Thursday, May 12, 2011

New Treasures - Courtesy of the AJDC ("Joint")

(UPDATE Motz"Sh, 11:19pm: I reposted the pictures, since Blogger seems to have forgotten about me. They promised to put back the post but still haven't as of now. Comments, however, are gone. I added one or two pictures that weren't in the original post.)

The "Joint" recently went public with their archive of pictures from activities during and after WW2. As we know, many of our brothers and sisters - including the Rabbeyim of Lubavitch - were helped by the Joint during those difficult times - and before/after as well. This includes Jews of all nationalities. Not much was known about it, since they never went public with their activities, but they have now. And I chose some of the pictures that depict frum life in the DP Camps, as well as places like Vilna and Shanghai during WW2. I searched through many of the pictures and saved what I liked; those pictures of religious Jews that we can relate to, that maybe feature people and places that we heard of growing up - Feldafing, Foerenwald, Poking, Vilna, Kobe, Shanghai, etc. I saved them but unfortunately didn't note where many of them are from, so some have no captions. I apologize for that.

az s'nishtoh kein vayber shul shteit men indroysen..

Gantz a sheiner Esrog far a DP lager... (Germany)

I wonder whom they're waiting for... (Germany)

I'd be proud of my Matzoh if it came out like that too... (Germany)

In Germany, baking matzos just like before.

In Feldafing DP Camp with his treasure...

Rav BZMC Uziel visiting Cyprus Detention Camp

Cyprus. S'iz der zelber Eybershter, afilu in Cyprus.

Beth Bialik, Austria. The aniyus screams out!

Beth Bialik, Austria DP Camp. Learning Torah never ends.

In Feldafing DP Camp, post WW2. Anybody care to guess who this is?

Kobe, Japan. See anybody you know?

In Vilna, thinking about his family and future, no doubt.

Pocking, Germany, where many Lubavitchers may have met their first Hungarian brethren. The Sharmasher Rov is in the center.

Lunch in Vilna, thinking about home...

In Kobe, Japan, before departing for Shanghai. IIRC that's Reb Moshe Shatzkes on the left.

Kobe, Japan. Group picture of refugees

Afileh in Vayten Vilna farlozt er nisht dem sefer...

In Prien, Germany, after WW2. Oy, vee zees!

Lubavitcher Bochurim in Yeshivah in Vilna.

A protest in the DP Camp?!

In Vilna, being Osek in Avodas HaTfilloh.

Kobe, Japan. In Transit.

Ay, Vilne, mein Vilne.

m'derkvikt zich a bissale in Vilne

m'lernet vayter, vee es volt gornishe geven, Vilne.

Peylishe Kinderlach, antlofen fun der heim, in Vilne

Moh Ohavti Sorosecho in Kobe, Japan

Tinokos shel Bais Rabbon in Vilne


Anonymous said...

No good pics of R Chatzkel and the Amshinover?

Anonymous said...

"Pocking, where many Lubavitchers may have met their first Hungarian brethren"

the man in the center is the 'shamasher ruv z"l' lived for many years in wmsb'g i knew him peronal he was a goan olam and a tzadig, used to go to the mountains with him he knew the whole misnayes bal peh!and continue saying it all the time when sitting idle..

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

Sharmash? Morgenstern?

Anonymous said...

"Sharmash? Morgenstern?"

hirshel, morgenstern the present ruv, is the son in law of the late sharmasher ruv in the picture

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

and his name was Reb Naftoli H Henig?

Anonymous said...

"and his name was Reb Naftoli H Henig?"

Yes. (RJT z"l made him head of the CRC, he was also the bal makrin by tekious shofer for many years by RJT )

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

iz er geveyzen ah Sakmerer Choosid in der heim owch?

Anonymous said...

"and his name was Reb Naftoli H Henig?" Hoenig with an 'O'

Sochatchover said...

In the first Kobe picture, is that Rav Leib Bakst z"l sitting at the far left?

Anonymous said...

Too bad the tzioinim and not the Joint ran the transit camps (maabarot) in Eretz Yisroel. The tzioini memsheles zadon was far too inexperienced to deal with refugees and they could have used some assistance from the Joint.

The Joint would not have cut off payos, forced tayerer Yiddishe kinder into secular schools, and sold food for votes the way Mapai did.

Anonymous said...

Some points:
1) Your "afileh in lunch" photo - is R' Yossel Wineberg zg"z.

2) And the "osek in Avodas HaTefilah" photo - is R' Y Hendel z"l of Montreal.

3,4) The bochur gathering his tzitzis seems also to be from the Lubavitcher group in Vilna. And the matzo-baking photo seems to feature R' Avrohom Pariz as well.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

R' Avrohom Pariz was in the US then...

R' Wineberg is in another pic as well

Anonymous said...

too many titles too often its a tenuah bichlolus and its all torah utefillah im assuming there is a greater amount of pictures with a greater scope

Anonymous said...

Extreme left next to the Sharmasher Rov is Rav MM Dubravsky.

BelzFinAMool said...

You should post link to JDC site

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...


the link is there, in the post, where the words are highlighted in blue.

BelzFinAMool said...

Im'cho Ha'Slicho, a thousand pardons

Anonymous said...

the yid next to him is harav hagoen r'menachem mendel dubravsky a chabad chosid,

Anonymous said...

grandfather of r' hayshke dubravsky a"h who was a wonderful chosid and a brilliant chasidisher writer