Friday, June 14, 2013

פונעם רבינ'ס הויף - ויזניץ - לכבוד ג' תמוז

עי' קטע הילולי דצדיקיא link


Magid speaks said...

The Magid of Dubno has many Mesholim of the Ben Hamelech that was exiled from his father the kings palace, in order to return a finer person......Veda"l

Meir said...

A few years ago I met הרה"ק ר' ישראל שליט"א in Llandudno, Wales, where he told me about this Yechidus that he had with the Rebbe after he told everyone to leave.

vus vet zayn? said...

Tzigalleh leyben,
Man, you are getting desperate!!!
First you found/were "made aware" of a Hungarian rabbi who held of the lubavitcher and you ran to let the wole world know!!!
Now you have one of the biggggggest tipshem in the world, an echtech tipesh,rebbe of the dumbest chasides who also held of the lubavitcher
You don't realize like all the rest of your fellow lubavitchers that your desperate need to prop up lubavitch makes you guys look dumb.And very cultish.And you guys are.Your meshichist noncompoops already claim the lubavitcher lives forever, and you guys siletly agree.
Tzig you really are a dumb ass.Sorry.
I"m sorry to be harsh, but i'm burning against lubavitch and the mockery they make of orthodox jewry when such a cult, yes a cult! manages to keep disavowing reality and rationality.It's time lubavitch is taken on, once and for all

chitzpeh yasgi said...

Att. Vos vet zein:
Bring it on, nivul peh and all!
Shmiras halushon is synonymous with shmiras vechulu,
But s' kein chidish nisht kmoy shekusiv, shulach yuduv beshloimuv cheeliel vchulu.

Anonymous said...

the story goes far deeper, & vus vet zayn is too thick to grasp it.
R' Srulik (the Vishnitz Rebbe today) was in middle of his fallout with his father. The Rebbe, who had no personal connection to the issue, was trying to make peace. Having a 4 eye conversation in 5744 was unheard of, and generally when rabbonim or Rebbes came, it was with an entourage, photographers, tapes. The private conversation was part of the Rebbe's hishtadlus in this. The Rebbe involved shmerling from switzerland to work on it.
another nekudah to this was that at the time, R' Srulik was a kli nishbar and the Rebbe was being mechazek him.
Of course, narrow minded, my way or the highway idiots can never grasp such greatness, but we have to love them like the Rebbe taught us to.

vus vet zayn? said...

The comment that Hirshel let thru was a private correspondence that he decided he wanted everyone to see.
I have to apologize for the tone and substance.I would not have written something like this for public consumption

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

So now it's my fault, vus? Did u say that it was "private?"

Efraim said...

Vus: I'm pretty sure that he has an Hirsh has an email and you could contact him their, these comments are meant for the public

Blog Observer said...

every new day and a new sicko,
If Hirshel would put on a piece of the real sophisticates as Rav Adin Stiensaltz, or Rabbi Sacks, then some loony from Lakewood would holler, that You are so desperate that you only got some extreme lefty blah blah .
Now when Hirshel posted a piece of some real schmaltz,,, then he is desperate again,, I guess this blog caters for a very colorful crowd, who have big variety of taste

yankel said...

What is the big deal? A yoiresh of a yoiresh of a yoiresh etc. said that the Lubavitcher Rebbe was 'noiheg bepashtus'. Is that what you want to be selling about your Rebbe? that he is not skver etc.?

Blog Observer said...

Just take your pills and calm down, he said a vort and thats all.
every body talks with their hasogas....

mendy said...

Blog Observer,
Do you work for KGB?
You with your different names are lowering the blog into the gutter.
Go do you hafotza somewhere else.

Blog Observer said...

as a observer I am happy to see that the blog has hat fans.. who decry the dilution of the blog... try to give it back the good old days and I will observe

Anonymous said...

R Ysrul shlita is a giant in kabolas yesurim b'ahavo and bitochon- dveikus baShem Ysborach. To take issue with Lubavich (as do i ) is legitimate. im not chasidish. But to disrespect a yid like RY in such a grotesque manner in the name of the anti chabad war is disgusting. R Chaim kanyevsky and .Rav shtienman have the greatest dereech eretz for him. None come close to his kochos hanefesh. Its a gift to kllal yisroel to have someone like that in our corrupt dor yosm to look up to and learn from. Your rishudikke words have no place in a toradikke debate re hashkofos and speak volumes about you. I am moche for him kovod !Youre osid liteyn es hadin.

JR said...

"The Magid of Dubno has many Mesholim ..."

Would anybody know - supposedly the Kotzker Rebbe said that three of the Dubno Maggid's meshalim "hit the spot." What's the source for this? Which three meshalim?