Tuesday, May 17, 2011

6 years and counting!!

Today is Circus Tent's 6th Birthday.

We started Yud Gimmel Iyar, 5765.

We can discuss accomplishments or lack thereof some other time, friends. Today we bask in the glow. We revel in the sheer madness of it.


Anonymous said...

Arent there halachos for a birthday? A farbrengen, aliya and other such ceremonies? Get busy

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

why else do you think I haven't posted these last 2 days? I've been doing some serious soul-searching!

snagville said...


I avoided commenting because I know how much pain you are in. However, please be honest, the soul searching relates to the whole photo fiasco not the birthday. Now that you brought it up I could add my two cents. I think it must kill you the Chillul Hashem that came out of your post even though I know that even for a second that wasn't Chas Vesholom your intention or even something you ever considered would happen. And of course any pleasure you derived from seeing it on Matzav etc. quickly disappeared in horror when this thing took on a life of its own. All that being said we all know the Tefilla that a Posek says that A Takala Lo hotzi Al yadenu and unfortunately that is what happened. Now, i know that you could no way see that happening and the other Frum sites do have a daily Chillul Hashem with their comments and posts however on a small scale but I do believe you have responsibility in that you should have known the power of the Internet that we are not in our own little sewing circle but rather we are talking in a rather large elevator and we don't know who is behind us listening. I am huge fan as you know (except of your religion) and I myself have not commented in a while because of this and other reasons (my own soul searching) that all come back to the same thing. The small circle that we had when it was you, me, Shneur, and 100 others of all Kreizen is not the same. It is bigger, more diverse, and frankly not as interesting. Once in a while it is amazing, better than ever. But it is tedious to make my way through all the garbage (the belz-bobov thing etc.). So where does this all leave us? I don't know but it is not the same and that is a loss for all of us.

Your Chaver (?)


yossi hakmir said...

hachlatos taivais are always great, if you can pay the bills

Anonymous said...

time to close the blog

LikeWhatever said...

Hirsheleh Hirsheleh. Ubber vus hut men oifgetuhn in di zeks yuhr?

Gezetzte SATMERE Baalei Baatim hargenen zich nuch altz bshas der prublemen mit zeyer yugint fakst fin tug tzi tug.

Choshiveh LITVISHE Yeshivaleit lernen nuch in kollel al apum vechamusum fin di filleh mishpuches vus geyen inter geistish in fizish.

Normaler LUBAVITCHER mitchen zich nuch merer mit modernkeitin in mishiguim.

Heiftliche BOBOVER landzleit koifn nuch shenereh matt beckishes mit 8 eckidige glantzedige brillen.

Sharfeh GERRER yingerleit farliren zeyere emineh peshiteh fin tug tzi tug...

Vechile Vechile.

Moshe said...


"Normaler LUBAVITCHER mitchen zich nuch merer mit modernkeitin in mishiguim."

Where did you see any "normaler"?
They are all the same, the yellows just show bepharhesyeh what the so called "antis" say betsineh

LikeWhatever said...

'Normal' is of interest when contrasted with 'not-normal' or 'crazy'.

Unfortunatly, the way you define "normaler" by us Heimishe Yidden makes only a marginal difference.

Our companies and fraternities are messed up either way. The difference between the "Normaler Bobover and the "Normaler Lubavitcher" is very small.
Both have extreme societal and religious issues to deal with.

Benzion said...

what issues does a Bobover have, exactly? which type of glasses to get? whether to go to Royal or Regal for his dining room set?

מענדל said...

נו, נעם א מאמר, ניט קיין חילוק וועלכער, און לערן עס גוט דורך צויי צי דריי מאל און דערנאך קענסטו טראכטן וואס צו טאן.
דער עיקר איז אז וואס דו טוסט זאל זיין בשמחה ובטוב לבב.
פאר אלע חכמים וואס וואלטן וועלן וויסן וואס לערנען א מאמר וועט אויפטאן, עס וועט לאזן וויסן אז די וועלט איז גרעסער פון דער בלאג, און דער אויבערשטער איז באין ערוך צו דער וועלט און ער דארף זיך ניט איבערנעמען אזויפיל.

LikeWhatever said...

Is wearing a mandated black polyester bekeshe in 100 degree weather "Normal", Is believing that stepping on discarded clipped fingernails dangerous 'normal'. Is believing that photos of women must be edited out of newspapers 'Normal'? Depends who you ask.
All you need for something to be considered 'normal' is have a group of 100 people to adapt it as a habit and for that group it is 'normal'.

And when you start judging 'normal' based on happiness and contentment in life you find that many times its the 'mishiguim' who enjoy life.
Tzfat seems to be quite a 'happy' place...

So then of what value is 'normal' ??

So Moshe if we are stuck anyway, we might as well respect all orthodox religious denominations.

LikeWhatever said...

Bentzi you just validated the point.
To a normal bobover whatever he does is 'normal' while all others are more and more 'meshigeh' as they start differing from his minhagim and thinking patterns.

To the Lubavitcher its the exact same thing. That the Rebbe is Moshiach is quite obvious and apparent, everyone else is nebech nuts as they move further away from his belief system. The greatest representation of a meshugenner to a Lubavitcher would definitely include the bobover who devotes his life to picking furniture and styling his shtreimel... its the perfect model of someone living a life with no idealism at all.

No moshiach. No chassidus. No chanyuks. No anti-zionism. No ideological Torah learning....

Plain Meshigeh

Anonymous said...

זעקס יאר! גענוי וויפול די יאפאנע בחורים האבן באקומען

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

zeht oys ich hub nisht gevist voos ich hub bay zich in rentzel...

Anonymous said...

I suggest that for the future, no insults on the blogmiester, when it has no relation to the post.
this has to be Rule # Uno
there is no site where the abuse is rampant as this site, it has to stop.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

when DOES an insult have a relation to the post?!

Anonymous said...

the only time it was related to you, was by the dilemma of the Hilary picture.The news story was you and only you(outside of Hilary)

schneur said...

Lots of interesting stuff here. Mazel tov. The key is "leben mit die zeit" and always breaking new ground rather than the old debates. We all tend to be more interested i our own comfort zone debating issues we are familair with, but ein beis medrash ela bechidush !
Keep up the good work and I am sure the Rebbe would have told you at this time "as men zol leyenen af die blogs az Mashiach iz da." No further comments from your readers would then be needed.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

ah hartzikken daynk aych, Reb Schneur

Anonymous said...

lol @ shneur

nuff said!

thejewishteen said...

this is my first time visiting your blog, so happyi found it so close to its birthday!!

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...


your kind words are duly noted.


Anon3 said...

" Is believing that stepping on discarded clipped fingernails dangerous 'normal"
Based on the following I would would say a definite yes.

The Gemorah (Moed Katan 18a; Niddah 17a) tells us that "the righteous burn their nails, the pious bury them, and the wicked carelessly discard them."

The Gemorah explains that nail clippings must be carefully disposed of lest a pregnant woman pass over them and miscarry.

See Mishnah Berurah in OC 260:1:6 or 260:6, Mogen Avraham beginning of Siman 260, Be'er Heitev 260:2, Rivevos Ephtraim Vol. 8 Siman 88:1, Likutei MaHarich Seder hanhagos Erev Shabbos Dibur hamaschil V'Ayin B'Rama.

Der Shygetz said...


Take this one down. Get rid of the antitzemach URL even if it is a redirect. Tzemach is no longer and at the end of the day he was harmless because his posts were so convoluted.

Keep to real history of all the kreizen with no politics. We all have our problems - but that is because in every kehilla there are "Creedmoorers." There is Creedmoor-Chabad, Creedmoor-Satmar, Creedmoor-Breslov, Creedmoor-Ger, Creedmoor-Bobov, Creedmoor-Vizhnitz, even Creedmoor-Seret-Vizhnitz, Creedmoor-Skvere, Creedmoor-Spinka-WB/BP/Otisville, Creedmoor-Lakewood, Creedmoor-Chaim Berlin etc, etc, etc and then there is Creedmoor shebeCreedmoor.

But they feed on publicity the way the Neturei Karta (Ku Klutz Karta) does. If you focus on real and interesting information, the rats won't come out of the sewers and instead you'll get real comments that give you more real information.

Archive this one, use the tzig domain only, and start afresh. Let the Failed One stew in his own failed juices with his trash. And let the Creedmoorers lie in Creedmoor where they belong. The Creedmoorer character is overdone but I am about to buy a DerShygetz URL for the $1.99 that it is worth just in case I want to go back into the business of laughing at our follies. There is and always will be a resh in tzibur for tzadikim-benonim-reshoim until Moshiach comes. Such is life. But who cares about the reshoim? Some of their antics are so ridiculous they really are best laughed at. (the latest is that cholere in Iowa who landed herself 10 years for opening her dumb cow trap after she got off on 11 out of 12 charges.)

(My yom huledes happens to be yud-dalet Iyar).

Friendly anonymous said...

sheish shonim ta'avod....U'vashono hashvi'is shabbos shaboson tihiye...v'dal