Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Misnagdim of old using the Maskilic "המליץ" to knock Chassidim

Seems like the more things change the more they stay the same. המטרה מקדשת את האמצעים. We can align with the Maskilim to bash the common "enemy." Chassidim don't listen to דעת תורה, even if it is the Kovner Rov. Where have we seen all of this before? 

 תודתינו נתונה להרובע"ש



dan said...

If you knew a bit of history you"d know that is was usually the Chasidim that where yad achas with the maskilim in community fights

Zorach said...

I guess we all don't know the history as good as you, its all fabricated in your twisted mind

yankel said...

How is this relevant? Do you think the chassidim in this story were right because you are a chassid? Who knows what happened there? Maybe the chassidim in that town were a bunch of peasants. Does that reflect on chassidim or chassidus in general?
Please, a little maturity.