Monday, November 12, 2012

...א גלייכע מזוזה

 א ליובאוויטשער איד  - ר' זוסיק טאגאנער (דבורץ)  - אין כפר חב"ד בשנת תש"כ


krumer sechel hayoshor said...

I think that the door post is on angle already.

stand-up comedian said...

HAHA! That's a great comment. Bizt nisht aza krumer.
What a great photo.

sruly said...

Dvoretz is also the name of a Slabodker talmid who shtamed from Chabad.
I wonder whether they were related

לב"ב חוקר said...

If the mezuza or the post is straight or in an angle IDK, But this yids kup seems staright to me,
i hope his childrens to! I mean todays chabad and israel a potent mix for ... and a yechi kapel to top it off.