Thursday, December 20, 2007

I give in

The Spinka post from today is on hold for now.
You try and not attack and people see what they want to see anyway.
That's just plain sad.
I guess I have only myself to blame.


Anonymous said...

what gives?

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

here's what gives:

comment 1) How it affected my yiras shomayim'

Tziggy,I've followed the blog from the beginning.You have no yiras shomayim.You joined a team,in this case Mendels team.You are a---------------------- in general and have transported that to your personal life, you have joined team Lubab inc.
When I read you description of how you came to be sent to Spink I laughed. Der ttatteh zol gezunt zayn 'asked a friend'. Nu, nu. Zeyt aus az der tatteh iz nebach -------------------------------------- who needs to ask friens where to ship his kids to.

I have no stake in this Spink story, but if I were you I'd realize that this has an effect on all frum Jews. So please shut your dumb Hungarian trap, while yidden are going through difficult times.

comment 2) You are such an f'n tuchus.You went to Spink ---------------- and you attack them.


I hope Spink make clear to your father what a piece of dreque you have become, especially since you joined up with those meshigeh half-jews led by the moshiach sheker.

I can only take so much. When I calm down and figure out who's writing such things about me I'll put it back. It bothers me that such morons exist and that I was nice to these people, simply because I know I never hurt a fly, these morons included.

Anonymous said...


I'm a newcomer to your blog but for whatever it's worth, Dale Carnegie said "nobody kicks a dead dog". You have obviously ruffled some feathers but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Most people would rather not have to think about uncomfortable questions but just mozy along "Shulem Ulai Nafshi".

Anybody or anything thing that upsets the status quo will inevitably get attacked as people feel threatened and worried about the little perfect worlds theyv'e constructed.

Just take it in stride.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...



I mean that.


Guravitzer said...

Tzig, it is much more than that. You have since the beginning accidentally uncovered the rot underlying modern frumkeit, where we each supported each other while at the same time declaring our fealty unwaveringly, when people could move from group to group without being seen as poshim umordim. I am not sure who is to blame (historically speaking), all I know of is the Tanya shiurim being shut down one by one in Litvishe Yeshivos and among Chasidim the Satmar revolution.

The era of Sefardishe ehrliche yidden being produced in Lubavitcher mosdos, or ehrliche ungaren in Spinke, or ehrliche Bobover in Telz, seems to be over.

I don't know that I would blame anyone know for locking their tower, Lubavitch has done it as well (and has to do it with reference to their mekurovim going to other Yeshivos which poison them), but the history of it is sad.

Anonymous said...

U'mvorechecha Boruch!

Anonymous said...

Backing off is a mistake

Thus begins the “Satmarazation” of this blog!

Anonymous said...

It could've been a nice story if it wasn't painted with knee-jerk satmarophobic overtones.

now guravitzer clown is writing off cross-mosdos pollination, even though things are going in exactly the opposite way - A"T is making piece with everyone including even L' officials and Rubashkin, party yeshivos are full of fremde bochurim everywhere, in Satmar you have some 10-20% Sefardim, there are tanya chaburos in Monroe yeshiva, the Skvere communism is falling down - and blah, the great lover of Israel the citer of Rashab's maamars declares everyone except him not ehrlich. Afra lepumech, mister Bil'am.

Anonymous said...

I don't see that Spinka did something wrong
They just wanted to get some tzedakah for goog causes and that the doonors also benefit.It is like giving thanks to donors, The same as Chadad Youth in Israel

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...


Is that what they told you, 10-20% Sefardim? It makes me laugh. That should be some 10,000 Sefardim, right? Do you see them, cuz I sure don't. A few Argentinians and Teymenner does not make 10-20%.

Put some of that עפר back in your mouth, will ya?

(btw, I don't believe you when you say that you spent more time than me in SpinkaBP.)

Anonymous said...

It's hard to expect "cross-pollination" among different kraizen when from next-door neighbors from the SAME kraizen have very little to do with each other as compared to 30 years ago

Anonymous said...

AT got rid of all the Yemenites since they were caught giving ... education in Monroe Yeshiva, by them in the farm culture it was a daily scene.

Guravitzer said...

friendly, that was exactly my point. It is difficult to carry on a person who deliberately misunderstands you and insults you to boot. There was a point in Detroit, MI, for example, where all of the echte litvishe roshei yeshivah and melamdim of the local litvishe bi-curricul day school, Beth Yehuda, sent their kids to the Lubavitch cheder because it included only limudei chodesh and in Yiddish. They kids remained litvaks and good Jews, no undue influence on them. That no longer exists due to pressure nor has it existed for a while, and the ones who suffered are the kids who are no longer learning limudei kodesh exclusively. One example of many.

Anonymous said...

thank you, good shabbos