the outpouring of tributes to the Satmar Rebbe at his 40th yohrzeit were all meant to shtech Belz!

Joseph said...

סע'וואלט געפאסט for you to do a piece on R' Kalman Shtekel a"h, a person who was יחיד במינו ואחד בדורו, and who would have certainly gotten a nice long arichus in the good old days of this blog. We miss the old tzig.

Ira said...


This is way off topic. Back in the day, Tzemach Atlas had posted on his blog a recording of Dudi Kalish's song 'leben' (with the lyrics), which is a yiddish version of Shlomo Artzi's song 'yareach'.
I downloaded it, but since have lost it, and I can't find it anywhere. There's a 2 min clip on youtube of Dudi playing a small section of it, but the full version was more than 8 min long. It's one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard.

Do you have any idea idea where I might be able to find it ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A groise dank,
Zei gezunt

JJJ said...

Where in the world is Tzemach Atlas aka mentalblog?